7 New Quiet Sex Toys & Tips To Keep Them Quiet

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Discretion is important, and that's why we have a variety of ultra-quiet sex toys. We have recently released 7 luxurious and quiet sex toys to our store. Whether the walls in your home are thin, you need a toy you can use on-the-go, or you just don't want an overly loud stimulator, check out these discreet sex toys!

But First, Some Tips To Make Them Even Quieter

We know that if you're reading this article, you want to make sure your sex toy is as quiet as possible. So, even though we are recommending some of our most discreet toys - there are still a few other things you can do to make sure you are keeping things on the down low. One idea is to have some kind of other noise in the background that masks any vibration sound. So, maybe turn on some music that you enjoy or turn on a sound machine with white noise. Just something that helps to cover up the noise. Another option, as long as your toy is waterproof, is to take your sex toy into the shower with you. The running water will drown out some of the noise. Check out the blog linked below for more advice on quieting your toys.

7 New Quiet TooTimid Toys


This new Textured Vibrating Cock Ring is a perfect toy to help you maintain a harder erection, while at the same time stimulating your partner anally or vaginally. The smooth silicone allows this cock ring to easily stretch around the base of the penis. The light vibrations make this an exciting toy for both partners and keeps things quiet so nobody else has to know.

Black matte double cock ring with tongue teaser for clit sitmulation

Now let's take things up a notch from the first cock ring, this is our new Double Cock Ring that also includes a vibrating tongue teasing extension. The double cock ring wraps around the base of the penis and around the testicles to ensure an enhanced erection. Meanwhile, the vibrating tongue will sit right on the clit so each partner receives maximum pleasure.

Teal dual vibrator made of silicone for gspot and clit stimulation

Coming up next we've got our new Dual Action Vibrator. Perfect for quiet masturbation or quiet play with a partner. Great for beginners or experienced users, this dual-action vibe helps you to achieve intense climaxes quickly!

Vibrating black matte anal beads for anal stimulation

Next, we've got our Vibrating Anal Bead Set. This is an anal toy that is great for beginners but can also be amazing for those of you who have experience with anal toys already. Insert the beads anally and gently remove as you orgasm to intensify your body's reaction. The 10 vibrating functions allow you to keep the vibrations nice and quiet for some under the radar play.

Teal colored kegel balls to strength vaginal muscles

This one's specifically for those of you with female parts, these are our newest set of Vibrating Kegel Balls. Kegel balls are used to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor to enhance your orgasms. Insert the kegel balls and play with the 10 different quiet vibrations to find what's best for you. Maybe rub a vibrating bullet against your clit to give yourself some dual stimulation.

Teal vibrating dual stimulator with ridges for extra stimulation on the gspot

Speaking of dual stimulation, here is our new release Dual-Action G-Spot Vibrator. I know I showed you a dual-action vibe before, but this one was created specifically with a curve to hit your G-spot in just the right way while also stimulating your clit. If you enjoy G-spot & clit stimulation but your current toy is a little too loud, give this one a try.

Teal gspot vibrator with bulbous curved tip created specifically to hit your gspot

Alright, last but not least, our newest G-spot Vibrator. This flexible and luxurious toy was created to hit your G-spot, but it doesn't have to end there. This vibrator can be used as a clitoral stimulator too or you can use it to stimulate your nipples before using it internally. The flexibility and 10 vibration functions really make this a very versatile toy that you can have some serious fun with.

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