5 Sexy Things He Craves In The Bedroom

We all have our wants and desires when it comes to sex, and both men and women have certain sexual cravings or desires that will really get their blood pumping! Since the goal of sex is mutual pleasure and satisfaction, wouldn’t all women love to know what their man craves in the bedroom? I know I would! Here are just 5 of the top sexual cravings men have.


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It may seem super simplistic, but the top thing a man craves in the bedroom is to make you CUM! Men are complex creatures, but two very prominent characteristics of men are that they are: competitive and visual. This means men want to make you orgasm so they can have personal bragging rights AND they are very visual so watching you climax is a HUGE sexual turn on! Plus, what is better than being able to get your man going by having your own orgasm? It is definitely a win-win situation.


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If your guy is always making the first move (or all the moves) consider taking the lead every so often. Men love it when their lover initiates sex. Not only does this allow them to, you know, have sex, but it also lets them know that you are into them and desire them. Men need and love to know that they are sexually desirable too! Plus, a woman pulling out the seduction tricks is super erotic and really gets him going.

What Do Women Want In Bed?


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Is this really a big surprise? Men love to hear you moan, groan and, yes, get a little dirty with the vocabulary. Sure, hearing, “make love to me” is nice and no man is going to turn that down. However, if you bring out the, “I want you to fuck me hard” well, he is going to amp up quickly and be even MORE anxious to oblige. Men love dirty talk and crave it, especially if their lover is a bit on the shy side. Dirty talk eludes to confidence and confidence is super sexy! Speaking of….


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A confident woman is a sexy woman. Period. There is no debate here. When a woman is confident in her body, her sexual skills, her ability to please and comes out of gate sexual-guns blazing her man will go ballistic! When you come into a sexual situation confidently and with, well, gusto, men really crave more of that! It is like taming a sexual beast or being with a porn star!


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Women are not the only ones who want a little pre-play action, men love it too! While you may think that all men need is to hear the word “sex” to be up and raring to go, but the truth is, this is not always accurate. Men need to be seduced and touched, kissed, caressed and, yes, given a blowjob! You read that correctly. Men crave blowjobs. Oral sex. Blowjobs. Foreplay. Give the man a blowjob! Come on! He deserves it. It is not only about the actual Blowjob, but the craving you have for him, the intimacy and the warm up. So come on ladies, give the man a BJ!

What Do You Want From Your Lover?
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