4 No-Fail Tips For Stimulating The G-Spot


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I'm sure you love the idea that you can make your partner orgasm, you love it more if they orgasm during sex and you love it EVEN MORE if they have the leg-shaking, body clenching, “Oh my god you are so amazing” orgasm! Now how much would you love it if you made your partner squirt or have a G-Spot orgasm because of you? Well, you're in the right spot because our experts have put together 4 techniques to give your partner that G-Spot orgasm both of you want them to have!

Disclaimer: Just like with any orgasm, there is never a true guarantee of having one no matter what you try, so if you do not achieve one, try and try again!

Where is the G-Spot?

Before we get into the details of the techniques, let's talk about where the G-Spot is. Because common sense will tell you, if you don't know where the G-Spot is - these techniques won't work! There are ample articles to tell you how to find it, but in short here is where it is: the G-Spot is located on the TOP (belly side) of the vaginal wall, about 2-3 inches in from the opening. It usually feels spongy in texture, unlike the rest of the vagina. Feel around for it with your finger. Get familiar with it. Be able to find it easily before trying these techniques:

1. Fingers First

The easiest way to stimulate the G-Spot is with your fingers. The G-spot requires firm and constant stimulation. It is not as easy to achieve this with a penis, so for the first stimulations the fingers are the way to go. Place the index finger and middle finger inside the vagina, find the G-Spot, press FIRMLY up, and while continuing the pressure, wiggle the finger in a “come hither” motion. Continue to do this paying attention to the engorging of the G-Spot. 

2. Bring Out The Sex Toys

I don't want to lie to you, G-Spot orgasms are oftentimes a hard-won victory. They typically require constant and firm stimulation AND clitoral stimulation. So, if you want a greater chance of giving your partner that golden orgasm, you will have to do double duty and stimulate the clitoris. This can be done with tongue or fingers, but the angle often gets too hard to maintain.

So, use a sex toy such as a bullet vibrator to assist you in your quest. Also, toys can be very helpful for the actual G-Spot stimulation as well. There are a variety of G-Spot vibrators that are made from firm plastic, silicone or glass that can help you to keep that pressure when your fingers get tired! Toys can be your best friend, give it a try!

3. Press The Pubic Arch

Since the G-Spot is on the belly side of the vaginal wall, often pressing down above the pubic arch (under the belly button and above the mound) will force the G-Spot down and make the internal stimulation much easier. Imagine it as sandwiching it between your palm and fingertips. You can even adjust the pressure and angle depending on the reactions of your partner. This can be the difference between having a G-Spot orgasm and not.

4. Penetration

It is possible to stimulate the G-Spot during penetrative sex, but it takes some positioning and dedication to the task. First, put your partner's belly down with a pillow under their belly and pubic area. This pushes the G-Spot down and makes it easier to stimulate. Enter at an angle that presses DOWN onto your partner's vaginal wall. Usually, leaning forward over them will do the trick. Then, use slow and shallow strokes to stimulate the G-Spot and use a vibrator or bullet to help seal the deal!

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  • Mikalette

    Good information! I’m 58 and the wife of 33 years is 52, thankfully I have no issues orgasming daily, she’s a little more of a challenge. I just brought her to an amazing orgasm a couple of nights ago, with just my tongue and my middle finger. Her G-spot is very prominent, however her clit is almost non-existent. We’ve always had a great sex life or at least I have. For the first 25 years or so, she generally orgasmed every time we had sex or at least once a day, as sometimes we would have sex multiple times in one day. But as she has had 3 children and with age, she doesn’t orgasm near as frequently. One can not emphasize enough the importance of the stuff mentioned in this article. My wife could be a lot more vocal and could have given me more direction and maybe she did to some degree and I just didn’t take the time to really listen. When an old boyfriend came back into the picture, strictly as a friend, I noticed that she became much more sexual with me and told me to kiss her more and I mean really kiss her. Over time, as I am 6 years older than her, I was just afraid of turning her off by kissing her, if I was 100% freshened up, especially fresh breath and especially considering she is a Dental Hygienist. I WAS ENTIRELY WRONG, my wife needs to be kissed, I even kiss her with morning breath sometimes. I can attest to almost everything stated in this article. Don’t do like I did and take to much for granted, appreciate that female are different and that is just how God made them, yes they are a lot of work, but worth it!

  • B.G.A.

    My ex-girlfriend never had a great orgasm so I took her to a hotel and gave her oral sex using similar techniques and she had a leg shaķing/multiple on top of multiple g-spot orgasm…it was amazing. The next morning there was a note on our door saying “Sounds like you guys had fun…get it :)”. We framed the note and I have it to this day. I know she still thinks of that day. I miss her!

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