How To Spice Up Oral Sex For Him With Sensation Play

Woman pulling down man's pants for oral sex

Do you know what “Sensation Play” is? Sensation play involves adding in different sensations (heat, cold, tickling) to your sex play. We, as sexual beings, should always be looking for ways to vamp up our sex lives – whether with new or established partners – and sensation play is a great addition to oral sex!

Let’s face it, men love a quality blowjob and are always happy to have one – but – they go absolutely ga-ga when you change it up, even just a little bit! So, keep on reading and find a few great ways to add some new sensations to oral for him.

1. Ice Ice, Baby!

I have said it before and I will say it again: nothing says A+ Blowjob like putting some ice in your mouth! This is not a trick for the novice blowjobber though, ‘cause it takes a bit of finesse to work the penis AND the ice. My suggestion is to start with some smaller, crushed pieces. Suck on them until they are almost gone (you don’t want any sharp edges!) and then you put your guy’s penis in your mouth and VIOLA! A cold, wet, shivery place for his cock to be!

The best part is, as his penis cools down, your mouth warms up – which creates a very arousing dual sensation for him! If you get good at maneuvering his parts you can move up to small “cubes” instead of crushed pieces and then he can stay colder, longer! Just be prepared for the screams of excitement.

Extra Tip: Ice cream can work just as well, and give you something good to eat at the same time – not that his penis isn’t good enough!

2. Mini Vibes

One of THE most intense oral sex sessions I have ever had was when I used my favorite bullet vibrator as part of the action. I was giving him one of my standard blowjobs, when I decided to add a little bit of vibrations to the mix. I started with his balls – just a little something for extra sensation. Then I thought if it felt good THERE it would feel amazing on the tip of his penis!

So, I was gently, slowly, and steadily stroking his well lubed cock and I dangled the bullet just over the head of his penis, so it barely touched it. It didn’t take long and he was cumming all over and I barely did anything but let it dangle above him! As far as sensations go, this is a definite MUST TRY!

3. Menthol Drops

It is not a myth nor is it something that only “college kids” do. Nope. Giving head with a cough drop in your mouth really does make a heck of a lot of difference! It can’t be just any drop though, it has to be one with menthol in it (like an Altoid mint).

The coolness of the menthol that soothes your throat when you have a little cough makes a blowjob a cool and tingly experience! Just pop one in, give it a few seconds of sucking, cheek it and then begin your blow job. Your man will wonder what is going on down there and he will LOVE it. Just make sure you don’t choke on the drop!

4. It's Getting Hot In Here...

If your man likes the oral tricks with cold sensations, why not try something that will heat it up? There are many warming lubes and massage oils that would really bring something extra to oral time. While men love the sensation of your warm, wet mouth – adding a little extra HEAT to the mix can make things steamy! Just make sure that if you choose a lube that is NOT edible that you stick to hand jobs once you have applied it! You don’t want to get sick while sucking his....well, you get the point.

5. Tickle His Fancy

There is a little technique that I like to use when giving a good blowjob or handjob – I call it “The Fuck Puppet.” Basically, while you are orally loving and stroking his penis, you take a little break when your hand reaches nearly the top of his shaft and you rub the palm of your hand gently over just the very, very tip of his cock.

It will be almost like you are not touching it at all. Then, alternatively, you pat just the pads of your fingertips over the head as well. Men that I have done this to say it feels like tiny strings dancing on the top of their penis and it feels amazing! So, this is another sexy sensation to play with.

Have You Tried Sensation Play? Let Us Know Below With A Comment!


  • Fun4her +me!

    My wife now my ex did the number 1 tip on me one night when she was in of her more adventurous moods! We were in bed, when she said she was thirsty and wanted a glass of ice water. I got out of bed put on my Pj bottoms (since we liked to sleep naked we kept our Pj’s close by in case of an emergency and she had kids) and went into the kitchen to get her ice water and when returned she ha turned on the bedside lamp. I gave her ice water and got in bed leaving my bottoms on in case she wanted another glass. She told me to get on my back an spread my legs as she crawled between them putting a big ice cube in her mouth, she pulled down my bottoms enough to expose my soft resting Johnson! She grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her mouth while swirling the ice cube around the head and my shaft. Her hot mouth and the cold ice got a rise out of me in no time, and as soon as I was Super Rock Hard she stopped. My ex then climbed on top of me and before she inserted my raging hard-on into her, she took the ice cube out of her mouth and put it in her kitty and then stuffed my cock into her pussy right after. Again the hot and cold was totally exciting me, but because of heat the ice cube melted very fast. When she had her orgasm , she completely soaked my cock, balls, thighs with water along with her juices that even flowed into the crack of my butt! Needless to say the sheets under me were also soaking wet, so we also had to change the sheets which caused me to lose my erection! Only thing about this night she got off, but I didn’t get mine and she never cared to ask!

  • Don

    Interesting ideas. Wish I had heard of them before

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