How To Use Sex Toys If You Are A Virgin

It may seem impossible that a virgin would have any interest in a sex toy, when realistically, sex toys are absolutely fantastic for virgins. I know, I know…why would a virgin NEED a sex toy? If she (or he) has never had sex before, why do they need supplemental toys? The fact of the matter is that we as humans get curious and most people masturbate before they ever have sex. So, if you are now curious – virgin or not – you must keep on reading!


If you are a virgin, why do you need a sex toy? Why not just wait until you have sex? Why on earth would anyone want to wait to give themselves REALLY GOOD self-pleasure until they are in a relationship? Listen, sex toys are fantastic for any person, virgin or not. They are safe, discreet, provide pleasure, and will help you to maintain your virginity. They also will make you feel more comfortable with your sexuality; getting to know yourself first before someone else does is a great way to learn more about yourself! With all that, isn’t the question – why not?

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Penetration toys are great, but they aren't always the top choice for beginning virgins. Nervous about full penetration? Just keep them on the outside of your body! You can use Vibrators, Bullets and even Massage Wands all successfully for clitoral stimulation! 

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And you may be asking yourself WHY you would need to have a sex toy to masturbate with if you are a virgin. Why not just use your fingers like you have been? Well, because it feels AMAZING. Not to mention the chances of you having a faster and more powerful orgasm increase with vibrator play.


Vibrators are not the only items in the sex toy catalog. There are Pussy Pumps, Nipple Clamps, Clitoral Gels, and Oral Sex Replicating Toys! If you are going to explore the land of sexual pleasure, why not try a whole host of sex toys that are not used internally – or are used on different parts of your body, like your nipples! 

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Do you really think that you have to have a partner to try nipple clamps? Or that trying a pussy pump is something a “virgin” wouldn’t do? Guess again! Personal pleasure is just that – PERSONAL – and what you do in the privacy of your bedroom is your business! So explore and more!

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If you are a virgin guy, chances are your hand is getting all the action! But don't worry - there are plenty of options for you, too. Masturbation sleeves are miracles and make masturbation so much better! Realistic vaginas add an extra visual step to the masturbation sleeve. So, trade in the hand and lotion for a real masturbation sleeve! Just make sure you also buy some lube! You'll definitely want some in order to make it easier to slide right into the sleeve, trust me it'll be very helpful!

You may ask: "If my hand works just fine, why buy a masturbation sleeve?" Try one and you will NEVER ask that question again. Plus, it is a fun new experience and a different sensation that you have probably not experienced.

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