5 Ways to Sex Up the 4th of July

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When it comes to the 4th of July holiday, the exploding colors in the sky shouldn’t be the only fireworks you and your lover experience. It’s time to launch into sexual overdrive and create your own explosive bangs in and out of the bedroom! Don’t let your love life become a dud this season! Are you ready to make them say “ooh” and “ahh” with your fierce, firework-worthy sex? Light your spark and go from fizzle to sizzle with these 5 Ways to Sex Up the 4th of July!

While your friends are caught searing steaks and toasting buns at the barbecue, get your buns to a secret rendezvous point and get your hands on your lover! Slip into your favorite patriotic party dress and leave it at that! Instruct your partner to play commando so that easy access is available whenever the mood hits you. Choose a secretive location where you and your lover can play, out of the way of the party. If you are somewhere familiar, sneak off to your friend’s bedroom. If you’re not, a bathroom with a lock will do just fine for a quickie! Set a time to casually sneak off during the celebration, or create a signal to flash when the partygoers are preoccupied. A few minutes after the BBQ is served is perfect! Take him or her to your hideaway and enjoy what’s being served! If anyone asks, you were just having trouble with your zipper!

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Many of us find ourselves traveling long distances to spend the Fourth of July holiday with relatives and friends. In fact, the Fourth of July is one of the worst travel days of the year behind Christmas and Thanksgiving! If you’ve got hours of road ahead of you and would rather not fondle in your friend’s abode, enjoy some quality alone time with a sexual detour! Scope out your travel route ahead of time and look for locations just off the highway where you can get in some good ol’ fashioned parking! Wooded areas like the outskirts of a park, or the distant corners of apartment complexes are great places to try some oral or penetrating positions! Get your car nice and clean ahead of time, and keep a few napkins and a bottle of water for cleaning up afterwards! It’s a shame you hit so much “traffic” on your way back home!

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With all the surrounding noise and excitement during the fireworks this Fourth of July, you and your lover won’t be heard at all! Nobody would ever notice a real, orgasmic moan in the midst of all the firework appreciation, and it’s the perfect place to unleash some sneaky vibrations! If public sex isn’t your ideal patriotic persuasion, then replace intercourse with intense vibrations? A pair of vibrating panties, or a small, wireless vibrator with remote can create quite a memorable Fourth with your lover manning the controls. Slide on the discreet vibrating undies or, slip a small vibrator in the ones you’re wearing without your lover knowing! Once those fireworks light up the sky, pass the remote over and give in to what will be the most thrilling vibrations you’ve ever felt!

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Teasing with sneaky vibrations is one thing, but sex under the fireworks is the real big bang! Hit the beach for a sexy summer sweat session, or if you’re lucky to live close to the action, set up a sexual picnic on your porch and “eat out”! Public sex is incredibly arousing and if you’re willing to take your firework-watching to the next level, then it’s time to grab your lover and get to it! We know what it’s like staring at a blank ceiling in the missionary position - yawn - but what if you change the scenery a bit? It is SO erotic to be staring up at the stars with intervals of exploding colors lighting up each others bodies as you’re entwined. With each thrust it’ll be hard to contain your howls of orgasmic pleasure in the midst of everything that is going on above and around you both!

What better time than the 4th of July to get a little wet and wild? If you’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like to have sex in the water, the time is now! The carnal act of water sex cools you off and heats things up at the same time! The gushing and rushing of water around your thighs and breasts and his manhood creates stunning sensations of foreplay all by itself! Try a little underwater oral, perfect your hand jobs and fingering amongst crashing waves, take it to the showers for some stand-up sex, or try out a new waterproof vibrator! Skip the bathing suits and go right for each others skin while you devour each other in the water!

In the midst of sweaty Independence Day celebrations, isn’t time you go for a nice, cold dip?

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