5 Places On Her Body That Will Make Her Weak

There are times when a woman feels the desire to be intimate with her partner but does not want to fully reveal herself, or her body. Now, I’m not saying that foreplay should always be the beginning and end point of your passionate prowess, but it can be nice to slow things down a bit! Think of a time, probably closer to the beginning of your relationship, when sensual kissing, embracing, and touching felt incredible on its own. It’s time to get that feeling back in your bedroom, and learn some new skills along the way.

Get back to basics and remove the worry of the “big finish” by enjoying some sexy extended foreplay. We’ve come up with a list of 5 Places on Her Body That Will Make Her Weak, to arouse and satisfy her body. Don’t worry, if this leads to something a little more thrilling, we won’t be upset!

Not only is this the location where you may whisper sweet nothings, the ears are quite sensitive. Massaging, kissing, even nibbling a woman’s ears can arouse her instantly! The ears are kind of like a gateway to arousing her brain too. A little bit of dirty talk, or a question-and-answer session about what she wants you to do to her can be just the thing to make her weak with anticipation!

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Ladies know that their noggins are sensitive and love to be touched. We don’t just get our hair done to look good for you! Run your fingers through her hair from above her forehead all the way to the nape of her neck. As recommended with any sensual massage start slow and simple, then gradually change directions, speed up, and add in a little tug of her hair here and there!

If you’re going to be whispering in her ear and giving her a scalp-tingling head massage, then you must move on to the next place to make her shiver with sensation! The neck is another prime location for nibbling, kissing and sucking. Just be sure not to give her a hickey! Temperature changes can be equally as exciting. While you’re kissing her neck, let your warm breath wash over an area, then, give a quick lick and blow a little air to instantly cool her down!

Regardless of whether your lady sits at a desk or stands on her feet all day, her little piggies could use some attention. A pedicure isn’t just about painted toenails! Work your thumbs into the soles of her feet and give her a good massage. Interact with her feet like you would her neck. A little kiss here, a little tickle there will make her squirm. Part of the fun of you being at her feet, is her having to wait for you kiss her lips!

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Remember how we said that you should revert back to your early instincts and get back to your roots? Well there’s no place better to “get back to” than her lips! Remember that her lips aren’t just for pressing yours to! They can be touched with fingers, surrounded by cupping hands while you kiss, or licked in different patterns to add a little sizzle to your smooching.

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