6 Ways To Get Your Orgasms In Sync


Lovemaking is very much a dance. Two lovers are taking turns "dancing" all leading to the dance’s grand finale – THE ORGASM! When you and your partner can climax together it is a crescendo to this lovely and heated dance that is worthy of an encore! However, how often can couples ACTUALLY achieve a simultaneous orgasm? I mean, sometimes it is hard enough to achieve an orgasm, nonetheless get it in rhythm with your partner!

Sometimes once the launch sequence has been initiated there is little to no chance of waiting even few seconds, let alone the minutes it may take for your woman to catch up. So, are there really ways to achieve a simultaneous orgasm? Can the seemingly impossible become possible? Well, take a look at these 6 ways to get your orgasms in sync and find out!


Probably the most important (and first) step to achieving simultaneous orgasm is to know your partner’s “orgasm schedule.” This means knowing if is she a “one and done” woman or if she can she achieve orgasms quickly. Maybe she needs lots of warm up caressing? What about him, does he orgasm quickly, or does it take a lot of build-up and stimulation? In order for you to orgasm together, you have to know what it takes for you to reach orgasm first. Then, once you have a sort of basic guideline, you can start putting all your ducks in a row, or, at least in the pond.


The absolute number 1 way to have simultaneous orgasms is to create a clitoral stimulation that is enjoyable AND powerful. If you have a partner who orgasms easily, fingers rubbing her clit will most likely send her into orgasm. However, if she takes a bit longer – or – if you know that you go from “I am almost there” to “Done” too quickly, you may want to employ a little helper. Yes, I am talking about a bullet vibrator. The beauty of a bullet for achieving simultaneous orgasms is that most women find the direct and powerful stimulation of a bullet to be unmatched. Therefore, they can orgasm quickly and powerfully. So, if you want to try to get the timing right, experiment with a bullet and see just how fast she can go from 0 to Orgasm – and then plan your bullet use accordingly! Remember, combining intercourse with clitoral stimulation is the best way to make a woman climax! 


Once you know how your partner orgasms, you have to become sufficient at noticing their “pre-orgasm” signs. This means paying attention to their bodily clues that she/he gives you. For women, notice the rapid breathing, the hardening of the nipples, the contracting of the vaginal muscles – all indicators of impending orgasm. This way, you can give her the added push (namely, clitoral stimulation) that she needs to go over the edge. You just will wait until you are on the road of no return before doing so. Similarly, you should realize his orgasm indicators, which are usually much closer in proximity to the actual orgasm than a woman’s. The tightening of the balls, the extra hardening of the penis, and, of course, he will tell you! So again, when he is giving you the signs it is imperative that you get yourself over the hump (usually by clitoral stimulation)!


In scenario A, the woman doesn’t have (or finds it difficult to have) multiple orgasms. This means, you get one shot at synching up with her per sexual session, so your planning has to be quite spot-on! The best way to achieve this is to make sure your partner is sufficiently warmed up through foreplay. You want her to be aroused, but not too close to orgasm. Once lovemaking begins, you need to make sure that the arousal level stays UP. As you build to your own orgasm, make sure that she is continually stimulated as well. Rub her clitoris (or she can), make sure the angle is pleasing to her. Also, don’t make it TOO long of a time in between foreplay and your own orgasm. Then, once you feel like your build-up is approaching, try to get her to the point of imminent orgasm. Then, when it is time for your own orgasm, you can increase the speed and pressure of your thrusting AND your clitoral attentions, hopefully bringing you off together!


It can be a bit easier to orgasm together if you have a female partner who can have more than one orgasm. Being multiple orgas-inclined usually means that a woman is very aware of her own orgasm triggers and can achieve consecutive orgasms more quickly. Therefore, it stands to reason that she may be able to induce an orgasm at the right time. The best way for a woman who is this in-tune to her orgasms is to allow her to be in a position that controls the pace and depth of the stimulation. She will most likely be better aware of when she is going to climax, so allow her the reigns! Just make sure you are alerting her to when you are close so she can properly position herself to take home the O!


One of the most successful ways to have mutual orgasms is through a 69 (where both of your perform oral sex on the other simultaneously). Oral sex is often the most stimulating part of a sexual session, so if you combine the thrill of DOING with the excitement and pleasure of GETTING – you very well may find yourselves climaxing together. If you plan to do this, just make sure your partner knows that you intend for this to be the method of ejaculation, so that he doesn’t pace himself waiting for intercourse. Then, mutually please each other, paying attention to the cues of each others' bodies (read above) and try to build to the crescendo together!

Do You And Your Partner Orgasm Together? If So, What Are Your Tips? Comment Below!


  • JP

    My partner has amazing orgasms when she’s on top of me. Like head back, looks at the ceiling, yelling sort of orgasms. She claims to be a one and done, and will “let me” have sex more if i want to orgasm more. This doesn’t appeal to me cuz i imagine it’s not too comfy for her. I have made her orgasm multiple times a few sessions in the 7 years we’ve been together, and I think it’s just in her head. How do I assertively (because the control is a turn on to her), convince her to let me try the things to her that make her orgasm in the first place – oral, g-spot, etc….

  • KAren wItham

    When I know that he is getting by his thrusts and breathing I often put my clit you whst ever it is to my clit and the verbals comments are crude and nasty My voice will get louder as
    I talk and he will know when I am ready to have him cum inside of me.

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