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Have your sex and eat it too when you shop for erotic edible products at Too Timid. We love that these oils, creams, lubes and more can make your sex life more delicious than ever. You won't be able to resist your partner when you incorporate some of these stimulating products into your foreplay or sex sessions.

From edible massage oils that start the night off on the right foot to flavored lubes that make oral sex simply divine, you'll love experimenting with these edible adult products with your partner.

If other sexual lubes and massage oils aren't your style, you may discover that you adore these products when they're flavored with delicious tastes. From fruity strawberry and green apple flavors to rich notes of chocolate and vanilla, you'll be amazed at how truly tasty these products can be. Better yet, they make your partner more delicious, too. You'll want to trace every inch with your tongue once you break out these bottles of edible lubes and oils in the bedroom. This is just the thing you need to spark your passion and enjoy exploring each other's bodies in new ways. In addition to our popular massage gels and lubricants, you'll also find yummy nipple arousal gels, chocolate mold kits and even edible panties, all of which can make your sex play more exciting than ever before.

Make sex sweet and start craving your partner in a whole new way with these edible intimate products from Too Timid. These products have been hand-selected by our staff to help enhance your sex life and bring you more sensual pleasure. If you're not sure which product to choose, feel free to contact us at any time for more info or a recommendation. Your order will be billed and shipped discreetly, so you can even surprise your partner with one of these super-sexy gifts.

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