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5 Things She Actually Wants on Valentine's Day

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Angela & Bethany tell you the 5 things she actually wants this Valentine's Day in the video below!

1. Food - Feed her, damnit!

Take her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant! Find a dress for her to wear or let her know to get dressed up to where you're taking her! Don't let her pick the place, take control and show her what she's worth!

2. Let her show you off, and make sure you show her off!

Get her anything she can post on social media! Although we hate to admit it, us women do love showing off what you do for us! It gives her a chance to show her friends, co-workers and family how much you really care for her! Don't forget to post about her on your social media as well.

3. Eat her out. Not half-assed, either.

Actually eat her out for an extended period of time. Get really into it and tell her how much you love how she tastes and that you just can't get enough of her! It will make her not only REALLY appreciate you, but it makes her feel like you truly care about her pleasure!

4. Make time to do things in the bedroom you don't normally foreplay!

At this point, you probably knows what she wants in the bedroom. Tonight is the night to give her what she wants! This is your chance to really give her amazing foreplay and anything else she wants in the bedroom!

5. Give her an incredible massage.

Watch a video on YouTube to give you tips, but give her a super sexy massage. It will not only give her the relaxation she deserves, but the blood flow and stimulation will make her extra you something special after the massage!

Leave a comment below with what you actually want this Valentine's Day and you'll be entered to win a $25 gift card to! Winner will be emailed Friday 2/16!

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Date 2/14/2018
TooTimid Angela
All I want for Valentine's Day actual boyfriend? LOL. Okay, so -IF-I had a boyfriend, I would want a sushi date with lots of wine followed by an erotic massage! -Angela
Date 2/14/2018
With the way I feel this Valentine's Day, all I want is to be taken care of while I'm sick! I'd have him bring me a nice hot cup of tea and snuggles under a fuzzy blanket! But, good things there's no boyfriend for me, cuz he wouldn't be gettin any tonight!
Date 2/14/2018
TooTimid Cheyenne
I would love red roses followed by a home-cooked meal. I want to spend quality time with my boyfriend; I really don't care what we do as long as it's the two of us.
Date 2/14/2018
Vicki Reeves
I just want to be happy for Valentines Day. I do not need anything special just to not feel depressed. I just lost my husband and I have tried toys, porno and nothing seems to help.. or maybe I just haven't found the right toy LOL. I just would like to get happy for a change. Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines and please remember to enjoy what you have because you never know when it will be gone. God Bless PS: I would like to wish everyone good luck and I would enjoy winning also so I could find something that works. LOL
Date 2/14/2018
After I nice dinner and a couple drinks I want my girlfriend to beg me. Something we both wanted to try and finally going for it.
Date 2/14/2018
All I want for Valentine’s Day is more animals. They’ll love me unconditionally <3
Date 2/14/2018
james pinet
Our anniversary falls close to Valentine's day so usually do something together for both on Valentine's day I usually cook and clean some so she has an easier day and can relax some.
Date 2/14/2018
I am getting what I really want! I got awaken by my man wanting to ravage me (which he did!). Tonight we are having dinner and going to see “Fifty Shades Freed”. He has seen the other two with me. Hoping for a little action during the movie and for sure some when we get home. The paddle is laying by the bedside!??
Date 2/14/2018
Angela Miller
For Valentine's Day I would love to be able to find something special to get mine and my fiances intimacy back to where it use to be. After making my first purchase from Too Timid last month things have already started looking up. However, there are some things on the website that I'm looking at. Outside of that, I just want to spend quality time with my man making unforgettable memories. Thank you ladies for this opportunity to win a gift card, and also for making helpful videos to encourage and make your customers feel confident with their purchases. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY
Date 2/14/2018
Starting last Saturday I have sent my wife an e-mail everyday with tips to improve our sex life. To top it all off, Saturday night, since we wont have our son, I am giving my wife a Romantic-Erotic scavenger hunt. Every stop will have an item to bring to the final location (the bedroom) where she will be welcomed by music, candlelight and a wooden treasure chest with 52 romantic coupons (one for every week), a satin sleep shirt, and our new wand that was recommended by the girls at Too Timid. For every guy out there, make this Valentine night a special for the one you love. To the women, I hope you find happiness on this Valentine's day and many more to come. ;-)
Date 2/15/2018
We had to postpone the romance due to a bladder infection the night before.However we did go out to eat.I have promised that when she is well,I will cook her favorite(Coconut Shrimp)and a shower togther followed by a nice looooong massage.She already has to fight me away from going down on her.??
Date 3/17/2018
12GAUGE Kevin just read what your thoughts were/are. FMAAH that is HOT.
I have to remember to cum here when I am totally in the groove of getting RIMMED. I. Am. Horny.

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