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Classix Remote Control Bullet

Classix Remote Control Bullet

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Part Number:PD1902-12###

You Can't Go Wrong With This Classic Sex Toy!

  • Small and discreet size
  • Delivers pinpoint internal or external stimulation
  • Smooth and sleek shape slides in anywhere
  • Easy-to-adjust multi-speed dial
  • Use for self-love or with a partner
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    Classic Power, Classic Pleasure! 

    Compact, quiet, and perfect for all experience levels from beginner to advanced, this powerful bullet vibe delivers amazing stimulation internally or externally!  Slide the dial for just the right level of stimulation for amazing self-pleasuring or even better intercourse!

    Everyone needs a bullet vibrator in their collection because they're simple, versatile, and packed with power! This Classix Bullet is no exception, with its smooth and sleek rounded shape that slides into all of your favorite spots, and its handy remote control for amazingly-strong vibration levels you or a partner can control!

    Slide this little vibe into your panties for quiet and discreet self-pleasure nearly anywhere you want to play or use it on your clit or nipples during penetration for intense combined stimulation you and your partner will both love! Use a low setting to tease his shaft or balls during foreplay, then let him experience the sensations as you use it on yourself during penetration!

    Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included)
    NOTE: Opening it can be a little tricky, pull up on the C-shaped latch to open the battery compartment! If you have an questions, contact our Customer Service team!






    Insertable Length:




    Vibrator Strength:


    Vibrator Noise Level:

    Quiet to Normal


    2 AA
    5 Stars
    Baby’s First Bullet
    I’ve never actually used a bullet before, but I figured, hey, why not just give one a shot? I never even really knew how to use them, but it turns out, this one’s very versatile!

    I opened this as soon as I got it; the packaging was a bit squished, but really as long as it protects the toy, I don’t care a whole lot. The toy itself was in pristine condition. It has a nice dial to decide how much vibration you want, and the lowest is still pretty darn strong. I was actually pleasantly surprised. The dial section is pretty unimpressive plastic, so I didn’t expect a whole lot out of it to be honest, and the batteries were quite a chore to get in – don’t leave them out if you think you’ll use it later in the heat of the moment! It can completely ruin the mood; but once they’re in, it’s great.

    The range of vibrations was surprising. The highest was really strong, much stronger than my other vibrators, and I was very pleased with that. I like a stronger vibration, personally; even if you don’t like it too strong, the lowest is really easy to get used to and very pleasant.

    The cord is really solid so far, and you could use the bullet vaginally or anally as well as just on your clit; that also means that those with prostates could use it to pleasure themselves, I imagine! Like I said, the vibrations are really impressive. You can of course also use it for play on your nipples or anywhere else that makes you feel good! The cord is also longer than I expected, so you could probably give it to your partner while you watch a movie or something and it wouldn’t be too weird or stretched.

    I’d probably recommend this for someone who’s looking for their first experience with a bullet, the way I was. It’s a great way to get into it, especially with the low price tag! You really get a lot of bang for your buck (did I fit in all the “bullet” puns yet?). I bet bullet veterans would love it, too, but again – not in the water! You’d probably want a cordless one for that.

    Did you find this helpful?  7 of 8 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from USA. on 7/17/2014
    4 Stars
    Great beginner
    The first thing I noticed is the length of the cord, I have had a few bullets with short cords this one has a longer cord which makes it easier to use by yourself and with a partner. You can use it on nipples, to yours or your partners clit, to a man's shaft and balls without having to move the whole toy. If you are using it by yourself, put it on your stomach and then use the bullet wherever you want, that is what I do while using it alone.

    This is great for a beginner because the less intense vibrations are great and if you are one that needs a little more power this will work for you as well. With the sliding movement to change the intensity of the vibrations it makes it easy to use. It is also quiet the noise increases a little as you increase the intensity of the vibrations.

    The negative that I noticed is how to open it to put batteries in, it is all made of plastic and you have to lift up the plastic tab, it is difficult to open and with too much force it could break off and if it would break you wouldn't really be able to use the bullet because the batteries would fall out. If you are careful with opening it then it wouldn't be a big concern because the intensity and ease of the toy over power the difficulty of opening it lol.

    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Wisconsin. on 7/9/2014
    4 Stars
    I love bullets. They are my favorite type of sex toy because I need clitoral stimulation in order to cum, but also because they are just so versatile. By yourself, with a partner, lying down, standing up, inserted not inserted....definitely the switch hitter of the sex toy family!

    The packaging was very discreet and the toy arrived in mint condition. I popped it right of of the packaging with no issues (packaging rage is so not fun, especially when it's a sex toy), opened the compartment and tried to get the batteries in. It is a tight fit for the batteries and I broke a nail getting them in there :( That said, the controller is a good size for usage, not too big or unwieldy, and fit in the palm of my hand very well.

    I put the bullet right on my clit and slid the slider up slowly so I could get a feel for how powerful it was going to be. I got to my personal vibrating comfort zone about halfway up the slider, but as I started to get more excited I slid the control all the way to the top. I came almost instantly due to the intense vibration, which surprised me. Usually I need a lot more lead time but the full intensity of this bullet is quite powerful. I recommend this toy for beginners and experts alike, but caution beginners to really get a feel for your intensity threshold before sliding the slider all the way to the top!

    The bullet itself is a good shape, thought it's a bit shorter and blunter with more rounded ends than other bullets I've had. It didn't affect it's performance at all, however. The cord length was too short, in my opinion. For personal use it was okay, but I think it would negatively impact usage with partner.

    Battery life is a concern with all battery powered toys and this one is still doing quite well. I used the bullet twice the day I received it and twice the next day. The vibrations the fourth time were as strong as the first time!

    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Fredericksburg, VA. on 7/15/2014
    4 Stars
    Because they were so cheap, I bought 2 I require the highest intensity and these suckers have it. They blew me away!Unfortunatelt, they don't last long. At this point, they are both broken. The wire became faulty quickly, so I'm on here looking to repurchase. They were that good!
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Upper Darby. on 5/3/2017
    5 Stars
    the best
    i have owned many toys and even sold them as well. the bullet is a must to have. this one is special since it has the variable speed control. i will never own another one with lo and hi speeds only. this particular one is SOOO powerful. You get ALOT for little money. I would have paid $30 for it!
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from lil town. on 6/12/2015
    5 Stars
    Classic Remote Control Bullet
    This is the second one I've had of this same toy. I wore the other one out although it lasted a lot longer than others I've had.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Lakeside, CA. on 10/6/2015
    4 Stars
    Great Things - Small Packages
    Don't let looks deceive you, this little guy packs a punch. At first glance, it is rather unimpressive since it is made of a hard plastic material but once you get going, that wont matter. The battery compartment is a bit of a hassle and though I usually take batteries out when not in use, these ones will be staying in. Definitely do not try to place them in a pinch, it takes a bit more work than that. This bullet provides a range of pleasure from average to strong. Its top setting is very powerful and great for any one who enjoys a strong vibe, while its lowest setting is enjoyable for any one. My only complaint about the Classix Bullet, other than having difficulties placing the batteries, is that it can be rather loud. It is pretty quiet on the lower settings but the higher the setting, the louder it is. I was a bit worried about how 'discreet' I was being while testing its strength. In all, this is a wonderful product and probably my best vibe. I would recommend this toy for anyone who enjoys a good vibration.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. on 7/30/2014
    4 Stars
    At first glance, this cute purple bullet looks innocent, but after using it, you'll look at it differently!

    It's small, quiet and features an easy to use slide control which allows you to choose the level of vibration with ease. The bullet itself is smooth and slippery when wet, making it easy to slide around and find your perfect spot. The battery compartment seems a little delicate so be gentle when inserting or removing the batteries.

    Since I enjoy a lot of vibration on my clit, I started out with the speed all the way on and was surprised at how intense it was. I turned it down just a bit and found the level I liked. When I couldn't take it anymore, and that didn't take long, I cranked it all the way up and...BAM!

    Because of the range of vibration speed, this toy is great for beginners or those who like that prolonged build up to reach orgasm. This toy will become part of my regular line up for sure.

    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Hampshire. on 7/14/2014
    5 Stars
    Amazing! I love the settings it is very easy to control. My husband absolutely enjoyed it too.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Mt. on 2/15/2019
    4 Stars
    Good vibes
    Good, powerful bullet. The remote is VERY cheap so handle with care
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Gaithersburg. on 5/3/2017
    5 Stars
    Great First Bullet
    What a great little toy. I've never had or used a bullet before and wasn't quite convinced that I would like one as I have to have strong vibration to climax. But I wasn't let down by the Classix Bullet. When I first opened the package I have to say that I was skeptical. I loved the purple immediately but other then that there was nothing "fancy" about it.

    I believe my favorite part about the bullet is is the slide control for the intensity of the vibration. It's an easy way to find the exact speed that you want without having to try and figure out numbers or buttons. I also love that there is no pulsing options as I feel that that wouldn't be necessary with this toy. The exterior of the bullet is smooth which I love. It slides very nicely when wet. Lol. It also makes clean up a breeze.

    I used the bullet with my bf the first couple times and it was a great teaser for us both. The cord is not incredibly long so you don't have to worry about it getting tangled while in "play" mode. Nor is it too short that it's difficult to maneuver. This little cutie only takes 2 AA batteries but that doesn't stop it from delivering a nice strong sensation at its full speed. At the modest price that this bullet is sold for, I would think that it would be a great first time bullet for anyone!

    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from KY. on 7/22/2014
    5 Stars
    simple fun
    I got the classix remote control bullet recently and I really liked it because you can control the vibrations or in my case your partner can. I used this with my partner. He had me close my eyes and ran it over different areas of my body at different speeds. I loved not knowing where I would feel it next. This was great for breast or clitoral stimulation but I didnt like it as much inserted vaginally because of its small size but over all I was really satisfied with it. I think this would be a great first toy or also for some one who is very familiar with toys as it gets the job done like i said its great for clitoral stimulation. we are going to try using it with a c ring and see how that goes cause it was a lot of fun the first time we used it. i like that it has a remote its not the push button kind it makes it easier to adjust the speed without too much effort. I would highly recommend this products its small compact and it has a fair price tag.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from lebo kansas. on 7/16/2014
    4 Stars
    The first thing I noticed when I received the bullet was the discreet packaging. I live in a busy apartment building and was worried about carrying a package through the entire building. Its plain packaging could have been anything, only I knew the pleasure waiting inside.

    Since I've never had a bullet before the price is perfect for trying it out, to see what they are all about. The bullet size itself is good, easy to get in just the right place, and the cord is long enough for a partner to take control. Perfect for a beginner. And, with enough speed variation even a more advanced user could enjoy it. And, the slide button is big enough so that when you are in that big moment and either need more or less vibration you aren't fumbling around trying to find the control.

    And even all the way turned up it's still quiet enough to not be heard over the fan. Definitely something I appreciate with neighbors or a roommate just a wall away.

    Clean up is a breeze, the Bullet is not waterproof, but the rigid plastic cleans up easy with a wet rag or a quick rinse with soap and water. And, the plastic won't pick up lint or debris while not in use, making it a fast go to toy.

    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Portland Or. on 7/14/2014
    5 Stars
    A Bullet to Call My Own
    This bullet is amazing. I was super excited to receive this toy. I am a huge fan of clitoral stimulation and an even bigger fan of strong vibrators. Let me just say this toy is by far the strongest one I have had the pleasure of playing with. It is so powerful that I have not even had to have it on full power. And it can make me cum in less than 2 minutes, which is not an easy feat.

    The control for this delightful little pleasure device is ingenious. I really dislike having to mess around with buttons and trying to figure out which one does what. This one is simple and amazing. It is so easy to slide the lever up and down to help tease the clit.

    I used this by myself and had no issue operating it (besides the super tingly feeling in my hand from the power). I did not even need to warm up, I just turned on some porn and went to town! It is a really simple design and would be great for beginners to experts. I would even recommend it for couples. I cannot wait to try this with the husband.

    There are not very many downfalls to this beautiful little pleasure device. With that being said, I do wish the cord was a little longer. It is fine when I use it myself but might pose a problem if using it with a partner, especially since I like to be in control of the power.. The only other complaint is not being waterproof. I do love to mess around while relaxing in the bath and I would definitely not use this toy for that. Other than that I would definitely order this again.

    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Liberty, Missouri. on 7/14/2014
    4 Stars
    Love it!
    Great for those of us just beginning to use toys! I am new at the whole toy experience and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new bullet. I have teenagers who frequently bring in the mail, so I was pleased that it arrived in a discreet package.

    I was excited to get the bullet out and use it! I had my batteries all ready to go and found it was a bit difficult to open the battery compartment. I felt that it needed to be opened carefully to avoid breaking the hinges. With batteries in place, I promptly turned it on. The slide control for the speed setting was easy to use. It went from a low hum to a fast buzz! I especially loved the setting just below top speed. It provided a very pleasurable pulse!

    This bullet is quiet and using it under the covers practically made the sound disappear. After just a couple minutes of running, the bullet developed a slightly warm feel to it. The warmth coupled with the pulsating vibrations on my clit brought me to orgasm quickly!

    I was pleased with the performance of this classic bullet! Since it is compact in size, I plan to carry it in my purse for a mid-day pick me up! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for their first toy.

    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Kansas. on 7/13/2014
    4 Stars
    Bullet Envy
    The bullet has always been a "go-to" favorite for me and this one doesn't disappoint. Every woman should own one. Perfect first choice for beginners to choose to start their collection, as it is both simple and effective. Priced for almost any budget, easy to use, store, clean and travel with.This is a great product for both solo use and for use with your partner and the list of variations is endless, so be creative :) Good for both internal and external stimulation during masturbation, foreplay or intercourse on clitoris, nipples, on your guy and wherever!

    Some great features are cord length which is great for using it in a variety of positions and areas. I love multiple stimulation during sex, so I particularly enjoy using this and being in control of it while involved in doggie style or anal positions. Unbelievable results! WOW! Also being able to control the intensity is a plus. For me, it worked like a charm within seconds. I usually prefer more of a higher intensity toy (C battery), but this AA toy did not disappoint.

    This one stays under my pillow.

    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Boston. on 7/13/2014
    5 Stars
    Endless Bullet
    I was excited to get the bullet & try it ! My husband & I have used it every night since I got it trying different things to see what we liked ! The cord length was awesome ! I have other bullets that the cords aren't very long on. I love the fact of the speeds little vibration to a lot of vibration (my favorite) !

    The first night I got it I had to use it ! I put it in me & turned it on and instantly I was enjoying it then my husband joined in playing with it while it was inside me but what really pushed me over the edge was letting it in me while we were going at it, his thrusting and the vibration really did it (I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner tho)!!!! This is also a good one to use on your clit while you or your partner is playing else where. It is also good for anal too if you are into that ! I've left it in there and on while we were going at it and my husband loves the feeling just as much as I do !!! This bullet is good for a beginner but is also good for an expert too ! The only thing is you may want to keep extra batteries on hand !!!! Enjoy !

    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Glen Campbell. on 7/13/2014
    5 Stars
    Beginners This Is For You
    I really like this toy. This bullet is great for beginners. The vibrations start light and gradually intensify. I use this bullet with my boyfriend I love that it has a long cord. Some bullets have short cords but this is not the case with this one. With the longer cord redirecting the bullet was easy. For this bullet to be the price it is, it works wonders. The control is very easy to use just a slight push up or down. For beginners this toy is a must, for more experience it's great to spice things up a little. The only thing I thing I a problem with this toy is opening. So, be careful opening case where batteries go. My boyfriend had to open for me cause I could not open it but he almost broke it.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Tuscaloosa, Al. on 7/9/2014

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