10 Most Discreet & Quiet Vibrators At TooTimid

Shhhhhh! Your "solo" time should be just that, YOURS. If you want to enjoy sensations of a vibrator, but you don't want anyone to know what's going on down under, then read on to see our most discreet vibrators that TooTimid has to offer!

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1. Paris Nubby Clit Teaser

The Paris Nubby is the clit vibe to end all clit vibes. As a best seller on TooTimid.com, the nubby rotates and vibrates to please your clit! The pulsations of this petite bad boy are strong enough to bring you to orgasm, but once pressed against you, the sound muffles, so that you can gush for hours in the discreet comfort of your room with no interruptions!

2. Silicone G-Spot Rabbit

This dual ended stimulator is sure to rock your sexy socks. Delivering intense stimulation to both the clit and your G-spot, the Silicone G-Spot Rabbit has everything you need and isn’t sacrificed by a loud tumble! The soft clit ticklers on this toy are rounded and flat to pinpoint the right amount of pressure to have you using it all night long.

3. Satisfyer 2 Next Generation

The Satisfyer 2 is sure to satisfy. Its small hole sends small waves of vibration and pulsation to stimulate your clit, or any other erogenous zones you wish you use it on. The motor on this toy is strong, but extremely quiet for your privacy. The best part is that it doesn't even look like a sex toy, you can fool anyone into thinking it's a drier, or a face brush!

4. Layla’s Lipstick Vibe

What’s more discreet than a vibrator that looks like makeup? The Layla's Lipstick Vibe is great for any woman looking to really take vibes on the go in your purse or travel bag. This powerful pocket vibe packs a punch, but appears like a tube of your favorite lipstick; cute and innovative.

5. My Private O Vibe

Much like the lipstick vibe, My Private O Vibe is as discreet as it gets. With an ultra muffled motor, but strong vibrations, it's an easy to use toy that'll have you enjoying orgasms in privacy any time! It's tapered tip is designed to hit your G-spot when inserted, or to send pinpoint, explosive vibrations to your clit!

6. Miracle Mini Massager

The concentrated power and effect of a regular full size wand, in small compact size! The Miracle Mini Massager has a flexible neck and soft silicone material to give you the most sensual experience in the palm of your hand. You can store this toy in the smallest of places and is great to travel with.

7. Silver Bullet

Another Pink B.O.B. toy that is sure to have the force and intensity that would woo any woman. The Silver Bullet is shaped just like an actual gun bullet, discreet right? The sharp vibrations of this tiny powerhouse are sure to please without making too much of a ruckus!

8. Heated Whisper Bullet

Okay okay, hear me out. Quiet and temperature control? ahh! The Heated Whisper Bullet is designed to deliver discreet, but powerful vibrations, all the while letting you experiment with sensation play. This tiny bullet has heat settings to warm you up and give you a new kind of stimulation on your sweet spots.

9. Lia Dreamer

A dream indeed it is, after all, you don't find this powerful of vibes in such a small toy this often. The Lia Dreamer is the perfect discreet G-spot vibrator. The tapered, round tip firs comfortably into the curve of your G and delivers the intensity needed to get you to a climax like no other.

10. Her Secret Massager

Get the joys of continuous orgasms, accompanied by relief for your toughest places to reach from this little wand. The Her Secret Massager is the perfect on-the-go wand for massaging any aches and pains you have, and giving pleasure that will send you over the edge. The head is made of soft silicone to glide across your skin for anything you choose to use it for.

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