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12 Things He Doesn't Want During a Blowjob

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Spice It Up!

For a man, a blowjob is the crème-de-la-crème of sexual activity, often edging out actual intercourse. Whether this is because most men feel they do not get blowjobs enough, or whether this act is especially intense and intimate, the truth is men are serious about their blowjobs. We often write articles or helpful hints on what TO do during a blowjob, but wouldn’t you like to know what men DON’T want during their BJ? I consulted with my gaggle of guy buds and found out the answers. Some won’t come as a surprise, but others just may shock you.

Contrary to what you may think due to the name – blow JOB – men do not want to feel like you feel it is actually a job. No man wants to try and enjoy his oral sex if you are whining, complaining or acting like it is “too hard” or “too much work.” Enjoy that blowjob, girl!

Piggybacking on the above, men don’t want a lazy, half-assed blowjob. They want you to take it seriously and to do all those things that make a blowjob great. No one wants you to “pretend” or to be lazy while trying to give pleasure. That is just rude, girl.

I think I am seeing a pattern here. If you are doing the same action repeatedly, without variation, then the blowjob become redundant and doesn’t feel as good. Men need different speeds, different stimulations, and most of all a partner who pays attention to their reactions.

This one is more personal preference, as some men find it really sexy when you get their penis deep down into your throat at you gag a little. However, according to more than one of my male buds gagging can be a turn OFF, especially if it is constant or seems like you are gagging out of disgust. Check with your guy to see what he thinks. For a little help to keep the gagging to a minimum, try one of our throat numbers!

Recommended Throat Number: Good Head Deep Throat Spray

While some men do like a lot of concentration on the head of their penises, you have to pay attention to the entire mighty sword, not just the tip. Make sure that you are giving his entire shaft some attention – and that means root to tip.

Sometimes we forget those two dangling appendages that are beneath his penis, but believe me, he remembers they are there and he wants you to play with them, suck them, lick them, and otherwise make sure you do not forget they are there. While including the balls into the blowjob is important, one thing he for sure doesn’t want is for you to be pulling on them like you are trying to get them to come off his body. A little light tickling or holding is preferred over downright pulling.
Using your teeth during a blowjob is a rookie mistake, you are better than that! While it can be pleasant to gently – I mean GENTLY – let the tips of your teeth graze him during the slow warm up period, there is absolutely no place for biting or teeth dragging in a blowjob! Cover up those teeth with your lips like a pro, woman!

This one was universal with all the men. They absolutely want you to use your spit to make things slippery and wet. The more the better they proclaim! Let that spit cover his penis, balls and your bedsheets too. The slicker the better things move up and down over him and the more excited he will be. Don’t forget to spit!

This is extremely important because many women neglect the power their hands can bring to a blowjob. When you incorporate your hands into the mix you make him feel like he is getting a blowjob and a hand job at the same time. This allows you to give his entire shaft attention, so make sure you use enough spit (as above), suck and use your hands too.

All the men agree – eye contact during oral is ultra-sexy! While you do not have to look up the entire time, a few glances up where your eyes meet is something that super charges the experience. As put by my bestie Ryan, “When my wife looks up at me during oral it is this mixture of sexy and naughty and her glare says to me, ‘That’s right baby, I have your cock in my mouth and you love it!,’ I get chills just thinking of it!”

11. TALK
That’s right ladies, this is not the time to discuss anything with your man. Once the penis goes into the mouth there is NO talking. That means no, “How does that feel?” or “Do you like that baby?” They like it. They love it. They want some more of it – except the talking. No more talking. This is a time for your mouth to stay open, but shut. Get the drift. Don’t be offended, it is simply because he wants to settle in to the experience and not have to think to respond to you.

For the love of all that is holy, once you have begun a blowjob DO NOT STOP! Unless he decides he wants to move on to something else, don’t stop. Especially if he is getting close to climax. Yes, a blowjob can be and is foreplay, but it can also be the main event at times. If it is, the absolute last thing you want to do is stop. So, keep on keeping on ladies and bring him home either in your mouth (YAY, SWALLOWING) or via your hands.

What Don't You Like When Receiving A Blowjob? 
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Date 9/10/2018
My girl used to have the worst gag reflex to the point where it turned me the hell off but weee tried some of that throat numbing stuff and it worked like a charm! Not full deepthroat but no more gagging!! WIn win for both
Date 9/10/2018
69 King
Stopppp talking in the middle of it ladies!!!
Date 10/12/2018
ryan m
All of these are too true LOL
Date 10/13/2018
Laurie Ann Molina
I never had any problems with blowing my husband he’s never complained I start from the top and around the edges of his penis and lick it up and down make circle movement with my tongue I like to tease him right before he comes I been doing my husband for 22years and he still loves it.
Date 10/16/2018
These are all things that are true for us women receiving oral sex too. Its so wonderful and gratifying to receive from a man that cares for you and pays attention to your needs, doesnt he deserve the same? Its not a chore...its a sexy part of his body and when you give a great blow job you'll feel turned on by how hot you made him. just think positively about the experience going into it. If theres something that is causing you to not like it (hygiene issues) maybe mention it. I would rather someone tell me something is off than get down there and do a halfa$$ job. I just straight up ask in advance! I make it pretty clear...I do you, you can do me too...if you care about someone love their body and think of how sexy it is to make them cum. if theres a reason you arent into it tell me! When my hubby starts oral on me I just gently say..."how is it?" he knows what I mean. If its not right...dont get all offended...just be like thanks for letting me know, wash up and come back for some hot action!
Date 11/21/2018
Vernon Lee Woodard
I would rather give than receive a blow job. Dont look. Dont talk. Just make love to that cock with your mouth. When I suck a cock, I concentrate solely on making this blow job the best he ever had. I want that cock to explode deep down my throat. I want to see him moan in ecstacy and I want to feel his balls and cock as he comes deep inside my throat. Yes, I swallow. But, I dont stop. When he cums. His cock is hyper sensitive, so I slow down, but I keep sucking him lightly, head to balls, in and out until he can either take no more because it feels too good, or until he starts getting hard again. If he starts getting hard again, I start fingering my man-gina, lubing myself up, fingering myself to loosen the muscles of my ass and I slide him into me. Nothing feels better than having a huge cock massaging my prostrate. I dont think about my dick or me cumming. I concentrate on what makes my prostrate feel good. My prostrate will shudder at the mere thought of a big cock up against it. I crave it. I love the way a huge cock makes me feel completely filled. If I can. I get on top and work his cock against my prostrate. I usually cum so hard doing this that I literally spray cum everywhere. I really want to teach him to massage his prostrate with a third person while I deep throat him. I want to feel him cum so hard in my mouth that he sprays his load instead of just it coming out. If you learn how to excite your prostrate, you Can cum over and over inside your man-Gina. Then when you do go for your cock to cum, the intensity of your climax is so much harder and better. You, too, will be craving more cock, women have clits. Men have prostrates. Google prostrate massage and learn. I love to eat pussy until she begs for cock, then I tease her with my dick until she wants nothing except that cock inside her. I understand her needs better now. I crave just holding a cock in my hand, in my mouth, down my throat. Grinding my man pussy I go into a trance. It feels that good. That's why I always begin with a great blow job. Because when I get him hard the next time, he will last alot longer inside me, where ever he wants it to be. I have a 2 inch wide, 13 inch, real feel, flexible soft dildo. It feels great to fuck my asshole myself, but a cock that long. Liberally lined will inter the second colon muscle that holds back your waste. Now, when you reach the second door, it hurts a little, but. Go slow and place the suction cup on a hard chair and rotate your hips, slowly entering the 2nd door and you will cum harder that ever before in your life. Any questions or if you want to be taught deeper in depth. Email me at I will explain it better. I now know I am just a sensual sex loving person. Not gay. I am 6 foot, 230 lbs. Mans man. I am tough and hard working, but inside I want to be your pleasure toy. Always respect others, never force your sexual desires where they are not sought after. The best sex, Male and female, is when they want you. The worst sex is paying a disinterested person to have sex with you. Sensual sex rocks my world!
Date 12/4/2018
uh, Vernon, we got your drift the first time, no need to repeat !
Date 12/5/2018
to Roger - I have avoided those numbing sprays because I thought the numbness would affect the head of his dick...not what either of us want. He doesn't mind gagging, says it makes him feel bigger. He gets a little over zealous and then the gagging worries me.
Date 1/3/2019
damien B
regarding the biting, a couple days ago on new years i decided to give my boyfriend a bj to celebrate the day we both lost our Vcards, mind you, i'm a noob. i know absolutely nothing except for what i've experienced, and the tips i've read online. that being said, i decided about midway through blowing him to very gently bite down and drag my teeth over the very tip of his cock, needless to say when i realized i had done that i stopped and asked if he was ok, turns out he loved the feel of my teeth and wants me to start doing that a little more often since i'm not really a fan of blowing him (i just have issues not biting down since i'm a reflexive biter and have always had issues of "cleanliness" i'm always more open to blowing when hes fresh from the shower) yes, it does make both of us feel amazing/confident after abit of oral

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