7 Ways to Have a Quickie!

Although the temperatures are dropping, our bodies are warming up to the idea of sex! It can be difficult to find the right moments for intimacy. Too often we put “work, eat, sleep” on repeat and forget about the positive benefits of sex! Sex is the perfect exercise to help beat the cold weather blues. It heats us up, gets our blood pumping and kickstarts our bodies into rejuvenation.  

If you’re too cold to slip out of your skivvies and into the bedroom, a quickie may be just the sex you need! Feed off the energy of a snow day and use the frenzy to sneak in some quick, secret sex! If you’ve ever wanted to try a taste of fast, erotic bliss - maybe in a new location - then you must read my 7 Ways to Have a Quickie !

The name of the game is being able to become aroused and ready fast. This is a quickie after all! Both men and women take time to get their bodies prepared for sex - women a little longer than men - so jump start your game before you know you're going to get some! You may be spending time with friends or family, so indulge in little moments that will build up your arousal overnight and into the wee hours. Sext (sexy text) each other suggestive song lyrics. Dream up your most thrilling fantasies, and ladies, you may want to sneak away to the restroom for a few moments of masturbation to prep.

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Hey, we said it can take a little effort to get aroused! Even so, plenty of women already need some assistance with lubrication - even without the clock-ticking pressure of a quickie approaching! If her physiology is not be ready for penetration, your quickie will quickly go to the pits. Nobody wants to feel that rough sensation, even when you both are so desperately sexually aroused! Indulge in some silky, water-based lubricant to lessen the uncomfortable friction and heighten pleasure. Feeling particularly adventurous? Try a tingling lubricant for even more sensation, or a clitoral cream to incite quick-cumming quickies for her!

If you want to jump start your sex drive into erotic overdrive, you’ve got to spice things up! Putting the pedal to the metal in a new spot in your home is one way to rev your engines! “Surprise” your lover with a special massage in the shower and then take them to a sturdy wall in the hallway to finish the job. Stimulate your brain, and send those signals down your thighs, by relocating your quickie to new territory! Just remember, if you’re going to be publicly engaging in each other’s bodies, you’ve got to have a sneaky entrance, exit, and sex strategy so as not to get caught in the act!

One way to speed up this sultry sexual process is to leave your clothes on. Whether you are just too cold to strip, or need a quick getaway plan, keeping your clothes on during sex is one of life’s naughty secrets that lots of couples have yet to experience! Keeping some kind of barrier, something to feel your lover’s hands through can be an extremely sexy sensation. Plus, you can shave minutes off your quickie by not wasting precious time undressing and re-dressing (and hoping your shirt is on the right way). Plan for your quickie with a liftable dress or skirt, non-wrinkling shirts, and easily un-buttonables.

Again, the essence of the quickie is speed and efficiency, so you’re going to want to leave your crazy pretzel positions to indulge in later. For now, focus on some simple sex positions that you can easily maneuver into in any situation or location. We love doggy style because you can drop to all fours in your kitchen, or try the standing doggy leaning over a sink, couch, dining room table, whatever! Missionary is another go-to because any firm, flat surface becomes a seat! She can lean back as far as she wants, or curl her abs and squeeze in for tight surroundings. The rule is: Don’t get complicated. The goal is: Quick, thrilling sex.

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Another exciting way to switch things up without getting too complicated is to change your sexual personalities. Try alternating who is more dominant (the leader) and who is more submissive (the follower) in your quickie endeavors. If he is usually the one to raise an eyebrow and hint at a quickie, she should catch him beforehand and pull him to an area of the house, or club, or bar, or store and start the tease! If she’s usually more dominant, she can relax and hand him the reins for a while. Then he gets to suggest when, where, and how he’s going to make her orgasm, and how she can return the favor! Of course, consent is key, but a good way to start this change is to discuss fantasies. Maybe his quiet girl wants to try being a bad girl for a quickie - no strings attached!

A quickie doesn’t always have to be penetrative sex (in the traditional sense)! Explore each other with your hands, lips, and tongues and get your speedy sex on! We can picture the look on his face when she drops to her knees and starts to stroke, can you? How about a quick slip of a strong, quiet vibrator into her panties followed by fingers and a passionate make-out session? Make sure you know the basics of blowjobs and the basics of eating her out, and feel the difference between long-lasting intercourse and a quick, orgasmic burst of oral sex!

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