5 Unsexy Things She Does

When a relationship gets comfortable and people fall of the good behavior wagon – or even people who just are who they are without that early dating state – we sometimes do or say things to our partner or around our partner which are, well, very unsexy. While sometimes these things are meant to be humorous, and they very well may be, they still may push our partner out of the mood for sex. Now, sometimes these activities may not have a negative affect at all, but that is really a partner to partner determination.

Every woman has her beauty secrets and routines. Waxing, plucking, shaping, cleansing, lotioning – all of it adds to her personal beauty and self-esteem. The thing is, your man probably doesn’t want to see any of these things! He likes to imagine you emerging from the bathroom beautiful and stunning (and yes, he realizes that you “do” things to get that way) he just doesn’t want to see them. So, if part of your nightly routine is to pluck your eyebrows and chin hairs then put on a cleansing mask and climb into bed, you may reconsider the timing of those activities.

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Really ladies? Is there nothing private anymore? Most women would rather DIE than have their man even know she has to go number 2, but the reality is we all do it. There is no shame in it. However, there may be some shame in yelling from the bathroom, “Oh honey, I really shouldn’t have had Mexican food 2 lunches in a row, my shit is like volcanic lava!” I guarantee you, even the most open-minded dude is going to think twice about engaging in sexy time after that proclamation.

Yes, if you are human you are going to burp and you are going to pass gas. It is what it is. However, if you chug a beer or a soda and then belch the alphabet or if you fart so loud the windows rattle and then belt out, “Fuck yeah! That was a 4 on the Richter Scale,” well, you may not be turning your man on. Men tend to have a sort of skewed version of what they think women should and should not do in the land of ladylike behaviors and when you go too far out of that idealized box too often, well, it is a libido killer.

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Men do like women who eat as opposed to women who pick like little starving birds and eat only salads. However, men are not often turned on by women who shovel food into their mouths, drooling all over and getting sauces or butter on their faces. There is a fine line between “eating” and “shoveling” and shoveling is not only un-ladylike, but it is also fairly rude.

The unsexiest thing a woman can do, without a doubt, is to boast about her previous lovers or those men who may be interested in her now. This is actually a sign of insecurity, instead of confidence, because instead of allowing her partner to know how wonderful she is just because he knows on his own, she is trying to make him see her as “someone he can lose” to the multiple guys who are waiting in the wings. This is the worst way to turn your man on. Period.

What Unsexy Things Does Your Partner Do?
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