Best Places To Stick Your Suction Cup Dildo


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Suction cup dildos are very versatile for hands-free fun and there are so many options for placement that it isn’t even funny – but IS totally fun! We know that for some of you, the suction cup based dildo is your go-to way for masturbation (and even playing with a partner), so we wanted to put together a list of a few ideas for you to explore more with your favorite toy. Read on for some new ideas about where you can stick your dildo!

Room #1: The Bathroom


Yes, the #1 place to stick your suction cup dildo is undoubtedly the side of the tub. Why? The smooth porcelain finish makes it really easy to attach without any issues with sliding off. You, as the rider, can mount that bad boy easily by just standing and squatting. You can combine this with the nice, warm bath water for pre-or-post play relaxation. Yup. The side of the tub scores #1.


If you have never thought of sticking your suction cup dildo to the lid of your toilet seat you need to right now! The toilet seat cover is the perfect place to mount your suction cup stud and then just take a seat and ride away! Keep in mind you may have to hold down your toilet seat with your hands, or, do what I did and invest in one of those toddler toilet seat clamps. Listen, if you want options you have to be prepared!


Just as the side of the tub is a smooth place to stick your toy so is the side of the shower! Usually tiled, shower walls make the perfect place to stick your suction cup dildo for some back-that-thing-up doggy style action. So, if you like the idea of taking it from behind, do it doggy in the shower!

Room #2: The Kitchen


If you happen to have a standard kitchen chair that does not have a cushion on it then you are in luck! In fact, ANY chair that has a smooth seat is the perfect place to place the toy. The glory of a chair (as opposed to the toilet) is that you can face the back of the chair for more stability and torque while you ride!


Kitchen floors are most often a tile of some sort – or even laminate. These surfaces are super smooth and perfect for attaching your suction stud. If you like the idea of riding your toy while on your knees then placing it on the floor is a grand idea! Not to mention if you enjoy squatting and riding, this is even better!


I saw a movie once where a woman put 4 different dildos on a dining room table and then just went along the line from one to the next, taking a seat and enjoying each one. Why not!? Sounds like fun to me! Why not serve yourself a treat on your table?

Room #3: The Bedroom


If you are lucky enough to have a headboard or footboard on your bed that is made of wood and has a large enough space to stick the suction cup, you are totally in business! The different heights of headboards and footboards can make angles of insertion fun and new! Just make sure your friend is attached well.


Do you have a big bedroom mirror? Or, even a small one? Mirrors are EXCELLENT places to stick suction cup toys because mirrors are flat and ideal for the suction cup to adhere. Just place the mirror on the floor or bed and stick on your friend. The added bonus here is you can WATCH as you lower yourself onto your toy. Oh yeah, it is super erotic and sexy as hell!

Take It Outside Of The House


Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a hot tub hut outside your house. What better place to place your suction cup toy than on the smooth tiled sides of a hot tub (or even on one of the seats inside the tub)? Sometimes it takes some work to stick the toy on underwater, but it is not unheard of so give it a shot!

While I would never suggest you stick your suction cup toy on the hood of a very expensive car (cause yes, denting can happen) I would say that if you want to place it on the hood or trunk of your car and get in on outside for some extra thrills that may not be a bad idea! Imagine how differently your man would look at his Camry if he knew his lover was riding on the hood of it – literally – the night before. Vroom, vroom! 

How Do You Use Your Suction Cup Dildo?
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  • Susan James
    The best place to stick your suction cup dildo is on your partners forehead!

  • LuckyLady

    I like to use mine in the shower, having warm water hitting me as I ride my dildo, what a orgasm!

  • Robert

    My wife and I use ours in the shower. I use a 6 inch and she uses an 8. She likes it on her knees and I usually stand.

  • Amie

    Hit me up on Facebook y’all I don’t get on here much it’s Amie Rossborough

  • Amie

    I just hit my peak so I’m horney as f… all the time and want it bad I finally bought my first dildo ever I hope it does it’s job I would love to go to a swing party I need all the sex I can get lol

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