Down And Dirty Guide To Foreplay Basics


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Listen guys and gals: FOREPLAY is a MUST! In so many established or longer term relationships foreplay gets ignored or hurried through in order to get to the main event: SEX. The truth is, foreplay is important. Not only is it important to get the female warmed up and ready for sex but it is an intimacy building part of the sexual experience. Not to mention for many women this may be the only opportunity for orgasm. So, when you skip the foreplay you lack on very important aspects of sex with your partner. Read on to find some easy ways to incorporate foreplay into your love life and make sex more enjoyable and more fulfilling for both of you!

Foreplay actually occurs (or should occur) way before you even set foot in the bedroom. One super easy way to keep the sexual tension taught is to flirt with your partner all day. This could be a flirty or downright dirty text, a slap on the behind when he/she walks past, a kiss on the neck when she is cooking dinner, or even a blatant grabbing of his “stuff” just because you can.All of these things get us in the mindset of sex - and that is an important part of foreplay.

PEOPLE you should NOT forgo the kissing! Kissing is a very intimate part of any sexual relationship and it gets you both hot and bothered and ready for the next step. Passionate kissing involves groping each other, lip biting, tongue swirling, all over hotness! Kissing is a very important part of sex and if you are no longer kissing your partner it is important to ask yourself why! Bring the kiss back!

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There can be no sex without intimate touching. I mean the kind of touching where your hands explore each other’s bodies. Where here hands grab his abs, butt, penis. Where his hands are grabbing and tweaking her nipples, sliding down between her legs, rubbing her clit. Both of you enjoying the other’s body. This is intimate and sexual touching and it is an extremely important part of foreplay! Make your lover’s body your personal playground!

While, yes, oral sex is a part of sex many people (including me) consider it foreplay as well. Oral sex is so very important and not just to women. Sure, women can benefit from it because they are very likely to have an orgasm when having oral sex performed on them, but there is also a benefit to performing oral sex on your man. Not only does HE get the yummy experience of your mouth on his penis but YOU can also derive a lot of pleasure from doing it to him. This sexual act should be arousing to you as well! Look at the passion and the reactions your man gives you when you do it. Men, if your woman is giving you oral, then you should give it to her, too. No, this is not a “keeping score” type situation - you just should both enjoy each other in this beautifully sexy way. Oral sex is definitely one of the best parts of foreplay and is sure to get you both ready for the main event.

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  • Howard

    I’m almost 70 and my wife is older than I am. Known her all my life and married her 15 years ago. All or these things above are good to do, but the #1 thing is honesty. Everybody has baggage. Be honest with your lover. Talk about what you like or want. Share your fantasies. How else can they come true? Don’t be afraid that your partner is going to judge. Trust in your love. If you’re lucky, when you’re 70, you’ll be where we are.

  • Wayne

    I like to give my partner a great massage with oil it always turns both of us on!

  • deborah

    John G. Teach her. Talk through the taboos she’s brought in to your marriage. Marraige is 50/50, and sex should be as well. Not saying she should feel guilted in to things she’s not comfortable with (anal for ex). You can help her understand sex is every bit as much about pleasure as procreation. The things we were taught as children often take time to break through. Hope she’s willing to learn.

  • John G

    My wife, a “devout Catholic” is not sexually experienced and does not understand the importance of foreplay, what might I do to help her along? She does enjoy being fingered and orally stimulated, but ignores my body.

  • Irene

    I like doing oral, also I like my man playing with my clit and kissing me, and most of all, caressing!

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