The Importance of Kissing in a Relationship

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There is probably nothing quite as powerful in a relationship – whether new or old –than a kiss. A kiss at the beginning of a relationship says, “I like you more than a friend” and the kisses following say, “I want you!” When in a relationship a kiss is often the first activity that leads to sex. A kiss can convey love. Kissing, in general, is the best way to initiate and maintain intimacy in a sexual relationship.

So, what is wrong with kissing? NOTHING! So why do so many couples tend to leave it out once in an established relationship? It is a mystery to me because when I am into someone I love to kiss. And kiss. And kiss. And KISS! You know that heated, takes your breath away, nibbling on your lips, feeling the butterflies kisses? Who would ever want to stop that? The fact is, it happens. Couples tend to become a bit familiar with their partner and go right for the bigger options like oral sex or the main event. It is quite the shame to leave out the kissing because kissing is very, very important in a relationship. Wanna know why? Read on!

In an article in Men’s Health, men who had erectile difficulties were interviewed on what helped their mild ED issues. Upwards of 75% said KISSING! When they engaged in some serious kissing with their partner their penises responded favorably. Why? They reported that it was a good warm up to get the blood flowing downward! Similarly, women also report that a good warm up session with some kissing tends toget them wetter and more prepared for intercourse. So the next time you think about skipping the kissing--think again! Kissing is a great warm up for sex for both men and women!

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As mentioned in the beginning of this article, kissing is an indication that we like our partner “more than a friend.” We almost can’t wait to lip lock them, right? Well, why do you no longer feel like kissing your partner? Has your attraction for them weaned? Do you no longer get the urge to feel their tongue dancing alongside yours? This is an indication that you may be losing attraction for your partner. If you are still attracted to your partner then show him or her by giving them a nice, long, juicy kiss! IF your partner no longer wants to do the tongue tango with you, it can make you feel unattractive and undesirable. So keep this in mind when you are ditching the kissing.

Kissing is an extremely intimate act. Kissing, actually, can be more intimate than sex. You wouldn’t want to kiss someone who you wouldn’t want to sleep with, would you? The intimacy I am talking about is more than sexual, it is romantic. Intimacy between two people connotes more than sex, but an actual concern and care for them. A sharing of one’s space and time and, ultimately, bodily fluids. When we are intimate with someone we set them apart from other persons in our lives. When we stop kissing, the intimacy in that relationship declines. We are no longer sharing that very special and romantic link with that person.

Imagine you are watching a movie. There is a couple in bed who are both reading. They turn to each other, say goodnight, and then roll over and turn off the lights. Does this seem “intimate” to you? Do they seem like they even like each other? What if that same couple were to jump into sex, no kissing, just sex. Would that seem normal? Would it seem like they liked each other or just wanted sex? How we behave with our partners in an intimate manner conveys how we feel about them. Taking kissing out of the relationship is a sure fire way to kill intimacy.

Kissing conveys so much meaning in a relationship. It helps a couple to “talk” on an unspoken level. Kissing can say, “I love you” as well as “I am sorry.” Kissing can help mend feelings after a fight. Kissing can tell your partner how you feel about them without uttering a word, and sometimes it is better to not say anything. When we kiss we hold our partner, caress them, stroke their face. This connotes feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires and even fears. Kissing is not just done with the lips, but the whole body. Kisses can be innocent or desirous. Kissing requires exploration of the other’s body and, can at times, be extremely erotic and downright naughty. Kissing shows moods and lets your partner know what it is you want or need. Slow kisses are romantic and flirty. Deep kisses are lustful and full of sexual promise. When we kiss our partner we talk in a language that is only between us and our partner. If you fail to kiss, then you lose that part of the conversation. Wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

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