Why Is The G-Spot So Controversial?

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Ahhh, the G-Spot. Named after Ernst Grafenberg, the doctor who discovered it, the G-Spot is thought by many to be a fictional (that is, not real) place inside a woman’s body that when stimulated causes the most amazing orgasms possible. So, if this magical spot can be a source of such pleasure, why is it controversial? Well, because not every woman can have a gspot orgasm which makes many believe it is not real.

The G-Spot has an “approximate” location 2-3 inches inside the vaginal wall, on the upper (belly) side of the vaginal canal. Under the pelvic bone, and by the bladder, the G-Spot feels differently when rubbed against, as the skin is not as smooth there, and is often described as feeling a bit rough in texture. The spot itself is very small, maybe a fingertip in width.

While all women HAVE a G-Spot, not every woman’s is prominent enough to be easily stimulated. In some women, a simple examination with a finger will reveal a prominent G-Spot that literally sticks out noticeably from the vaginal wall. In others, the G-Spot is almost concave, hidden inside the vaginal wall and takes quite a bit of effort to stimulate. It is because the G-Spot is not created equally that it is so controversial, every woman wants one!

If you were to watch any “Squirting” porn film you would be totally and utterly amazed at the stream of orgasmic goodness that flows forth from these women as they have – what appears to be – nearly painful orgasms! This is our uninformed idea of what a G-Spot orgasm is. A water fountain type ejaculation. Many naysayers insist that it is not ejaculation at all, but instead the woman is peeing. Others feel like they are having a tremendous orgasm, but never get “the squirt.” These further differences in how women react to G-Spot stimulation just furthers the controversy. Some women may be having G-Spot orgasms, but they don’t realize it because the amount of ejaculate is minimal. The truth is, not every woman CAN orgasm from G-Spot stimulation (covered in the next section) and some who do experience orgasm will never squirt.

How To Find Your G-Spot

The question surrounding the G-Spot and orgasm goes like this: if a woman has a G-Spot but can’t have an orgasm during stimulation then doesn’t that prove she has no G-Spot? No. Not at all. Listen, women have clitorises and not all women can have an orgasm from them, but we still admit their presence, right? The issue with G-Spot orgasms is that it takes a long, long time for most women to have an orgasm via stimulation IF they can orgasm at all. Many women can never achieve that elusive orgasm and even fewer will actually squirt from it. Why? Well, firstly, a G-Spot orgasm is almost painful. The build-up to it feels like you have to pee really, really badly and a woman’s natural instinct is NOT to pee on her partner, so psychologically she has to get over the fear. Secondly, ejaculation from G-Spot orgasm has to do with a woman’s hydration level, ability to allow herself this stimulation and her partner’s ability to give her the continual stimulation needed to reach the orgasm. In short: it is not easy to have a G-Spot orgasm.

The majority of women will never have a G-Spot orgasm. Why? Well, if it doesn’t come easily to them they give up trying. After all, why spend hours and hours trying to have something that you may not even believe is real? The truth is, most women stick with what works – clitoral stimulation. They give up on trying to have any other type of orgasm because they have been told that “women don’t orgasm through intercourse” and this is not true. The truth is, not all women can have a G-Spot orgasm, even with the right stimulation.

Contrary to what you may observe in adult films, G-Spot orgasms do not occur in 30 seconds or less (if they occur at all). The golden rule for most women who can even HAVE a G-Spot orgasm is: the more orgasms you have had BEFORE you try for the G-Spot orgasm, the more likely you are to even have one. This is because as the body is aroused and climaxes occur, the inner vaginal wall swell and engorges (and this pushes the G-Spot more prominently out) and makes stimulation of the G-Spot slightly easier AND makes the likelihood of climax possible. However, this means some dedication to stimulation. IF you are playing with a partner (which makes things markedly easier) then he / she really has to put in the time on YOU and YOUR stimulation. Fingers and tongues can cramp before you actually get to that stimulation point. IF you are playing alone, this could be even more daunting! How long can you masturbate before you give up? The cold, hard facts are, you have to do the work to get the glory.

many people will still debate the existence of the G-Spot because of all of these factors. They may never try to find it, won’t put in the time to have the orgasm or, simply, give up trying. This doesn’t mean that the G-Spot doesn’t exist – it does! Unfortunately for most women they will never experience the immense pleasure from having a G-Spot orgasm. However, I submit that there are worst things to go in search of in life. So, why not decide for yourself. Go in search of your G-Spot orgasm. Have fun. Explore your body. Experiment with pleasure. The worst that will happen is you have a lot of fun – and, maybe a G-Spot orgasm to boot!

Is The G-Spot Real?
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