5 Unsexy Things He Does

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When a relationship gets comfortable and people fall of the good behavior wagon – or even people who just are who they are without that early dating state – we sometimes do or say things to our partner or around our partner which are, well, very unsexy. While sometimes these things are meant to be humorous, and they very well may be, they still may push our partner out of the mood for sex. Now, sometimes these activities may not have a negative affect at all, but that is really a partner to partner determination.

Yes, men tend to adjust and scratch themselves occasionally and usually it is a discreet little movement that most people do not even notice. However, if you are constantly attached to your “mini-me” and won’t let him go, this can be a HUGE turn off for your woman. While we all know that it is a part of manhood, any man who scratches holes in his jeans because he just can’t leave it alone may be asking for a sexual drought!

If you come over to visit your guy at his apartment and you walk in and it looks like a scene from Animal House (think frat house after a wild party), well, this is not the sexiest thing she will see all day. Or, if you are married or co-habitating with him and he leaves his underwear NEXT to the hamper, won’t clean up after he cooks, refuses to mow the lawn, or just otherwise is lazy, this is a guaranteed way to not be getting laid anytime soon.

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The burping contest. What dude hasn’t done this with his male buds? How about lighting is farts on fire (dangerous, by the way, don’t do this!). Or any other gross display of bodily functions or noises. This may be fine for when you are hanging out in your buddy’s basement, but it is NOT OK for when you are with your girlfriend or wife! Geez, dude, realize that women don’t want to smell or hear this. Ever. EV-ER!

If your guy lets you know that he wants sex by poking his erection into your back in bed, this may not get the response he is looking for. Most women are not very flattered by this display of horniness, at least not EVERY time. It can be amusing once in a while, but come on guys, let’s come up with a better way to tell your partner you are in the mood for some sex.

Foreplay is a very important part of sex for a woman because it gets her ready for sex. While quickies are sometimes fun and are not a problem, if your standard method of warming her up is saying, “Hey, wanna fuck?” and then proceeding to get down to business, well, she is going to associate sex with you with an unsatisfying experience. What woman wants to have sex with her man if he doesn’t care about her needs? NONE! Foreplay is important for both partners, so don’t skip the foreplay!

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