Do You Give Good Head? 7 Signs You May Be Bad At Blowjobs


Most partners really want to be good in bed and that includes being good at oral sex. There is a myth that “any blow job is a good blow job” because there truly are bad blowjobs. However, how do you KNOW that you give good head? Well, here are 7 clues that you just may need a bit more practice. And if you do need a little bit more practice, there's no shame in that. Don't be hard on yourself if any of these signs apply to you, there is always room for growth. You got this!

1. He Doesn't Ask For Them

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Men love blowjobs. Let me say that again: MEN LOVE BLOWJOBS. However, if you are really bad at them, a man won’t ask or hint at getting one. So, if your man used to talk about how much he likes getting head, but then all of a sudden it never comes up again this may be a sign that you do not give good head.

2. He Loses His Erection During It

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While there are other reasons why a man would lose his erection during sex, these reasons do not usually affect a blow job. Since blow jobs involve constant stimulation if he is losing his erection mid blow job you may not be very stimulating. You could not be sucking hard enough (or too hard); not be using enough hand motions or you could be grazing him with your teeth. So, if you are going down on him and he is losing it, you may want to double check your technique.

3. He Makes You Stop

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Yes, sometimes a man will want to stop a blowjob to move on to other things, but if you are just getting started and he suddenly wants to move on to other activities, he may be trying to avoid having you finish the blowjob. So, if this seems to be a consistent maneuver, then you may want to try something different.

4. He Gives Way Too Many Tips

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While it is OK for your fella to offer a few hints during the BJ such as “slow down” or “use your hand more;” but if he is giving you a string of directions, or seems hectic to get you to adjust your technique, then this is a sure fire sign you are not doing what he wants. If your man is giving you the complete “how to” then he is not liking what you are doing.

5. He Pulls Away Or Pushes Your Head Off Him

signs you might be bad at blow jobs


Common sense will tell you if your man literally pushes you of his penis that he is not having an enjoyable experience. Yes, all women (even the talented BJ practitioners) occasionally slip and graze the teeth or twist too hard, but for the most part a BJ should not hurt. If it does, re-evaluate what it is you are doing and correct it post haste!

6. He Doesn't Ejaculate

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When a woman sets out to give her man a BJ and gives it her all and he doesn’t cum it can be a confusing time. Yes, there are other reasons why a man can’t cum during a blowjob (psychological blocks for example), but if he has indicated that he CAN and HAS ejaculated during a blowjob and now, suddenly, is not this may be a sign that your technique is not stimulating him thoroughly.

7. He Straight Up Tells You

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A man will not tell you that you are bad at Blow jobs unless he is really sure he does not like what you are doing. Even sub-standard BJs can be suffered through, so if he actually goes so far as to tell you that you give a bad BJ then you need to believe him and perhaps have an honest conversation with him about what you could do to make your blowjobs better.After all, no one wants to give a bad blowjob!

So, What's The Verdict? Can You Give A Good Blowjob? Let Us Know In The Comments!


  • Nicole

    According to the 7 signs that is listed I’m Not Bad at giving Blowjob’s!!! My ex husband and my now current fiance are the only two I’ve given oral to and both (past and present) would and now constantly ask for me to, not to mention they (past and present) would beg me for more and not stop until close to climaxing!!!

  • Crystal Hinkle

    That’s all my fiancé wants is my hands and mouth to tease him and edge him and maybe 5 minutes of penetration… when he returns the favor he complains and barely licks or sucks… it’s like he doesn’t want me to come in his mouth… so make one with tips for guys!!! Why is there hardly any edging porn with men giving oral to show them?

  • Heather

    When I met my now husband, he was almost 30, had been with quite a few women and had never cum from a blow job. It only took me a few tries (figuring out what he liked by trying different things), to get him to finish. He was amazed, revered me. But then it was all he wanted, every time. Or it was doing that to start and two minutes of intercourse to finish. And, he refused to return the oral favor. I started resenting giving blow jobs and our sex life died. Guys, please don’t focus on any one thing! We need a variety of experiences in the bedroom.

  • Janet

    My late husband would not even let me try to give him a blow job. Hard to believe, but I’ve met a man and after getting to know him on line while he works in Kuwait, loves blow jobs. We will finally meet in 20 days and I really want to get this right but I’m a bit worried. Ive watched porn, read articles and I’m hoping to give him the best one hes ever had,.

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