Gifts For Her

Looking for a few sexy gifts for her? For your favorite lady’s sexual pleasure, we’ve collected our most popular sex toys for women and other products that will enhance her orgasms. What could be a nicer Christmas present? We have a wide variety of devices designed for maximum enjoyment, with your choice of material, textures, speeds and other features. Use our search filters to narrow down the selection to exactly what you’re looking for to give your female partner the ideal holiday sex toy gift to heighten her enjoyment. 

Top Quality Dildos and Vibrators Choose from dual action rotating vibrators, realistic dildos that mimic the real thing, waterproof vibrators, clitoris teasers, gyrating tongues and more. These sexy toys are made from various materials like rubber/jelly, elastomer, plastic and silicone. They’re available in a mind-boggling array of colors and styles that will tease her sweet spots and tickle her fancy.

For more discreet stimulation, we have our extremely popular vibrating silver bullets and weighted balls. The silver bullet is a small delight. It vibrates at different speeds and can be used for internal or external stimulation. Our silver weighted pearls, originally known as Ben Wa balls in Asian sexual traditions, are used inside the vagina for sexual stimulation as well as for strengthening the Kegel and pelvic floor muscles. These are sleek, stylish ways to enhance sexual sensations.

For her holiday pleasure (and for her pleasure all year long), we have various creams that increase stimulation and arousal, plus super-moisturizing cream for a smooth shave — anywhere and everywhere. These safe-to-use creams will have her all smooth, tingly and very happy. If she’s “too timid” to order these products herself, but you know she’ll love them, surprise her this holiday season! All our TooTimid products are sent discreetly.

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