Everything You Need To Know About Squirting Orgasms

The squirting orgasm is a G-spot orgasm where the female ejaculates liquid during climax. The squirting orgasm is the most intense orgasm a woman can have and those women lucky enough to truly experience them say that the intensity is nearly painful. Are you familiar with G-Spot orgasms? Do you know the difference between a squirting orgasm and a typical G-Spot orgasm? Do you know how to have one? Have you had one but did not squirt? Well, this article will answer all the questions you have.

It is important to realize that while every woman has a G-spot, not every woman can experience a G-spot orgasm and even fewer can squirt. Some women will never have a G-spot orgasm and a majority of women who can have a G-spot orgasm will not squirt. So, just keep this in mind and try not to get upset if you can never truly squirt.

The G-spot is a tiny area about 2-3 inches inside the vagina, located on the top (belly button side) of the canal. The G-spot feels rougher in texture than the rest of the vaginal walls, and often will be upraised and feel sort of squishy, like a wet sponge. The more aroused she is the more prominent the spot is likely to get. You should be able to find the spot via your finger and a little bit of patience. It is often easier for a partner to find the G-spot than it is for you to find it on yourself.

While not every sexual touch is meant to be hard - G-spot stimulation needs to be firm. In order for the G-spot to go from stimulation to possible ejaculation the stimulation must be constant and firm. A tongue inside will not stimulate the G-spot enough. A finger or a toy are the best options for the stimulation. A penis CAN provide the stimulation if the angle and pressure are right. The easiest way, however, is to have a partner use their finger (or fingers). The female should relax and try to enjoy all the sensations, really get in touch with how different direct G-spot stimulation will feel. Then, her partner will insert a finger into the vaginal and feel around on the upper wall for that spot that feels different in texture than the rest of the vaginal wall. Once it is found, direct pressure needs to be applied - the most effective method is to use a "come hither" motion with the finger(s). Using the pads of the fingers, push up and pull toward the opening. Repeat this motion for all long as is needed to get to climax. Keeping in mind that this may take A LONG time and may never actually happen. However, the feeling will still be really intense and enjoyable.

More On How To Have A SQUIRTING G-Spot Orgasm

Quick and important tip: the more you orgasm (the more clitoral orgasms) you have, the better your chances of having ejaculation due to G-Spot stimulation. The more orgasms she has, the more engorged her clitoris, labia and G-spot become with blood. The more engorged, the more sensitive. The more sensitive, the greater the chance of squirting. You can achieve these orgasms in any way you like, but a very successful method is to rotate the different stimulations. Have a little oral sex, have a little vaginal sex, switch back and forth. You can alternate G-Spot stimulation with clit stimulation for some seriously intense feels. The goal is to become VERY aroused. Women who are able to have more than one orgasm are more likely to have a squirting orgasm.

Many women want to know if they are close to having a G-Spot orgasm. Can you tell? Does it feel different? Can it feel that good and you not squirt? The answers are simple - yes, you will definitely be able to tell. Yes, it feels VERY different than a standard orgasm. Yes, it can feel that good and you cannot squirt. So, how do you know? The majority of women report one, distinguishing factor to an impending G-Spot orgasm - it feels like you have to pee. You are not going to pee - but, that sensation is the build-up of tension and ejaculate in the G-spot. This means that the odds of you actually ejaculating (even a little) are pretty good. The sensations should be very intense, gradually building, until there is a nearly painful heightening that, hopefully, will result in an orgasm.

What is commonly known as squirting is when voluminous liquid "squirts" during orgasm. The ejaculate is not pee, but it comes from the same place. It is more liquid than male ejaculate, and looks almost like cloudy water. It can be a little, like a small drip. Or, for some women, can be powerful and extreme like a garden hose! Most of the time once a woman has the first squirting orgasm she can reach that same pinnacle more than once in a session. Each time being more and more intense, until it is necessary for her to take a break. More than likely squirting will cause her to be in almost painful ecstasy!

If you do not have a squirting orgasm, don't give up - try again! And again! AND AGAIN! For some women it takes a while to get used to the extreme sensations that accompany a G-Spot orgasm, therefore, the more stimulation you allow yourself, the more comfortable you can get with the overall feelings. For some women they may have the orgasm, but not the squirting. There can be many different reasons for this. Some women do not have a prominent G-spot and this can inhibit a large amount of ejaculate. For others, they can't really go the extra step and allow themselves to ejaculate. For others, they may be a bit dehydrated and therefore there is no excess liquid available for the orgasm. In any case, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again! This should feel amazing even without the squirting!

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Karrie l Nash - May 21, 2020

I love your company and my boyfriend and I love your sex toys and products and looking forward to ordering some as soon as possible

Armando - May 19, 2020

Okay. I know what you’re thinking. Or not.
I’m not gay. I’ve only ever induced 2 super wet orgasms on women and I’m only now learning the specific gspot location. I’m above average equipped, and l only say that because it took my first wife and l almost a week of foreplay before we could stop being careful about me hurting her. That, and because women would always say to me “not all the way in”. So l suggested they get on top so l couldn’t fuck up😁.
But both squirters did so with them grinding while on top.
The first one, I pulled into her driveway for the first time at 3 in the morning after a night of partying and drinking. l knocked on her door and her 10 year old son, who was still up watching tv, answered the door. He yelled “Mom!” and went back to watching tv. Smart kid. She came to the door and said “Mando! What are you doing here?” Before l could catch a breath to answer, she had me by the tie and was pulling me into her bedroom, practically taking off my shirt and trousers as she pulled me into bed and went to work grinding on me. Her excitement made me blow my load and her beautiful warm fluids flowed down between my legs and down the crack of my ass. She apologized profusely after she was able to speak as she shook like a leaf. “You’re sorry?” I said. “Omigod are you kidding me? That is so fucking hot” l told her as she collapsed onto my chest, her contractions squeezing, squeezing my cock, and it was winter, and it was so warm and she was so soft. She was a secretary at Rockwell, where I was a test analyst, and she had legs that wouldn’t quit. She would walk by and I’d whisper “damn” just loud enough for her to hear me and she would strut her stuff. We flirted shamelessly, but their were plenty of ppl around us. As lick would have it, we found……did l say “lick”? I meant luck…😋ourselves alone in the factory after hours. We only did some heavy petting…me admiring her legs, she playing with my bulge. The clothes stayed on. She wrote down her address. I didn’t go right away cause l was married. It took a night of drinking and partying before l pulled her address from my wallet. And THAT’S why I was there at 3 o’clock in the morning. I got 1001 stories. My favorite are when she…they… turn the tables on me and get even with me for every man that ever fucked the hell out of them. But that’s for another day 🤓

LuvieT4Me - April 10, 2020

I loved it and would very much like to share on my blog.

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