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Do you even realize that there are toys for men besides cock rings? THERE ARE! Lots of them, in fact. People are often under the misconception that there are no toys available for men, or that the selection is quite muted. The truth is, while there are arguably more toys for women, men do have a nice selection of fun options too! Plus, many of the toys made for women CAN be used to help stimulate a man as well! Confused? Imagine how awesome a small bullet buzzing on the head of your penis could feel! Oh, you are getting the picture now, huh? So, if you are a male newbie as to sex toys – read on!

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1. Comfort Grip Stroker

If you are still using only your hand for masturbation then there is a whole new world out there for you to explore: MASTURBATION SLEEVES! Give your hand some help, dude! These sleeves add some tightness, some texture and some slipperiness (when lube is added) to your solo play time! This one is a perfect beginner option as it is pretty much no-muss, no fuss. Clear design with internal pleasure beads so you can see what is rubbing you. Just add lube, stick your penis in the sleeve and go to it! You will never want just your hand again!

2. Tera Patrick Fleshlight

I highly suggest any “fleshlight” masturbators for men because they are tried, true and tested! This new addition is molded after the ever-sexy Tera Patrick! A realistic mold of her oh so perfect pussy with internal stimulating canals. The RealSkin texture makes the experience feel oh, so real and the included lube sample will make your playtime super slick and easy. For those new to sex toys who want a little more bang for their buck, this Fleshlight will get you off again and again and again.

3. Silicone Prostate Massager

Whether you are new to prostate massage or new to toys all-together, this easy to use, silicone prostate locator will bring solo play or any play to a new level of arousal! The prostate is like the G-Spot for men, and when properly stimulated by you or your partner it can bring your orgasm to a whole, new level! This item is simple easy to use alone or with a partner. The smooth silicone material and the slightly pliable design will make insertion a breeze with just a bit of water-based (not silicone) lube. If you want to experience new levels of pleasure, give this item a test run today!

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If you think that a penis pump is only for men who can’t get hard, think again! While a penis pump can aid in strengthening an erection, it is also a very pleasurable experience on its own. The idea behind a penis pump is that you vacuum seal your penis in the chamber, then pump up the inside, causing a sucking action, via the hand bulb attached. This created a very pleasing sucking sensation inside like and invisible mouth sucking on your penis (so I have heard). These are great items to experiment with as well as aid in mild ED (erectile dysfunction) or get a little more “bulk” to your penis before sex.

5. ON Power Glide For Him


This is the man’s version of the very popular ON GEL for women. ON Gels create a very pleasing sensation when applied as they bring a bit of warmth to the party. The ingredients in the gels are designed to help bring blood engorgement to the areas where applied, aiding in increased arousal. This glide gel can be used for solo play or with a partner! If you want to feel some sexy sensations and have the added benefit of a harder erection –well, then this is a great beginner item to try alone or with your partner – or BOTH!

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