6 Positions For Shower Lovin’

 What better place is there to get a little dirty than in the shower! Nothing says “do me” like mists of hot water streaming down your bodies, soapy hands exploring every naughty nook and cranny, and massage shower heads – OH MY YES! Shower sex is a favorite for many couples for various reasons and this article will address some fabulous positions for getting down and dirty in the shower! Just remember, soap can be slippery so always play safely and enjoy these 6 Positions for Shower Lovin'!

Doggy is probably the most popular shower position because, most times, there is a secure place to put your hands while he is doing you from behind. You can grab the side of the tub, the wall or, if you have a really nice shower set up, a little handrail or seat. Anyway you do it, doing shower doggy is super fun and sexy. Hot water spilling over both of you while he buries himself in from behind, holds your hips and goes to town!

One thing that is super sexy in a shower sex situation is for the man to take a seat and let her ride you! You can sit on the bottom of your tub, legs straight and let her hop on top. You can sit on the side of the tub and let her slide down onto you facing into the shower. Or, if you have those nifty shower seats, you can sit there and she can ride you and while you put the shower massager on her clit and your balls! Oh yes, shower sex while sitting is stupendous!

Spice Things Up And Add A Suction Cup To The Mix

The glory about shower sex is that there are walls to press your lover against and if you are the right height, the man can lift her leg, fold it over his arm and then dip slightly to enter her, slowly pumping into her while streams of water massage both of you. Just make sure she is a proper height so that she doesn’t fall down in the slippery shower!

Admit it, you have thought about it – having anal in the shower so there is less mess and easy clean up. Relax, this is a great place for anal play. You can opt for the doggy position or, my personal favorite, have the man sit on the side of the tub and the woman slides herself comfortably down on him while the water races over her body. The warm water is relaxing – which is important for anal. Just remember: you still need LUBE – cause anal is still anal even in the shower.

How To Have Safe Sex In Water
Oh you know you have one of those multi-speed handheld massagers in your shower, right? If not, you need to get one! Not only are they really great for neck and back tension, but they are a no-fail way to make your girl cum like a rocket! No kidding! Why do you think she spends so long in there? You can massage her whole body from top to bottom and then go back to the middle, hoisting her leg up and teasing her clit with the massaging wonders of that shower head! She will be begging to shower with you again and again. Now aren’t you glad you bought that shower head?
What is something wonderful to do after you are both squeaky clean and horny? Take a knee and have some oral sex of course! Either of you can sink to your knees in the shower and service your lover orally. This is especially nice for a woman who can prop a leg up on the side of the tub, giving her man more room to please her! Plus, if you are in the mood, you can add that handy shower massager in for some added fun! Now, don’t you want to go and buy a massager right now?!

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