5 New Things To Try During Sex

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Have you been with the same partner for a few years? Is the sex getting “ho hum?” Or, are you with a new partner and want to really give them the WOW treatment? Whatever your sexual situation is there are always new things to try to keep things fresh and fun! The bedroom is not the place to do the same ol’ stuff – nope, it is the place to vamp up the sexy ideas and try new things with your partner! So, here are just a handful of new things to try the next time you are getting it on with your lover! Look below for 5 New Things to Try During Sex!

Sex is a multi-sensory activity where we engage all of our senses simultaneously. What we say to our lover during sex can be romantic, loving, emotional or just downright dirty! Statistics have shown that throwing in a few naughty or erotic mutterings during sex can really kick up the arousal level for a man AND a woman. Surprisingly, many women admitted that a few dirty details made them feel even more desired! So, the next time you are getting it on say something a little naughty and see what the reaction is! Just remember, be respectful! Your woman may not want to be called ‘your dirty little whore’ on the first go-round!

5 New Foreplay Tricks To Try With Your Lover

It may seem like a no-brainer but if you are having sex in the same position over and over and over there is a possibility that you are missing out! While we all have our admitted favorite positions, experimenting with new ones can be explosive for both of you! Sometimes we don’t realize just how good something will feel until we are in the act. So, instead of mounting her the same way each time you crawl into bed, try something a little different. If it doesn’t work, go back to the tried and true favorites – but if it does – WHOA MAMA!

What do you do when you get in bed with your lover? You do what feels good to you, right? Well, hopefully you are also doing what you think feels good to your partner! Sometimes we forget to change up our techniques. You know what I mean! Instead of pounding her into the mattress – take things slowly! Or, don’t ride him only facing forward – turn around and give him a different visualization! Haven’t been on top in a while – GET ON UP THERE! Only like doggy style? Maybe she doesn’t! The key is to learn about each others’ likes and dislikes and to try to make each time together about mutual pleasure!

Nothing gives your partner a thrill during the hot and sweaty sexual acrobatics like a little change in temperature! Introducing ice (yes, ICE) into your foreplay or sex can be a really fun and exhilarating way to change things up! Ice can be used on nipples, belly, down the crease of the neck, inner thighs, vaginal lips, balls and even the penis! Using ice in your mouth during oral sex can bring some serious pleasure (and surprise) to your guy (or gal) and the difference between your hot breath and the cold, melting ice is amazing!

You may think that vibrators are just for women, but they aren’t! There are some fantastic vibrators and cock rings that are designed specifically for couples to use together DURING sex! Yup. You can provide her with some new sensations while also adding a little something to the mix for yourself! Any type of vibrator (or bullet) can be used during sex on both of you – don’t you want to get your buzz on?


Silicone Couples Vibe
Silicone Couples Vibe
The toy that you can use together DURING sex! This little guy lets both partner feel the vibrations inside and out!

Nubbie Tongue Vibe
Nubbie Tongue Vibe
Small, discreet, and quiet - great to put on your penis and give her a thrill! This flicking tongue vibrates and licks!

Macho Remote Cock Ring
Macho Remote Cock Ring
An item for both of you that SHE can control! It's got tons of vibration patterns that buzz with a click of the remote!

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