5 Things To NEVER Do Before Sex

In life there are many rules to follow with what to not to do before engaging in specific activities. For example, don’t eat a big, heavy meal before you go swimming. Don’t guzzle down 2 bottles of water before going anywhere without a bathroom. Get the idea? Similarly, there are things you should never, ever do before having sex or you are bound to have bad sex! While I am sure you could think of thousands of examples, there are some that stick out in my mind. Here they are: 5 things to never do before sex!

While you most likely DO have a bathroom where you are getting busy, you really don’t want to have to stop the action every 20 minutes to pee, do you? Especially since having a full – VERY FULL – bladder can cause issues with orgasms for both men and women. The last thing you want is to be getting to the grand finale and say, “ooops, gotta pee!” Nothing changes the mood quite like a potty break time out!

OK, so that bag of Doritos that has been calling your name can wait an extra night (or at least, post sex) don’t you think? There are certain things that you eat that will come back up in your breath no matter how many times you brush: garlic and onions being two big offenders. Yes, offenders. Nothing says, “Sorry, I am not in the mood” more than a giant whiff of sour cream and onion potato chips being blown in your face! Avoid the stinky foods ladies and gents.

Yes, guys, this one is just for you. Don’t “unload your gun” before having sex. You know, don’t masturbate to ejaculation. Contrary to what you have heard, doing this can cause issues later when you are IN bed with your lover, especially if you are over 35. Men can’t always achieve erections or ejaculate twice within a few hours so better safe than sorry. So, just resist the urge and let her unload your gun for you!

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OK gals, this one is just for you! Resist the urge to do 45 minutes of shaving and prepping under the guise of “I just need to freshen up!” You can’t properly shave your cooch, legs and underarms in 5 minutes! You will shave yourself raw; cut yourself or worse – cut something sensitive in the rush! Trust me on this. Freshening up means a quick pee and hair straightening. If you are going to go for the full-shave-a-thon then just tell him – do not rush anything that involves a sharp razor and your genitals!

You would THINK that this would be common sense that in order to have a nice time in the bedroom that you should not go into sex angry! If you are mad that he didn’t take out the garbage – now is NOT the time to discuss it! Perhaps you noticed that she has put on some weight – this is NOT the time to tell her! Anything that could come out as offensive, mean, derogatory, angry or just plain argumentative should be avoided! The quickest way to end a sexy moment is to be in a bad mood!

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