10 Tips To Turn Her On

Women are fickle beasts, but I'm here to help you make them even more fierce in the bedroom! If you've been wondering what makes her think naughty thoughts, what gets her hot and bothered, and how to have her hanging off your every touch, this blog is for you! Women have a built-in desire to be sexual. We love sex! But if you aren't turning her on, what's a girl to do? You've got to help initiate and get those wheels turning so she knows when to pounce. Here's how to do it...

Okay, this may sound a little redundant, but to turn her on, you need to know her turn ons! That means understanding her wildest fantasies! If you can gather up some of her dirty thoughts, you can play on them in subtle ways throughout the day to make her yearn for sex. She loves Fifty Shades of Grey? How about you buy a nice silver/grey tie and leave sitting on the bed. She’ll do all the work of turning herself on with just a glimpse of that incredibly sexual prop!

Not every woman thinks that being pounced on is a turn on. The key is to be gentle, subtle, and cleverly sexual. There are tons of spots on the body - besides the obvious nipples and bits - that can incite tingles. Learn about the places that will turn her on that don’t involve a hand up her shirt or down her pants! Try tucking her hair behind her ear, linger on her ear a moment, then graze her neck as you retreat. Oh! It sends shivers down my spine just writing that!

Appearances aren’t everything, but they can certainly help! Nobody - men or women - wants to go to bed with someone who looks, feels, or smells dirty. Gross! So take a moment to trim out of control eyebrows, get a clean shave or some sharper edges on your facial hair, invest in a good deodorant and dress for...sex! Women love a man in snappy layers, or the color black. Black - like the Men In Black - excites a sense of mysteriousness and power that can be very subliminally sexual!

Much like sloppy clothes, a sloppy kiss is a turn-on ruiner. You’ve got to clean those pearly whites, and take action! Like everything else, we recommend starting slow - unless you are already getting into some heavy touching. Start with your mouth closed - we love the “I kissed your cheek but too close to your mouth” move mentioned below. It comes off as a sweet kiss, but gets us ladies hot and bothered! Then, you gradually have to build up by increasing your pressure, adding in nibbles, positioning your bodies closer and closer together, and using your hands to brush against her skin and pull her close! It’s not just about your mouth, you know!

Have you ever heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, it’s the same for women. Shower your lovely lady with delicious delicacies and she will shower you with sex! Whether you want to treat her to a yummy home-cooked meal to show her you are a capable human being or desserts from the fanciest restaurant in town, she’ll appreciate it. Pull some ideas from our list of erotic, bedroom-ready foods and delve into a bottle of bubbly (champagne)! Make an ordinary night feel like the Ritz and she’ll be ready and waiting!

Learn The RIGHT Way To Eat Her Out!

Okay, if you’re going to eat together, you might as well work off those calories together, too! We all know that SEXercise is the BEST workout, but regular exercise can really rev her engines. Not only to you get to watch each other gradually become panting, out-of-breath, sweaty bodies, on the outside, your body is also working for you on the inside! Exercise boosts endorphins and neurochemicals (science!) that make you feel happy, aroused, and ready to play. Plus, the more flexible and strong you two get, the more fun positions you can get tangled in!

Yes, dating is great, but I’m suggesting you take her WAY out...Outside! Get her away from the usual junk clogging up her brain. No calendars, no housework, no Skype meetings. No brain-draining smartphone use, no trashy television, and no last minute work when she’s not at work anymore! Be together and be more inside your own bodies. Getting fresh air is amazing in its own right, but stepping away from the mundanity and/or stress that can build up at home means more time to appreciate one another. What is that sound?! Oh, it’s the quiet. Which makes plenty of time for Number 8!

8. PDA
If you want to get her in the mood, you have to get nice and close. If you want her to start thinking of something naughty, you’ve got to give her a smooth, sensual touch. A simple brush of her fingers while holding hands, a random kiss on the cheek (close to her mouth), or a hand on the small of her back that dips just a bit lower than usual are all public displays of affection that can lead her on the right path. Remember that women don’t want to be manhandled, but are in need of a more emotional connection. PDA means you are aware of her body, your touch, and you are creating a comfortable bridge between the emotional and the sexual!

We know, you want her. You want her SO badly. But you’ve got to slow down! Women need some good ol’ fashioned warming up time, and BOTH sexes benefit from longer foreplay sessions! In fact, most couples are looking for at least 15 minutes of foreplay for it to really be worth it. The best part is, foreplay is not just making out anymore. You can have foreplay ALL DAY with sexting naughty nothings to your lover. Or, use foreplay as a time to experiment with new toys. The possibilities are endless, so let your imaginations get the better of you two and give each other some extra attention!

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Going along with Number 9, you’ve got to remove yourself from the ideal orgasm goal, and gear up for a great game. Back away from the oh-so-popular notion that the orgasm is the most important part of sex and move forward with feeling all the pleasure these intimate acts have to give. In order to turn her on, you’ve got to show her that you worship that body, you want to listen to her every breath and moan, and you are ready to wait for something that may never happen. It doesn’t mean you’re a terrible lover if you can’t help her to orgasm, because there are SO many factors involved. BUT, if you can get far away from the endgame, and really participate in building up her pleasure - from PDA, to foreplay, to sex - you will ALWAYS be turning her on, no matter what the outcome!

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