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8 Best Toys For a Squirting Orgasm

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Women's Issues

8 Best Toys For A Squirting Orgasm

The elusive squirting gspot orgasm is something that all women want to experience and try desperately to achieve. Some women, few women, can do this fairly naturally, while the rest of the female population seems to struggle in this area. We all hear how fantastic this orgasm is, and how it is the end-all of orgasms. Then, we go in search of it, sometimes becoming too frustrated to achieve it. The fact is, not all women can squirt even if the planets align and the waters part (I know, dramatic). However, many women can find their G-Spot orgasm and squirt and sometimes this happens not with a partner, but with a toy (and sometimes a toy AND a partner). There are many toys designed to help with a G-Spot orgasm and here are the top 8.

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#1. G-Spot Glass Dildo

The important thing to remember about G-Spot penetration is that it has to be constant and FIRM. The G-Spot requires a lot of direct stimulation to get to the point of ejaculation. Therefore, toys which are firm, not flexible, and curved tend to be the best options.

This glass toy has both characteristics. The ergonomic curve makes it easy to hold and use for direct stimulation, either side can be used (the more cone-shaped tip or the ball shaped base), and it is smooth and sensual and will feel amazing inside. Simply find your "spot" and keep the stimulation with the toy as long as you can, feeling the buildup. Click here to see this toy in detail!

#2. Silicone G-Spot Massager - 20 Function

Silicone massagers are great for G-Spot stimulation because they are soft, smooth and firm, but they are also slightly flexible. This particular massager is also waterproof which makes it ideal for shower or tub play. The 20 functions of vibrations will help you to find the stimulation that is just perfect for you. The curved tip, and the concentrated vibrations, will combine to give you fantastic pressure and hopefully build you to the big O. Click here to see this toy in detail!

#3. Amore Enhanced Ultimate G-Spot Vibe

The thing about G-Spot stimulation is that while you need to keep constant pressure on the G-Spot, you also usually have to provide clitoral stimulation as well. It helps to build to a solid orgasm. This silky-smooth silicone wonder goes INSIDE for spectacular and pinpointed G-Spot stimulation and also sits atop the clitoris for that coveted and much needed external stimulation as well. The external end has control buttons so that you can easily direct yourself to the most pleasing vibration settings. Click here to see this toy in detail!

#4. She Vibe

This extremely unique G-Spot toy has some fantastic characteristics including 3-point stimulation. Not only will it stimulate the G-Spot with a firm, silicone, bulbous head, but it will also stimulate the clit and the taint / anal area. With various vibration settings this item is sure to arouse to the point of orgasm and most hopefully a squirting G-Spot orgasm. Click here to see this toy in detail!

#5. Crush Sugar Plum

Sometimes simple is the best way to go, and the Crush Sugar Plum is just that. Made of silky silicone, this simple, curved vibrator with a realistically shaped "head" will deliver you all the pleasure you want right on the place you want it. With easy to use function buttons on the end you can insert and play all day. With just the right rigidity and the special G-Spot curve you will be able to direct the pleasure where it counts. Click here to see this toy in detail!

#6. Shane's World Freshmen Frenzy

Sometimes bigger isn't better and smaller does the job. Since the G-Spot is a mere 2-3 inches inside your vagina, it makes sense that a smaller toy could reach the spot just perfectly. This toy is small but powerful, with various vibration levels. It has a nice, textured shaft for internal stimulation outside of the G-Spot, and has a nice, thick, curved tip to hone right in on the bullseye. Click here to see this toy in detail!

#7. GIGI 2

This little miracle toy has a few functions that will really help you to achieve that squirting O. Firstly, it is smooth, sensual silicone and waterproof. Secondly, the tip is not only curved, but flattened on top to provide pin-point precision when it comes to stimulating your spot. Thirdly, it has 8 different functions to find just the perfect combo of strength and speed to get her motor running. Click here to see this toy in detail!

#8. COMBO with Original Magic Wand

One thing that will greatly enhance your chance of having a squirting orgasm is being very, very, very aroused and having many orgasms before you try to have a G-Spot O. The magic wand toy is the most powerful vibrator out there and it can bring you to orgasm repeatedly and quickly. When you combine this with, well, any other good G-Spot toy then you have a sure recipe for success. Use the wand before internal stimulation, then use it after you have spent some time on your special spot. It is worth it to double up to get the results you want. Click here to see this toy in detail!

What Helps You Squirt? Let Us Know Below!


Date 9/14/2018
a wand!!! I'm so glad you guys listed one because nobody believes me but all it takes for me is a powerful wand massager!!
Date 9/14/2018
I've actually never squirted. I've tried so many ways both alone and with my partner but I just can't seem to do it :/ I'm gonna try a glass dildo next
Date 11/9/2018
I always thought when this squirting happened I was actually peeing. I went on youe website to ask about it and behold you had the answer already thank you. I also just yesterday ordered bursting warming lotion I cant wait to get it.
Date 1/27/2019
Tammy Smith
I learned a lot from this. In fact, learned enough to spend a long time in my bed today with plenty of lube and a couple of G-spot vibes. I had 5 G-spot orgasms today, and when I go to bed tonight, I think I'll try for a few more! I'm addicted. I don't squirt, I gush like a river. Fortunately, I had put a cloth incontinence pad on my bed before I started my playdate with myself. By the time I finished, it was soaked. I have MS and had spine surgery 4 years ago. Ever since the spine surgery, I've been unable to climax from my shower massager, which used to work for me every time, usually more than once per shower. Even stimulating my clit with my fingers or a toy didn't always lead to a dlimax. It was frustrating! But today was amazing! I did get myself very aroused before stimulating my G-spot, and I took my time. Let's just say I'm thankful that the G-spot does exist! Now I know I can have orgasms, as long as I have enough time to get there. I'll probably be purchasing more G-spot vibes in the future, just to see which ones I like best. Oh, happy day!

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