VIDEO- What We Look For in a Date!

Watch Below As Our Sexperts Share Their Thoughts On What They Look For In A Date!
This week, our Sexperts Angela & Bethany sat down together to answer some questions about what they personally are looking for in a date. Both Sexperts are livin' the single life but, like most women, are very picky about the type of man they would go on a date with. They talk about everything from the physical/emotional attributes they are looking for in a man all the way to what a man could do on a date to turn them off. We've all been there, a guy passes all of our picky needs/wants and then we get to the date and he is on his phone the whole time or he is talking about his ex! Nobody wants that! So ladies, we are sure you relate to some of their opinions but everyone is different so please let us know what your own personal preferences are if you are deciding on whether or not to go on a date. Men, take note of what you can do to make sure your next date goes perfectly well!

What do you look for in a date? Comment below & let us know!!

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