Glass Sex Toys - FAQ's

Sensation play and glass toys are the seductive combination you've been looking for. Glass dildos are not only beautiful in their appearance, but they offer a stimulation unlike any other sex toy material! Glass dildos are great for use between partners because they are multi-functional and easily sterilized for safe sexual fun. You can also bring a bullet into the equation for extra stimulation. Learn How to Use a Bullet Vibrator and experiment by yourself or with a partner!

FAQ: Our Expert's Answers About Glass Dildos

Glass is one of the few adult sex toy materials that is truly body safe and friendly for anyone with sensitive skin. Glass sex toys are body-safe and hypoallergenic. So, if you have known or suspected allergies to certain sex toy materials, reduce the risk of irritation with a luxury glass massager!

Although when you first think of glass your mind probably immediately thinks of glass shattering, but that is not the case when it comes to glass sex toys. These toys are extremely durable and have been created with non-porous glass ensures each toy’s durability. With proper care, your glass sex toy should last you quite a long time.

One exciting way to experiment with your new glass dildo is temperature play. Unlike many other sex toy materials, glass dildos are waterproof and capable of holding temperatures for kinky sexual thrills you can't get anywhere else! Heat up your glass toy under warm water or cool it under cold water to experience the erotic sexy masturbation thrills you seek.

Absolutely, as a matter of fact most of the glass toys are shaped like a tapered dildo with the goal of hitting your G-Spot. Glass dildos are the type of toy we typically recommend if you are interested in squirting because the material allows you to apply the pressure your G-spot needs in order to squirt. We’ve created a guide, How to Squirt With a Vibrator or Dildo, so if you want to learn more from our experts that is a great place to start!

Our complete guide, How to Clean Sex Toys, has a video as well as a quick overview on how to clean your dildo! Luckily, glass dildos don’t come with batteries so you don’t need to be extra careful about that. Just make sure to wash areas of the sex toy that are insertable or that make contact with your body with adult toy cleaner and warm water.

Here at TooTimid we always recommended using lubricant during any sexual act. Water based lube is the most popular and would work well with glass material. However, if you’re looking to explore with anal play, silicone lubricant is the best option.

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