10 Tips for Better Sex During the Holidays

When the seasons start turning a little colder, and the twinkling lights start appearing on the neighbor's houses, you know it's nearing the holiday season. If you are seeking a new kind of spice for your holidays, perhaps a few tips on how to get a little extra under the mistletoe, then you've come to the right place! Grab your lover and slip into some sexy situations with these 10 Tips for Better Sex During the Holidays!

1. Glimmer Like Tinsel

Remember that scene from the movie Titanic when Rose tells Jack she wants him to paint her wearing the “Heart of the Ocean” diamonds? Then she puts his manhood into high (and hard) gear by saying she would be wearing ONLY the diamonds? Well, DO THAT. Get all dolled up head to toe in diamonds, rhinestones, pearls, whatever you’ve got lying around. You can even get some new cuffs to add to the outfit! Leave yourself in the buff, move your body and catch the light with glimmering jewels, and catch his eyes wandering all over you while he tries to resist!
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2. Coal-erful Lingerie

Whether he’s supplying her with a sexy, skimpy present, or she’s ready and waiting under the tree wrapped in silk or lace, it’s got to be coal. Coal BLACK of course! Black has and always will be the naughtiest of lingerie colors and this year it's no different. Pair a black garter belt with seamed stockings and a sexy black babydoll to draw his eyes around your bad girl body! If you’ve got to add a pop of color, go for a rousing RED!

3. Stock His Stuffer

Getting a little crazy with puns here, but have you ever tried having sex with him wearing a vibrating cock ring? Sure, it sounds like a gift for him, but really it’s a present for the ladies! The ring stretches to restrict blood flow out of his penis to keep him harder, longer, and the vibes run gently through him and touch down on her clitoris with each thrust. It’s sex, it’s a vibrator, it’s increasing his stamina - everyone gets a nice orgasmic surprise!
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4. Have Yourself A Quickie

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen; On Quickie, on Quickie, on Quickie, on Quickie! The holidays are busy. Between the decorating, the food, the family, and whatever else you’ve got on your plate, there is practically no time to get some holiday cheer in the bedroom! The holidays, ladies and gents, are the BEST time to perfect your quick sex skills. Oral sex is swift and orgasmic, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is a great excuse to practice!

5. Stripping Through The Snow

Go ahead and give your lover something to NOT write home about this Christmas. Give them an "impromptu” striptease! Play it coy like you're just changing into your holiday jammies, but really give them a show! Make sure he’s watching you as you undress and carefully peel each layer off, run your hands over your skin, let your hair tumble down your shoulder...You know, be sexy! This is great option for after a holiday party (because you have a reason to heighten your style with stockings, a garter, etc). It'll drive him crazy with lust!

6. You're A Mean One, Mr. Grey

Why not take the toys in the book for a spin with a little Fifty Shades sexperimentation! Whether you want to try spanking with a crop or whip, test out some simple blindfold, or whether you want to tease with a feather tickler or go all out with a restraint kit for all your naughtiest fantasies can come true this holiday season! We aim to please!
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7. Get In Your Sleigh And Go

Whether you venture to a cozy bed and breakfast or an intriguingly empty motel, sometimes you’ve just remove yourself from the crazy of the holidays. Enjoy your time with a romantic weekend getaway or a rowdy night in another town to rekindle the old flame. Roleplay and pick each other up at a dive bar out of town and let your imaginations run wild!

8. Ba-Rum-Pum-Pum Pinup

If you've got the striptease down, then you know the poses that will get his blood pumping in all the right places. This year, take a tip from newlyweds and get a photographer to snap some sexy boudoir photos for you! Dress up in your finest furs, boas, or over-sized velvet bows and make yourself into his most prized pin up calendar! It's not just a wedding gift anymore!
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9. Seven Ways A'Layin

It's time to spice the nog and wriggle your bodies into some new sex positions! Whether you want to contort for some Advanced 69ing, feel the love with warm, Intimate Sex Positions we've got you covered. You could even get wet and wild with some Sex In The Shower, or Target Her G-Spot During Sex for some earth-shattering orgasms! Whatever your flavor, it's time to liven up your ways a-layin'!

10. It's Lovely Weather

One of the most sensual kinds of foreplay is massage. Strip down to your birthday suits and really enjoy the touch of his hands on you, the feeling of your fingertips tracing on his skin. There are a variety of massage oils and gels to get your hands into that add to the intimacy. Some are edible, warming, cooling, etc, and all provide a silky, smooth surface for your hands, lips, even tongue to glide over.
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