Your Complete G-Spot Guide: Finding and Stimulating the Illusive G-Spot


Finding the G-spot can unlock amazing pleasure for anyone who has a vagina, trust me - you don't want to miss out! Some people have more prominent G-Spots than others, but don't let that discourage you from learning how to find and stimulate your G-Spot. No matter the size, finding your G-Spot will open your eyes to a whole new level of pleasure! If you're looking to find and stimulate your or your partner's G-Spot, this is the article for you! I've written this article by answering the most important questions: What, Where, How and Who? Here is your All-Inclusive Guide to the G-Spot! 

Image of hand playing with a fruit that resembles a vagina

A G-What?

Let's get into the nitty-gritty. What exactly is the G-Spot? This illusive spot was named after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who discovered the link between this internal spot and the female orgasm. The G-Spot is a highly sensitive area inside the vagina that can produce intense arousal, orgasms and ejaculation in some. Also located in the G-Spot area is Skene's gland, which is known to be the female prostate. Skene's glands are glands located at the lower end of the urethra. When aroused, the tissue around these glands swells with blood, causing the glands to secrete fluid. This gland is where the ejaculate originates from (no, it's not urine). Okay, that was enough science for one article. 
Anyone with a Vagina Has A G-Spot.  Are you sitting here thinking 'What if I don't even have a G-Spot?', well I come bearing good news. Anyone with a vagina has a G-Spot! Where people differ is the size, shape, location and prominence. Everybody is unique, and this stays true with our vagina as well. Just like some have larger labia or more prominent clitorises, some people have more prominent G-Spots. For this reason, you may have to try some other movements to locate your G-Spot. Don't give up if you can find it at first, it's just hiding! Many people have inset G-Spots, meaning they do not protrude, making them more difficult to find! Similar to other vaginal parts, the G-Spot will enlarge with arousal. So when you go searching, try getting in the mood first. It is also a great idea to have a clitoral orgasm (or a few) first!

Image of hand playing with cut open orange resembling a vagina


The G-Spot is a part of your vagina that is about 1-3 inches inside, on the upper (stomach side) of the vaginal wall. It is under the pelvic bone and right by the bladder. Grab some lube, sit on the floor with your knees bent and go searching! The most popular way of finding it is to insert your fingers and make a 'come hither' movement by curling your fingers, this usually hits the G-Spot. You can distinguish this spot from the rest of the inner vaginal walls in a couple of ways. The first is feeling a surge of pleasure when you have touched it. So, if you let out an accidental moan, you know you've located it! This may be a new sensation as well, it usually feels different than clitoral stimulation. Another way you know you've found the jackpot is the texture. The G-Spot has a rougher texture than the smooth inner vaginal walls, it may feel similar to the skin of a grapefruit. The most important thing to remember when on the search for your G-Spot is that it will likely take some patience and a keen understanding of the different feelings in your vagina. If you are in-tune with how it feels to stimulate different parts of your anatomy, then it will be much easier to find and stimulate the G-Spot.

Image of hand fingering cut open orange resembling vagina


When is the best time to optimize your G-Spot stimulation for the best results. Here is where the vagina anatomy really shines. Vagina-owners have the ability to be multi-orgasmic, which means having multiple orgasms subsequently. The more aroused a woman becomes, the larger her clitoris is, and the more blood rushes to her vaginal area, AND more fluid accumulates in the G-Spot. This is the same fluid that will “ejaculate” from women who can squirt, as well being noticeable in general when the G-Spot is stimulated. Therefore, the more times a woman has an orgasm, the larger the spot swells and the easier it is to find and stimulate. When attempting to stimulate your G-Spot, especially if your goal is a G-Spot orgasm, try to have a handful of clitoral orgasms first! 

Image of two hands holding and spreading apart an orange resembling labia lips


How should you introduce a partner into you G-Spot play? I would strongly urge you to explore yourself first! Get to know your body and locate your G-Spot on your own, that way you can direct your partner and show them exactly where it is! It is also important to learn what feels the best for you when stimulating your G-Spot. If you don't know, you can't expect your partner to! Before hopping into bed, talk to your partner about your desire to try G-Spot stimulation. Explain to them where it is and how you like it to be stimulated. This will help open the conversation and make communication easier during intercourse. The most important thing to know about G-Spot orgasms is that expecting to have one will only make things exponentially more difficult. When approaching this topic with your partner, be sure they do not have any expectations. If you don't end up having a G-Spot orgasm, it doesn't mean you or your partner did anything wrong!

Image of banana shown entering a cut open lemon to resemble a penis entering a vagina


So, how do you have a G-Spot orgasm?

Under Pressure. As I mentioned earlier, the most important aspect of learning to have a G-Spot orgasm is to take the pressure off. Vagina-owners generally need more mental and emotional stimulation to orgasm than others, dealing with the pressure of having a G-Spot orgasm will interfere with the mental stimulation needed. Expecting to have a G-Spot orgasm will make the act much more difficult and lead to feelings of failure if it doesn't happen. Let me be clear: an orgasm is an orgasm. If you cannot get yourself to a G-Spot orgasm, it does not mean you are missing out!

Switch it Up. After you have located your G-Spot, the next adventure is learning how to properly stimulate it to your liking. It's important for you to get to know your body and your G-Spot. Like intercourse and other forms of foreplay, you need to find out what works best for you. Do you prefer harder and constant pressure on your G-Spot? Or a softer rubbing? Once you find your special pressure, try experimenting with tempo as well. Some prefer steady thrusting, while others like to take it slower. Don't know where to start? Many people experience success with firm and constant pressure. Try swirling around your G-Spot while applying pressure.

Don't Neglect the Rest. It is very important that you remember that you have multiple different erogenous zones. The key to building any type of orgasm is gaining stimulation throughout your entire body. If you've listened to me so far, you know you should start with a handful of clitoral orgasms. This will get your G-Spot engorged so it is easier to find and much more sensitive. In between orgasms and while you begin stimulating your G-Spot, try stimulating other areas on your body. Slip two fingers in and begin circling your G-Spot. Simultaneously, use your fingers or a vibrator to stimulate your clit or your nipples. This is a great way to build your G-Spot orgasm. This is also a great time to whip out those nipple clamps!

How To Know If You Are Close. One universal sign that a G-Spot orgasm is imminent is this very intense feeling that you have to urinate. Because of the close proximity between the bladder and the G-Spot, when the G-Spot engorges with fluid it can activate feelings in the bladder. This makes many women want to stop, as they can’t push past that “I have to pee” sensation. Also, many women think that the liquid they ejaculate is pee, but it isn’t. It is a mostly clear liquid that is not urine at all. It will not smell or look like urine. If you are feeling this way, then the G-Spot orgasm is close at hand so do not stop.

Don't Expect Waterworks. 
Squirting can be very difficult for anyone to achieve, so don't hold yourself to any porn standards. To achieve a squirting orgasm, you must have a good amount of fluid built up in your Skene's gland. This fluid comes from constant arousal and multiple orgasms. It is also crucially important to be fully hydrated! Hydration makes it easier for your body to produce fluids during sexual activities. There is no way to know if you will be able to achieve the water fountain effect, but it sure is fun to try! Remember, don't set yourself up for failure by planning on having a water show. Go with the flow (pun intended) and be happy with whatever happens! If you're following these steps and don't end up with a squirting orgasm, at least you have a couple of orgasms under your belt already! No sex or masturbation is bad!

Hitting Gold Together. Okay, you've mastered G-Spot stimulation on you own, maybe you've even hit the jackpot on your own (congrats!), and now you want to add you partner into the mix. This can be fun! First things first, don't assume you will have a G-Spot orgasm. It doesn't matter how many times you've done it before, every time is different and it may not always happen. The best part is, that's okay! You will still experience incredible sensations and have some new fun with your partner.
Start with some fun foreplay, oral sex is the perfect first step. Incorporate all your and your partner's erogenous zones in your foreplay. This is a great time to experiment with new activities and have some fun! Make sure you have had a couple of clitoral orgasms during this foreplay before going further! Now you can decide if you want to incorporate penetration. 

G-Spot Sex Positions

If you want to try to achieve a G-Spot orgasm through penetration, here are some of the best positions to utilize:

1. Missionary with Legs Bent and/or Elevated. Missionary is a great position to personalize to your desires. The basic missionary position is to lay on your back while your partner penetrates you while on top of you. In this case, there are a few things that you can do to prioritize G-Spot stimulation. First, place a pillow under your lower back. This will tilt your pelvis so that when your partner penetrates you, they can hit your G-Spot directly. Next, bend your legs at the knees as your partner lays in between your legs to penetrate you. This will begin to place pressure on your G-Spot, help it stick out further, and make it easier to stimulate. To take this to the next level, lift your legs and wrap them around your partner or rest them on their shoulders! This will increase the pressure on the G-Spot and therefore, increase the stimulation while your partner thrusts in and out of you. 
2. Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl. Cowgirl is one of the best positions used to prioritize the receiving partner's pleasure. To get into cowgirl position, have the penetrating partner lay or sit on a flat surface. Then the other partner straddles them, face to face or turning around. From here, the riding partner can grind, bounce and squat to their desire. For G-Spot stimulation, squatting is a popular technique. It naturally opens the vaginal canal and places pressure on the G-Spot, causing it to become more prominent. Try multiple different variations and see what works for you. This a great position to experiment with, grind and ride to your heart's desire! 

3. Any Variation of Doggy Style. To get into doggy style, the receiving partner gets on their hands and knees and the other stands or kneels and penetrates from behind. This position places the G-Spot at the 'bottom' and often makes it easier to stimulate. When penetrated from behind, your partner can thrust into you and directly hit your G-Spot! This may take some adjusting and positioning. Always be sure to have an open conversation with your partner during this position. The direct stimulation of your G-Spot can be overwhelming or too strong for your desires, so always be sure you can let your partner know what feels best.

It's Toy Time

Okay, now that you've learned your body and how to stimulate G-Spot, you're ready to introduce toys! Toys can help you in so many different ways, but you don't need me to tell you that. If you've tried achieving a G-Spot orgasm, you know how sore your hands get! The good news is that there are plenty of toys to help alleviate some of this struggle! Here are some of our best sex toys for squirting and G-Spot stimulation.

Before solo or partner play, it is so important to lube up. It makes everyone's experience much smoother (another pun), and can add a whole new level of stimulation. Here are our three favorite lubes to try:

TooTimid Universal Water-Based Lube

Image of our water based lubricant bottle

This is our favorite lubricant for absolutely anyone! It is water-based, therefore perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and compatible with most sex toys! This formula was perfectly engineered to remain slippery and never get sticky! Once you've added this into your playtime, you won't have to think twice about it.

TooTimid Cooling and Tingling Water-Based Lube

Image of a bottle of our tingling water based lubricant

Lucky for you, our best selling lubricant now comes in a cooling version! This water-based lubricant will add a new level of stimulation to your solo or partner play! Add some of this lube to your next session and feel tingles all over! This lube has the same fool-proof formula, never sticky but always slippery!

Now that you're lubed up, you can get started with the toys:

Image of the rose gspot vibrator with bulbed rounded tip

The Rose G-Spot Vibrator is our most popular G-Spot vibrator on TooTimid, and for good reason. This vibrator was designed with one thing in mind, G-Spot orgasms! The bulbed tip is the perfect shape and size to stimulate your G-Spot over and over to build your orgasm. It has a long handle that is perfect to angle your vibrator into position. The vibrations are simple and consistent, the perfect recipe for all the G-Spot feels! This is our OG go-to G-Spot vibrator, if all else fails - the Rose will always be there for you.

Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

Image of hot pink rechargeable vibrator for gspot stimulation

Now we take things up a notch with this 100% rechargeable G-Spot vibrator. This luxurious vibrator has a similar design to the Rose, with a perfect bulbed tip and long handle. This product features smooth silicone and multi-function buttons. Use these buttons to cycle through the eight different pulsation and vibration patterns that this toy offers! This toy has a thicker shaft that will be more noticeable as you insert the toy. This will simulate being penetrated by a partner, making it an entirely new experience!

Silicone Multi-Function G-Spot Vibrator With Looped Handle

Image of teal colored vibrator with rechargeable port

 This stunning G-Spot vibrator has a softer bulbed tip than the others, this will help the insertion process become more gradual and natural. This toy also offers a loophole handle, making it incredibly easy to hold for you or your partner. This vibrator features nine vibrational patterns that can be felt throughout your whole body! Don't worry about batteries either, because this one is also 100% rechargeable. The shaft of this vibrator has a slight curve to it, creating the perfect angle for G-Spot stimulation.

Eli Silicone Personal G-Spot Massager

Image of bright purple vibrating sex toy for gspot stimulation

 Meet Eli, the handiest G-Spot massager ever. This design is absolutely perfect for trying to achieve a G-Spot orgasm. Starting at the tip, it is bulbed and features an extra lip at the edge. This will hit your G-Spot perfectly, and as you thrust in and out, you will be driven over the edge by that extra lip hitting your G-Spot over and over! The thin shaft is curved at a perfect angle and ribbed for added stimulation. The middle of the toy protrudes again, adding another level of stimulation to drive you crazy. With the flexible shaft, you can bend this toy while it is inserted so that this second nub rubs against your clitoris. The options are endless with this G-Spot massager.

Silicone Rechargeable Dual-Action Vibrator

Image of light pink gspot massager with clitoral massager attached for dual stimulation

You didn't think I'd write a G-Spot article without including a rabbit, did you? A rabbit vibrator is a classic, it's a great option if you're looking for an efficient way to build a G-Spot orgasm. The shaft will stimulate your G-Spot as the "ears" stimulate your clitoris! This is a great rabbit option because of the bulbed tip. This type of tip provides more surface area to stimulate your G-Spot consistently and strongly. The clitoral stimulator on this rabbit is perfect to help increase arousal and build more orgasms while you build your G-Spot orgasm.

So, in conclusion: what have we learned?

1. Get Informed

Learn about the anatomy of your body! Take some time to get to know your vagina before you try sticking your hands up there. Learn where things are and why they do the things they do! This will help you get a better understanding of what you are doing and why you are feeling what you are. It is important to connect with your body.

2. Stay Hydrated
The more hydrated you are, the more wet you can get! Other than basic health necessities, water is important for sex too! It also increases your chance of being able to squirt. So don't forget to drink up!

3. Relax
If you take one thing from this article, I hope it is to relax. In any and all sexual situations you should feel relaxed and comfortable. It is extremely important in achieving orgasms, particularly G-Spot orgasms. You should feel confident that even if you don't have a G-Spot orgasm, you will still have a great time! 

4. Don't Expect
G-Spot orgasms are not the most important thing in the world! You have to look at it as a fun experience that will be pleasing even if you never have the actual orgasm. Stressing yourself out, or pressuring yourself (or your partner), to have the orgasm will not bring success.

5. Take Your Time
Dedicate some time to this without distractions. This is not a race! Build your orgasms slowly, and build your internal stimulation slowly. This is not something you can rush, it is a process. The more deliberate your actions are, the more aroused you will become. 

6. Add More Erogenous Zones
Many people find that they will be pushed over the edge if they can apply some clitoral stimulation as well, so add that with another vibrator or with your partner. You can also use nipple toys to help increase stimulation. Try inserting some vibrating anal beads for even more stimulation!

7. More Orgasms = Better
The more orgasms you have, the more your G-Spot will swell, and the more sensitive it becomes. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances, have as many clitoral or internal orgasms as possible. The more aroused you are, the greater the possibility that you will have an orgasm. So, get yourself as absolutely as aroused as possible.

8. Solo First
As with most things, it is important to get to know your body before adding someone else into the mix. If you haven't discovered what you like, how do you expect someone else to? Plus, this gives you an opportunity to explore new things in a completely comfortable environment, with no outside stressors.

9. Open Communication
G-Spot stimulation can be an extremely intense sensation, one that many women end up stopping before orgasm can occur. Trusting your partner and feeling comfortable with them is essential to successful G-Spot orgasm. It is also important to be able to direct your partner to where it feels the best and explain how.

10. Have Fun!
This should be a fun and enjoyable experience for anyone involved! You have to have fun with sex, no matter what type of sex. Being able to enjoy the experience for what it is, and to sink into the sensations will more likely help you to reach your goal.

So there you have it, all you need to know to find and stimulate your (or a partner’s) G-Spot and potentially have a G-Spot Orgasm! 

What's Your Favorite Way to Stimulate Your G-Spot? Let Us Know In The Comments!


  • MZ. Found Her GSPOT!

    Soooooooooooo, let tell y’all something!!!! I finally found my GSPOOOOOTTTTTT TODAY! Right after I read this article, I was determined to find it. For years, I thought I didn’t have one. Now, that I know I found my GSPOT, I will be communicating that with my partner! I can finally stop telling him that “ I came”. Wheeewwwww at 34 I found my hidden treasure, I hope this not the last time. I can’t believe how much liquid came out!!!!! Ladiessssss, please light a candle, drink some wine, play some R&B and take care of you! I swear, what I experienced today was everything!!!! And I hope y’all get to feel it as well!!!!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊.

  • LaurenceJamison

    I had my friend have a clitoral orgasm, then moved immediately to the G Spot for another orgasm then back to the Clitoral for another orgasm and did this 10 times for a total of 20 orgasms, she said stop, she said, what just happened?

  • LaurenceJamison

    I had my friend have a clitoral orgasm, then moved immediately to the G Spot for another orgasm then back to the Clitoral for another orgasm and did this 10 times for a total of 20 orgasms, she said stop, she said, what just happened?

  • LaurenceJamison

    I had my friend have a clitoral orgasm, then moved immediately to the G Spot for another orgasm then back to the Clitoral for another orgasm and did this 10 times for a total of 20 orgasms, she said stop, she said, what just happened?

  • LaurenceJamison

    I had my friend have a clitoral orgasm, then moved immediately to the G Spot for another orgasm then back to the Clitoral for another orgasm and did this 10 times for a total of 20 orgasms, she said stop, she said, what just happened?

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