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How and Why To Use A Butt Plug

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
How And Why To Use A Butt PlugCheck Out Our Butt Plug Sex Toys!

Do your rectal muscles contract when you hear the word “butt plug?”  Does the thought, “nothing is going UP THERE” cross your mind immediately?  Well, never fear ladies!  This article is going to talk about how to safely use a butt plug as well as all the positive and fun things that you can use a butt plug for.  By the end of it you will be ready, willing and even excited to try out an anal plug!  Read on for all the answers to How and Why to Use a Butt Plug!

Anal Plugs – aka Butt Plugs – are specially designed devices of various materials that you insert into your rectum (ass).  There are many varieties of butt plugs – beginner, advanced, expandable, metal, glass, silicone, vibrating – and there are many reasons to use one as well.  


The first thing to remember about putting ANYTHING up your butt is that you CAN lose it up your rectal canal.  Yes, I said that right.  Your rectal canal is quite long and there are basically 2 sphincters (1 external, and one internal).  If you place an object in and it goes past the second sphincter, it may travel up your anal canal and you will not be able to retrieve it without medical assistance.  Therefore, the first rule of anal play is:  ALWAYS USE TOYS MADE FOR ANAL PLAY!  These toys have a special, flared bottom or retrieval mechanism that will ensure you do not lose your toy up where the sun doesn’t shine!  So, play safe and there will be NO worries.

Secondly, NEVER, EVER go from ANAL to VAGINAL!  We are talking about Butt Plugs here, so typically you would not put one in your vagina.  However, just to be safe, I am going to reiterate:  once it has been in your butt it does NOT go in your “V”!  As with all toys, you will want to clean your butt plugs.  Always clean your anal toys VERY, VERY thoroughly with hot, soapy water to avoid bacteria build-up!


SIZE MATTERS:  If you are an anal newbie the first thing you need to remember is that size matters!  You never want to start with the biggest plug you can find.  Instead, you want to go with a thin and tapered toy so you can become comfortable with the toy.  There are a ton of beginner’s plugs to choose from.  Some sets even have a variety of sizes so you can move up as you feel comfortable.

LUBE IT UP:  The anal canal is not self lubricating (like the vagina) so you have to always make sure you are using lube.  Not just a dab of lube – I mean L U B E!  Don’t be shy!  You want a slippery slope to play on, so make sure you put it on your toy AND on your entrance.  Anal lubes are usually thicker and longer-lasting for anal play. Silicone lubes would be the lube of choice, but if you have a silicone plug, do NOT use a silicone lube.  Also, reapply when needed!  If you feel a drag, then add more lube!

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SLOW AND STEADY:  This is an ‘exit’ not typically an ‘entrance’ so you need to give your body time to adjust.  You will want to push a little at a time and PUSH OUT (like you are having a bowel movement) so that your muscles relax and expand to accept the toy.  If you relax, go slowly, use lube and allow your muscles to expand, it will feel very pleasurable to you!  Never push the toy fast just to “get it over with” as this can cause damage!
Sensual Woman In Bed
PAIN / PRESSURE / PLEASURE:  Anal play should NEVER have pain.  Now, do not confuse pressure with pain.  You are putting a plug where previously nothing has ever gone, so especially your first times you will feel pressure!  This is NORMAL!  What is NOT normal is pain or bleeding.  If you are bleeding during or after your play you are not using enough lube! This indicates you have torn your rectal lining a bit.  This is common with first time anal players, but, it need not happen if you are careful!  If it does happen, make sure you take time to heal before you try again.  If you feel pressure it is OK to continue, as long as you are going slowly and not pushing too fast.  Once you get the plug all the way into your rectum, you should feel pleasure.

BE CHOOSY:  You need to choose a plug that is right for you.  Once you have started to become comfortable with anal play, you can find a toy that fits your needs better.  Some plugs are thicker and others thinner but longer.  Metal is a fun choice for some women who want to wear the plug longer.  Vibrating plugs can be very stimulating AND fun during Double Penetration (when you have a toy or penis in each entrance – anal and vaginal – simultaneously).  Some plugs even have animal tails for extra sassy fun or choose something with decorative jewels to give your partner a pretty surprise when he views your backside.  Whatever you choose always follow the proper rules for insertion and cleanliness to ensure each play time is fun and safe!

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PREPARING FOR PLAY:  If you are asking WHY you should use a butt plug the answer is simple: They are fun!  Butt plugs can be used to prepare for more intensive anal play.  If you and your partner are considering anal sex, for instance, then wearing a plug before anal play can substantially make that experience more pleasant!  Your anal muscles will already be relaxed and stretched from the plug, so when your partner removes the plug and enters you, you will accept him or her more easily.

HEIGHTENED ORGASMIC EXPERIENCE:  It is possible to have an anal orgasm – really, it is!  Also, it is common for women to have a more intense clitoral or vaginal orgasm when they are employing anal play as well.  So, if you have a plug in and you are playing with your partner (or a vibrator) your orgasms can be extremely intense!  Think about if your partner has ever stuck his finger up there during oral sex – how hard did you orgasm?  Well, imagine that times 10!  Yup!  Anal play is fun and butt plugs are a great way to provide this.

DOUBLE THE PLEASURE:  Double penetration can be extremely satisfying for both you and your partner.  Whether alone with a dual dildo, or with another to satisfy you, the feeling of fullness is delectable! Men love the extra tight feeling when you have something in your rectum while they are having vaginal sex with you.  Remember, there is only a thin lining between your vaginal and rectal canal, so if you have a plug inside your anal canal he will feel it in your vagina!  Many women report the “tightness” of this makes them orgasm more quickly and intensely.  For extra fun, try a vibrating plug!  Then both you and he will experience the vibrations!

Butt Plug Recommendations:
Small Silicone Butt Plug Sex Toy

Candy Rimmer

This pretty pink little plug is the ideal size for beginner anal plug play.  It is made of 100% velvety-smooth silicone and is tapered to ease you into backdoor pleasure.  It has a ring for easy insertion and safe removal, making it the best buttplug for first-time users.  The body-safe silicone material is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and easy to clean!
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Renegade Anal Trainer Kit

Three plugs for your pleasure!  This sex toy kit comes with three different silicone butt plugs for you to test the waters of anal play.  Start with the smallest one and work your way up to the biggest and most satisfying toy!  These plugs have suction cup bases for hands-free play and tapered shafts for comfortable insertion.

Glass Butt Plug

As gorgeous as it is pleasurable.  This buttplug is made of hand-blown glass and is lightly textured for greater stimulation.  It is smooth to the touch and very easy to clean.  The hypoallergenic glass is safe for insertion and perfect for those of you who like firm sex toys.  You can even use this anal plug for temperature play!
Butt Plug Vibrator Sex Toy

Dare 10-Function Silicone Anal Toy

Intensify your pleasure with vibrations!  This beginner-friendly anal plug has ten unique vibrating and pulsating functions for you to choose from.  The plug itself is made of silky-smooth silicone for body-safe comfort and smooth insertion.  The vibrations are controlled by the easy-to-use remote, making this a kinky option for couples.
Anal Lube

Climax Bursts Anal Lubricant

Specifically designed for anal play, this water-based lubricant is a must-have for all of your backdoor adventures.  It is ultra-thick and slick for smooth insertion and comfortable penetration.  It can be used with sex toys or a partner, regardless of anal play experience.  If you are indulging in anal pleasure, you NEED a high-quality sex lube like this one!
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Date 9/16/2014
I bought a small beginner plug and it keeps popping out. Do I need a bigger plug. Frustrated
Date 9/16/2014
Tana k
Date 9/18/2014
Not a beginner to anal play. I prefer a med sized anal toy that has a very deep ridge like the pink pop plug shown with the article. They are not the slimmest but, slowly getting use to the size, once it's seated you don't have the slippage frustration that was spoken of (experienced it myself when a beginner). As long as you follow the slow and clean rules, you'll be suprised what you end up liking... Try the vibrating or warming and cooling metal or glass. :)
Date 10/4/2014
william torguson
anal is great.
Date 3/13/2016
Occams Zebra
I have a gastrointestinal disease, the only one who has access to my hind quarter is a man with a Doctorate! My husband agrees with me about the qualifications needed to go there!
Date 11/23/2016
After years of anal experience, I can say I'm a very pleased size queen! Butt plugs are great, if you like bigger, then you can also try a numerous amount of different sized dildos for "back there".
Date 10/22/2017
Njoy 2.o is it! Heavy but delightful.
Date 10/26/2017
OMG! Love, Love, Love it!!! Was very nervous at first but went very slowly w/lots of lube and have found that my orgasms are amazing! My boyfriend LOVES anal play and we both love the extra fullness with double penetration.

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