Our 8 Best Sex Toys For Virgins Experimenting For The First Time

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It may seem unlikely that a virgin would have interest in a sex toy because they haven’t had sex yet. But realistically, sex toys are absolutely fantastic for virgins. I know, I know…why would a virgin need a sex toy? If they have never had sex before, why do they need supplemental toys? Well, honestly, there are plenty of reasons a virgin might want to try sex toys.

If you are a virgin, you might want to explore your sexuality and learn what makes you feel good. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You may want to find out what areas of your body you enjoy and what penetrative sex might feel like before enjoying it with a partner. It makes a lot of sense for you to want to explore your sexuality before going out in the world and experiencing sex with a partner. It is empowering to know your own body before sharing it with others, so you should NOT feel any shame about looking into buying a sex toy if you’re a virgin.

Also, humans are curious beings, and most people masturbate before they ever have sex. So, if you are now curious – virgin or not – keep on reading!

Why Should I Use a Sex Toy?

If you are a virgin, why do you need a sex toy? Why not just wait until you have sex? Well, to be straight up, why on earth would anyone want to wait to give themselves really good self-pleasure until they are in a relationship? Why deny yourself from that while you're waiting for the special someone?

Sex toys are fantastic for any person, virgin or not. They are safe, discreet, provide pleasure, and will help you to maintain your virginity if you want to wait for the right relationship. They also will make you feel more comfortable with your sexuality. Getting to know yourself first before someone else does is a great way to learn more about what makes you happy! With all that, isn’t the question – why not try a sex toy?

The 4 Best Vibrators For Virgins

Penetration toys are great, but they aren't always the top choice for beginning virgins. There's a chance that you're nervous about full penetration, and if that's the case - that's okay! You can just keep sex toys on the outside of your body for now and start with a vibrator. I've listed a few of our favorite beginner vibrators below for you to check out.


Lust Rechargeable Wand

This Lust Silicone Wand is the smallest vibrating wand that we sell here at TooTimid. Not only is it the smallest, but it is one of the best selling toys on our entire website. And it's a best seller for a reason. It has 20 different vibration functions so you can cycle through and find what's perfect for you.

Image of silver bullet vibrator
This small Silver Bullet is an amazing place for a sex toy beginner to start out. The entire toy is only 3.5" long, so if size of toys intimidates you then this bullet is an amazing place to start playing around with the feeling of vibrations.

Hot pink small vibrator

Our Sorority Party Vibrator is easy to use and another perfect alternative for a beginner toy user. Use the vibrations to tease your nipples, clit or any other part of your body that feels good for you. If you want more, this vibrator can be inserted internally for a whole different kind of sensation. 


Purple butterfly gspot vibrator

Last but not least is our Butterfly Kiss Vibrator. Since you're just starting out, this toy might look a little intimidating but I promise it's small and much less intimidating when you're holding it. This toy is perfect to tease your clit and also give you a small amount of internal stimulation. The insertable length is only 3", which is exactly why it's so perfect for a beginner.

The 3 Best Dildos For Virgins

If you're feeling a little bit more experimental and have maybe already tried a vibrator on it's own and are looking to try something more realistic, it's time to test out your first dildo. To help you find the perfect beginner dildo, I've put together a list of our 3 best dildos for beginners.

The longest of the recommended dildos is 5" of insertable length, so I kept these on the smaller end for you. And, of course, you don't have to insert the whole thing. Start slowly and see how it goes. And, as always, remember to use lubricant.

Image of mini whopper dildo
First, I want to recommend our All American Curved Dildo. With realistic details and a G-Spot loving curve, you'll love exploring every inch of this mini dildo! Plus, it's one of the smallest dildos we sell in the store with an insertable length of 4.25" - so it's the perfect dildo for beginners.

Realistic purple dildo

Next up we've got our Purple Crystal DildoThis realistic dildo has a firm, but still flexible shaft. It also has a suction cup base, so again, you can stick it to the wall or a chair and ride it if you're feeling frisky. Plus, you can't go wrong with this fun purple color.


Realistic dildo with veins

Lastly, we've got our All American Mini Whopper. This toy is basically the straighter and slightly longer version of the first dildo I recommended. This dildo is flexible and with it's suction cup base, it's perfect for a fun time as a beginner.

If You've Got a Penis, We Didn't Forget About You!

Okay, so all you virgin penis owners, we know chances are your hand is getting all the action! But don't worry - there are plenty of options for you, too. Being a virgin doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some toys too. Give your hand a break and try a masturbation sleeve.

Masturbation sleeves are miracles and make masturbation feel so much more pleasurable! Realistic vaginas also add extra visual appeal to the masturbation sleeve. Their soft, stretchy texture is a totally different feel from your hands!

Masturbators provide tight suction as you slide in and out of them. Some have lips to mimic a mouth and blowjob, and some masturbation sleeves even vibrate for some extra good vibes. So, trade in the hand and lotion for a real masturbation sleeve. Add a masturbator to your self-pleasure game! Just make sure you also buy some lube, either silicone or water-based, depending on the material your masturbator is made out of. You'll definitely want some lube in order to easily slide right into the sleeve, trust me it'll be very helpful! Our #1 selling masturbator can be found here:

Recommended Toy: Head Honcho Masturbator

Pink realistic vagina masturbator

What Are Sex Toy Are You Going To Try?
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