The 6 Best Sex Toys to Tease Your Lover's Vulva This Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate love! How do we normally do that? We give chocolates, jewelry, flowers, sappy cards and go out to dinner and a movie. All fine ideas to give to your lover, but what about something a little naughty? Something that says "I'd like some V-Day with my sexy lover!" Bringing in a sex toy is a fun way to sexify your V-Day. So to help, we've put together a list of our best sex toys that will pleasure anyone with a vulva. Read on to see them all!

1. The Tingling Tongue Finger Vibe

Image of purple finger vibrator
Imagine how interested and intrigued your lover will be if you present them with a finger vibrator this Valentine's Day. Finger vibrators are fun to use alone of course, but when a partner dons the mini-vibrator then any touch becomes a SUPER touch. The Tingling Tongue is the perfect choice; tease your lover's nipples and labia until they are begging for more.

2. Viva Clit Cream

Image of box for viva clitoral cream
Want to take oral sex to the next level for your partner? Why not surprise them with a clitoral cream and then rock their world in bed like they have never been rocked before. The Viva Clitoral Enhancement Cream will help spice up foreplay and sex for more intense pleasure!

3. The Wave Rabbit Vibrator

Image of purple wave rabbit vibrator
Bringing a vibrator, such as this Wave Rabbit Vibrator, into bed can be a wonderful experience for any couple. Especially if your vulva-owning partner has not ever used a vibrator. Whether you give them the gift to use solo or ask them to bring it to bed with you, vibrators make a great gift. You can go with a standard choice, a G-Spot vibe or a hands-free version for some extra naughty fun.

4. The Lust Wand Massager

Image of light pink small massage wand
Massagers, like this Lust Wand Massager, are the perfect gift because of the endless variety of possibilities for use that they hold. Some may use it to knead out their aches and pains, while others will want to use this to rock themselves to climax. No matter what your partner uses it for; they will love to have personal massager in their toolbox of fun.

5.The Eden Wearable Couples Vibrator

Valentine's Day is the day for lovers and what better gift that a toy a couple can use together. There are many items which are designed for use during intercourse, such as this amazing Wearable Couples Vibrator. Add stimulating vibrations during sex or sit back and watch your partner pleasure themselves with this high quality vibrator.

6. The Bed Restraint System

Image of ultimate bondage bed reestraint system
Spicing it up can come with the territory when things start to get a little stale and boring in the bedroom. Have you ever discussed possibly giving some bondage a try with your lover? You don't have to jump into anything too extreme right off the bat, but this Bed Bondage Restraint System is a sexy choice - perfect for beginners and experienced bondage players.

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