10 Best Oral Sex Toys That Mimic Cunnilingus (Chosen By Experts)


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If you've got a clitoris, then you know that oftentimes the easiest way to orgasm if from oral sex. Sometimes a tongue is all we need. You’ve heard of sex toys, but have you heard of tongue vibrators? Tongue vibes are designed to mimic the feel of cunnilingus and make it feel like you're receiving the best oral sex of your life.

So, if you haven’t explored them yet and you enjoy the feeling of a tongue licking your clit - we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best oral sex toys to tease, tantalize and get you positively orgasmic!

1. Gyrating Tongue Vibe


The Gyrating Tongue Vibe is one of our #1 sellers and vibrates at two climax-inducing speeds! It’s intensely fluttering vibration action will have you screaming with delight. This vibrator is extra-long and can be easily inserted or tickled against your clit.

This vibe laps you up with three inches of licking, flexible tongue! (By the way, you can insert this toy even longer than the three inches!) Plus, this tongue toy is totally waterproof, so you can make your showers or bath time a little steamier while you play.

2. Tickle Me Waterproof Clitoral Stimulator

Image of light pink tongue clit teaser sex toy

With 10 electrifying settings, the petite but intense Tickle Me Tongue Vibe will send you into orgasmic bliss as you cycle through the vibrating, pulsating and escalating functions. The soft silicone cup surrounds your clit and allows the tongue to tantalize and satisfy your needs. The velvety silicone massager feels luxurious on your skin and you can use it in or out of the water! Plus it is USB rechargeable and contains a memory chip that will resume where you left off! 

3. The Flickering Rechargeable Intimate Arouser

Light pink tongue vibrator

This Flickering Tongue Vibrator licks and laps at your clitoris for intense orgasms that will leave you clutching the sheets! The soft silicone cup surrounds your clit, and lets the flickering nub quiver against your clit, while the ergonomically designed handle lets you hold the vibe comfortably and without fatigue, and the shaft curves down to mirror the natural shape of your body! The 10 incredible escalating, pulsating and vibrating functions will coax you to climax again and again!

4. Powerful Fluttering Tongue Vibrator | Clit Tickling Pleasure Vibe

This incredible Powerful Fluttering Tongue Vibrator | Clit Tickling Pleasure Vibe is designed to use in any position whether alone or with a partner! Ready when you are, this super powerful vibe features a supple tongue that creates a flickering motion on your clit that will make you cum over and over again! It also features textures on one side for added stimulation as it buzzes on your clit! It boasts 7 incredibly strong functions of pulsating and escalating vibrations that are easy to control with a button.

5. The Clit Kisser Bullet Vibrator

Clit Kisser Bullet VibratorIf you’re not sure where to start or ready to invest too much into a tongue toy, this Clit Kisser Toy is the perfect tongue toy for beginners! It is essentially a powerful bullet with a tongue sleeve on it. The super simple design is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable toy before investing in a luxury machine!

6. Bumpy Tongue Vibe

Image of pink bumpy tongue vibrator

This Bumpy Tongue Vibrator allows you to enjoy the sensations of oral pleasure - no partner required! This bumpy tongue is perfect for running along your most intimate areas. Use the powerful multi speed vibrations for orgasmic results! The clitoral stimulator is covered in giant nubby ticklers to massage you to bliss. Best of all, this waterproof toy is a breeze to clean and can be used in the shower or bath!

7. Wireless Clit Tickling Couple's Dual Ring Erection Enhancer

This Wireless Clit Tickling Couple's Dual Ring Erection Enhancer may look complicated, but it is extremely versatile! It has a cock ring AND a vibrator attachment! It provides tongue licking clit stimulation and its nubby clit ticklers stimulate both the lips and the clit. It also helps maintain an erection longer. This toy can be worn around the base of an erection or strap-on and the tongue will vibrate against the clit or anus! You can also attach it to a dildo or standard vibrator, and it will turn any toy into a dual-action vibrator!

8. Bumpy Betty Tongue Vibe

Bumpy Betty Tongue Vibe
This soft, silicone sex toy is adorned in erotically stimulating nubs! The Bumpy Betty Tongue Vibe has seven escalating and pulsating modes of vibration and is totally waterproof for wet and wild fun.

The hypoallergenic silicone shaft is firm and gently curved, making it perfect for pinpoint clit stimulation or massaging your vaginal walls. Plus, the narrow tip offers spot-on stimulation that will make you cum HARD! 

9. The Incurve Flickering Tongue Rechargeable Dual-Ended Massager

This silicone toy is truly a clit owner's bestfriend. Get tantalized by the silicone, textured tongue that vibrates and gyrates to please your clit or vagina. For the ultimate realistic sensation, the Incurve Flickering Tongue Rechargeable Dual-Ended Massager. This dual-ended vibrator combines deep rumbling vibrations on one end and a flickering tongue on the other end so you can enjoy different types of stimulation!

10. The Marvelous Flicker

Marvelous Flicker

This Marvelous Flicker is a great tongue toy that will make you feel marvelous! With a sensuous precision tip and flickering action, it’s perfect for beginners. The handle is easy to grip so you can manipulate the tongue directly onto your clit! Small and discrete, it easily slips into your bag for on-the-go portability. It even has a travel lock! Uniquely contoured, this tongue shaped personal massager boasts 10 powerful gyration, pulsation and escalation functions for mind blowing fun. It’s USB rechargeable in 2.5 hours to keep the intensely intimate fun going.

One of the 10 best tongue oral sex toys listed above is sure to please you or your partner! Whether you enjoy licking, flicking, suction or a combination of all three, try one. You’ll never again miss the pleasure of oral sex and what a tongue can do placed in all the right areas.

Why Should I Use an Oral Sex Toy?

If your partner is tongue-tied but still wants to help you get to the finish line, they can use one of our best tongue toys. Your partner will feel just as satisfied knowing they can please you with just a little help from a tongue toy.

Some oral sex toys mimic a tongue and have nubbies to pleasure your clit and vaginal walls even before you turn on the vibrations. Once you add the vibrations, look out for the waves of satisfaction! After all, clits were designed to bring you pleasure and are there to help you reach the highest heights.  

Some of our toys lick you, some vibrate, some have nubbies, and some have suction. Any of these tongue toys are guaranteed to stimulate you and help you feel amazing. Either alone or with a partner, one of these tongue oral sex toys will get you where you want to go.

4 Ways to Use Oral Sex Toys:

1. Clit Licking: Use a drop of spit, coconut oil, clit cream or lubricant to get the party started. Use the tongue vibrator of your choice and let the good times roll.

2. Insertion: Pick a tongue vibrator and gently insert it into yourself vaginally or anally. Angle it towards your g-spot or slowly insert it anally. Turn on the vibrations to build your orgasm!

3. Nipples: Put some Nipple Nibblers - Tingling Nipple Arousal Balm on your nipples to heighten the sensation of the tongue toy. The cream will feel amazing alone but using the toy with the cream will take you to the next level!

4. Rimjob: Press the Control Vibrating Silicone Rim Joy & Flickering Tongue Clit Licker toy up against your anus to mimic a rimjob. And let’s not forget the golden rule: never go anal to vaginal without cleaning your toy first!

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  • Diana Lawson

    Love it

  • Diana Lawson

    Love it

  • Flgal

    My husband isn’t into oral and I thought maybe I could do without but I need sexual stimulation or foreplay and he’s not that type of guy. So, I need a toy that can be close to real thing or I may have to ask for a open relationship.

  • Toni

    I love oral sex my girlfriend is the best I need it at least one time a day

  • Tammy

    I want to make sure whichever I get is as close to real feeling as possible

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