What People Never Tell You About Anal Sex

Anal sex is the new oral sex. No, not really, but it is becoming a whole lot more mainstreamed. Anal sex used to be extremely taboo and no self-respecting woman would allow her man to give it to her up the backdoor. Nowadays it is a healthy part of sex for many couples. However, there is a fairly “ugly” side to anal sex that no one wants to talk about. Yes, anal sex is fun and feels good (to those who do it right) but there are some things to beware of. The following things can and do happen post anal fun, but if you take precautions many won’t happen at all.

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Rule #1 of anal sex is that you must use A LOT of lubricant. While some lubricant will be absorbed into the body, the truth is most won’t. Therefore, what goes up must come out. This means after anal sex there will likely be little “cuddle” time and for gosh sake don’t fall asleep post anal coitus because you will wake up messy and sticky (and stinky). After anal go sit on the toilet. Sit there a while and eventually all the lube (and other debris, i.e. poop) will come out. Trust me, don’t rush this part.


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal area that cause itching, discomfort and sometimes bleeding. They can be caused by a variety of factors – pregnancy, constipation, obesity, and yes, anal sex. The anal canal is a delicate place on the body and it is easy to injure it. If you are practicing anal sex without lube, frequently, or if the object being inserted is large it increases your chances of internal and external hemorrhoids. So, how do you remedy this? Use lube, go slowly, don’t overdo the anal sex and if you feel pain or itching treat the hemorrhoids and avoid anal sex.

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Fissures are tears in the skin of the anus or anal canal. These tiny tears can cause pain and bleeding. Anal fissures are most often causes by extreme constipation or because an object is tearing at the skin (even an especially hard bowel movement can cause fissures). Anal sex without enough lubrication can definitely cause anal fissures so it is extremely important to always use a lot of lubricant.


It stands to reason that if you stick something up the anus that poop is bound to seep out, if even a little, since the anal canal is the delivery system of all things poop related. Sure, you can cleanse yourself via an enema and make sure to wipe and clean the anal opening, but poop will still happen occasionally. So, if you are not ready to have a little poop on your finger, penis or sex toys then don’t practice anal sex.


Even if you are extremely careful, go slowly and use the requisite amount of lubricant you are likely to be a bit sore after anal, especially if you are not having it on the regular. Not to mention your first post-anal poop may be a little dicey so just be prepared for that. Be tender to your bottom post anal. Using medicated anal wipes can help quite a bit too.


While you shouldn’t ever bleed a lot after anal (and hopefully will not bleed at all) the possibility of a little post-anal blood on the tissue paper is there. Especially if you have not used enough lube and have made a fissure in the anal canal. As long as the bleeding is minimal there is nothing to worry about. Just take great care to heal before your next anal encounter.

Do you enjoy anal play despite the possible negatives? 
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Russ - February 12, 2020

I’ve only used dildos but someday I’d love to do the real thing . I do enjoy anal VERY MUCH!!

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