10 Weird Sex Tips That Actually Work

Sex tips. Some are great. Some are terrible. Some are just plain dangerous! There are a lot of different ways you and your lover can improve your sex life. There are many sex tips that may not sound like they would work for you and your partner, but you have to give them a try to find out! Here are 10 offbeat sex tips that you should actually try!


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Kissing your partner’s whole body isn’t only a simple trick to extend foreplay, but it is impressively sexy! There are a lot of parts on the body that don’t get a lot of attention and are rarely considered erogenous, which actually makes them extra sensitive to sexual stimulation. Lightly kiss the inside of the wrists, the shoulder blades, around the neck, under the breasts, the torso – everywhere! Add a little lick to enhance the effect. If you are thorough, your partner will be tingling with ecstasy before you reach the main event!

2. Hot And Cold

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This is a fairly common sex tip that not many people try, but it really does make a difference! Adding a little heat (with a warming edible lube) or a little cold (with a cooling lube or ice cube) during oral sex is a simple yet highly effective way to add new and exciting thrills to standard sexual play. How often do you have a warm mouth dancing a cool ice cube around your cock? Never. It’s different and ultra stimulating. Ladies, he can do the same things to you during oral or you can use a glass toy! Glass toys are perfect for temperature play. Just run it under cool or warm water for a few minutes and the sensations will feel like new.

3. Wear Socks

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Ridiculous? Yes. Especially if you have an assortment of crazy colors and designs like I do. But don’t let that stop you! Cold feet are an orgasm inhibitor, so keep those piggies toasty if you want to climax! During sex, blood rushes to your genitals, leaving your outer extremities (like your toes) out in the cold. This tip is especially helpful for women, as ladies typically have more trouble achieving orgasm. If you feel silly in socks, don’t. I have a pair with Orlando Bloom’s face from Pirates Of The Caribbean. It doesn't get goofier than that.

4. Leave The Lights On

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Some of you are undoubtedly horrified to read this. I know. I’m just as insecure as the next person, so this wasn’t an easy one for me. But leaving the lights on can be incredibly sexy for the both of you! You have to ignore all of your anxieties about your body and let your partner enjoy seeing you in the light. This is likely going to be tougher for more woman than men, but I know there are plenty of guys out there who are shy about their bodies. Acknowledge the fact that your partner isn’t judging you – he’s turned on by you! He sees your hot, naked body, not that stretch mark. Not that flab. Not that mole. Visual stimulation is extremely arousing, so give your lover a chance to see you in the sexiest and naughtiest of ways!

5. Don’t Orgasm

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I don’t mean don’t orgasm EVER, but maybe forgo it one night or even more if you can stand it. This isn’t to make you feel deprived; it is to make you long for more sex! It keeps the sexual tension high. Rather than ending the night in orgasm, it basically continues into the next day. Plus, rather than focus on climax like it is the ultimate and only goal of sex, you focus on simply pleasing your lover in different ways. You can’t use that trick you always use to get your partner to cum, because you don’t want to make them cum! This is a great way to switch things up, to find new hotspots, to get creative, and to increase arousal.

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6. Do Your Kegels (Men, Too!)

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Kegel exercises are not just for women, and they have amazing benefits that can drastically improve your sex life. For women, Kegel exercises tighten the vaginal walls, strengthen the pelvic floor, and help make orgasm easier to achieve. For men, they can strengthen erections. For both men and women, Kegel exercises can help you experience more intense, longer-lasting orgasms. So, get clenching!

7. Watch Each Other Masturbate

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If you’ve never done this before, it might sound a little strange, but it can help you visually learn what your partner likes. Seeing exactly how your lover likes to be touched means you’ll know exactly how to pleasure her later. She knows best of all what feels good, so see how she does it! It is the same for women. You can learn just how your man likes to be handled. Plus, it’s so gosh-darn sexy to watch and a great way to spice up foreplay.

8. Tease To Please

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Sexual teasing has a bad reputation of being more than a nuisance than anything else, but it deserves a little more credit than that. Maybe in high school it was just plain miserable, but you needn’t be pained by that rejection any longer! Teasing is a very tantalizing form of foreplay. If keeps your lover hot and on her toes all day long. When you finally give her what she wants, it will be more satisfying and even more pleasurable. Even a little teasing during sex (by not fully penetrating her right away or extending the foreplay session) can be incredibly arousing.

9. Magic Mirror On The Wall

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Who is the sexiest of them all?It’s you and your partner of course! A well-placed mirror can make you and your lover the audience to your lovemaking. This gives the both of you the arousing benefits of visual stimulation in real time. It’s easy to do and a great way to boost libido almost instantly. It is also a great alternative to making your own personal pornography if you are afraid to have that sort of thing on tape or think you will be too embarrassed to really enjoy making it. You will leave no trace of your dirty deeds, but you still get to enjoy watching!

10. Hug And Kiss More

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The basics of courtship are often overlooked the longer you and your partner are together, but hugging and kissing are fundamental! Longer hugs can improve feelings of trust and closeness while kissing can improve intimacy and inspire romance. Both inside and outside of the bedroom should you try to do these things more often. An extended make-out session is perfect for increasing arousal and improving your sex life because it is easy and nice to do! So get back to the basics – grab your lover and pucker up! Oh, and don’t forget to use tongue!

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