The Joys of Make-Up Sex

If you are in a couple – then you have fought. I do not know any couples anywhere who have not had a fight about something at some point. Fighting is not fun. However, you know what IS fun? Make-up sex! You know what I am talking about – that emotionally charged, passionate, really, really, really GOOD sex! I am not suggesting at all that sex solves all problems, but, it sure is a fun way to reconnect after an argument. So, whether you have had make-up sex or if this concept is new to you, read on for some dos and don’ts of make-up sex!

When you are in the middle of an argument or a fight this is not the time for sex. Using sex to distract your partner or get off topic is never fair play. Nothing will be better if you don’t resolve your issues, so if you try to distract by using sex, the issues will still be there Passionate Couple In Bedafter you are finished. Fighting is an emotional experience – especially really heated arguments – and sometimes we look at our partner and that passion switches from anger to lust. It is common and normal, but resist the urge until you are finished with your argument. However, this is different than the next point: taking a time out.

If you are going around and around in an argument sometimes it is a good idea to take a time out. Just stop, breathe and maybe have sex! Sometimes an argument is not really solvable, or the people arguing become more invested in “winning” than being fair or staying on target. In instances such as this, taking a time out and having sex can effectively solve the issue altogether. After having hot sex no one really cares who did or did not take out the garbage. While this is different from having sex mid argument (one person decides to do this to distract) this method is an agreed upon time out to change the focus off the argument and back on to each other.

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After the argument is resolved, the both of you may feel emotionally wrecked. Fighting is never a fun experience and when we do with someone who is important to us, it can really take it out of us. Tears may have been shed, nasty words or names may have been uttered, and possibly even some unfair fighting may have occurred. At the end of this all we may want is to feel connected to our partner. Sex is a good way to achieve this. Sex can serve as a “reset” button. After all the nastiness of the argument, cuddling up, kissing, stroking and making love with our partner can be a great way to reassure each other that you still care for one another.

Arguing requires passion – vehement passion – and transitioning this passion into sex can lead to some explosive results! When we fight with someone whom we love (or care for) there is more emotional investment than when we argue with someone less important to us. All of that heat during an argument can be turned into PASSION and that sex can be oh, so satisfying! When the anger of an argument fizzles it can easily turn into sexual passion and nobody loses in that situation! So, if you feel that argument tension turning to sexual tension, use it to fuel some hot and heavy sex!

Yes, it is true. Sometimes you are actually wrong in an argument. Perhaps you DID forget to pick up the dog from the vet, take out the garbage or make the Visa payment. When we have done something that we shouldn’t have, and we know it, there is a great way to make that up to our partner besides arguing about it. Yep. Make-up sex! Not just ANY make-up sex though. I am taking about the kind of make-up sex where you do all those freaky little things he likes! Or you give her a massage to relax her BEFORE you try to have sex with her. Yes, I am talking about having a sexual experience that shows your partner that you are sorry for what you did or did not do and gives them so much pleasure that they will forget all about the fact that the dog ate their favorite pair of heels because you forgot to lock up the dog!

How Do You Make-Up After A Fight?
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