10 Things Not To Worry About During Sex


Typically, women are "preppers" meaning that they believe in preparing themselves for sexual encounters. We feel that the more sexually attractive we make ourselves the better sex will be. Women also tend to be idealists, meaning, they believe in trying to make every event and situation the idealized version that we have in our heads. We may even stress ourselves out trying to achieve a certain level of perfection. The funny thing is, our partner's don't really care about most of it! Here are just 10 things that women worry about regarding sex that we really shouldn't care about.

1. Hair, Hair Everywhere

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Can you imagine having sex on a day that you did not shave your legs? Or, worse, your bikini area? Heaven forbid there is any stubble whatsoever during our sexual encounter. Many women will actually schedule their waxing appointments before they expect to have sex. While there is nothing wrong with being freshly shaven for sex, I promise your partner really doesn't even notice and they also don't care. If there is extra hair anywhere, it doesn't matter - they just want YOU.

2. I Need A Shower

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Many women want to be freshly showered before sex. Whether they just want to freshen up, feel that they are "dirty", or may think that their vaginas need a bit of washing up. The pre-sex shower is very common for many women. Here is the irony: your lover most likely actually likes the smell that you have after a long day or even some time at the gym! Your natural scent is arousing to them, and the longer you are in your skin, the stronger it gets.

3. I NEED My Makeup

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Oh the horror! Who would have sex without make up on? We can't possibly be attractive without our eyeliner, mascara, concealer, eye shadow or lipstick, can we? While our partner's do love how we look all dolled up, I can guarantee you that if they love you and are attracted to you - they are just as attracted to you, if not MORE attracted when you do not have make up on.

4. But My Hair Is In A Ponytail!

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Yes, we women like to do our hair. Curly, straightened, put in some elaborate up do, but sometimes we just have to be quick and simply put our hair up in a ponytail. Then we think what person would want to be with us if our hair isn't done? Guess what? A LOT OF THEM! Ponytails are sexy. Trust me. Hey, the pony allows for your lover to grab hold of it during sex, so go for it!

5. I Need To Be In Sexy Lingerie Or Panties

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Men and women both love lingerie. Lingerie makes us feel sexy and desirable. While men do love it when you put on your sexiest nighties, the fact is you do not need it for them to want to ravish you. Lingerie is a bonus, but trust me when I say you are just as sexy wearing his sports jersey as you are in a corset and heels.

6. I Haven't Brushed My Teeth

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Have you ever rolled over to face your lover in the morning and they reach over to kiss you and you think, "Ick, morning breath!" Guess what? They do NOT care! They just want to kiss you and your morning breath is not going to be a deterrent of that. Don't get up to brush your teeth, just kiss them and see where it goes.

7. My Coochy Smells

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Listen ladies, unless your vagina smells really bad (like Bacterial Vaginosis bad) and is accompanied by some unusual discharge, your vagina smells just fine. We women tend to think that there is an odor that someone will find unpleasing, but the truth is your partner loves how you smell and taste, so stop worrying ladies.

8. But I'm On My Period

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Is it your time of the month? Are you assuming that your partner doesn't want to have sex during your period? Guess what? Many men do not care at all about your period and would gladly have sex during your time of the month. So, again, just go for it! Period sex is actually supposed to feel amazing for the woman, so it's worth trying. I mean, avoid doing it on your heaviest bleed day, but on the days you're bleeding light - do it up!

9. I Have Too Much Cellulite

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We women are very conscious about any extra fat on our bodies. We worry about our little belly pooch, our chunky thighs, maybe the extra cellulite on our butts. We are super, hyper critical of all things related to our bodies. Guess what? Chances are that the person you're sleeping with doesn't even freaking notice these things! They can't tell you have gained 5 pounds nor do they care that you think your ass is fat. They want to have sex with you, they think you are sexy and they are not paying attention to the little flaws you are critiquing. 

10. But, The Kids Are Awake

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While many women would prefer to have sex when the kids have been sleeping for 4 hours at minimum, it's easier to just not overthink this. As soon as those kiddos are safely tucked into their beds, get ready for some nookie. Stop thinking that you need to wait until 4:00 am, once you know your Mommy duties are finished for the day, it is romance time as far as your partner is concerned. 

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  • Lisa

    Period sex! I used to be ewwww I feel horrible. I’m bleeding heavy, I have horrible cramps. Just leave me alone!! Then I met my 2nd husband. My darling readers – I tell you from experience- it’s time to dive in the Red Sea! Women- get a pirate. Men-be the pirate!
    Get a rubber baby crib sheet and old towels, or a thick old comforter, spread them on the bed and go for it. Lord help me it cleans you out, the cramps go away, the climax is out of the world (yes the bitchyness and bloating go out the window). And men? She will rock your world if you play your cards right with proper boob play. Yes they are tender but trust me, a boob massage (not pinching nipples, a massage- start soft and follow her moans). will start the ball rolling if she is hesitant. Just have that bed ready! Then jump in the shower and continue there (or start there!)

  • Chris

    With my current GF, i completely 100 percent agree with all 1 thru 10. This article was spot on for me. And as for the nay sayers. I don’t think it was the author’s intent to assume the lady would have a complete lack of hygiene. It’s just when us guys are really in the mood for sex all that little stuff does not matter at all. Yes ideally we want our women clean, smelling good and clean shaved, and looking beautiful but not 100 percent of the time.

  • Ryan

    I love your daily blogs and feel they are most of the time right on point BUT this one I know myself and most of the guys I know will disagree with most of them
    With the exception to 8-10. A smelly coochy, a No No. bad breath, no thank you , smelly sweaty, very rarely, hairy legs, not our bag.
    Period sex, I think it’s fine, the pony tail and make up, yea guys don’t care much about that
    But just thought I’d touch on all the hygiene issues that were mentioned
    Overall uou guys do a great job!

  • Callcal

    Sometimes wax stubble after a week or so on women hurts the male partner. Epically if she normaly would have a lot of hair (bushy) around her vagina. Is it just me or does any other males have this problem?

  • Calvin Tenhet

    Sometimes wax stubble after a week or so on women hurts the male partner. Epically if she normaly would have a lot of hair (bushy) around her vagina. Is it just me or does any other males have this problem?

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