8 Common Oral Sex Mistakes You Can Make While Eating Her Out

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Oral sex is an amazing thing. It’s exciting to receive it though sometimes the person doing the eating out get a little carried away and commits some major mistakes. We’ve listed eight mistakes below and also given you some pointers to improve your oral game.

First off, take your time, you’re not setting a land-speed record. You should know that women take a bit longer to get warmed up to reach orgasm. One minute of oral is definitely not going to get her there, plus what kind of lover speeds through pleasing their partner? Remember to take direction from her. If she tells you whatever you’re doing isn’t working, switch it up. Or if she is showing you with body language or by saying yes, yes, keep going, then KEEP GOING! Listen to her, after all she’s the one you’re trying to please!

Getting to know what your partner wants and enjoys takes time and practice. Watch her cues and body language. If she seems bored or is not enjoying herself, chances are you’re making or have made one of the mistakes listed here.  

1. You Don't Hit The Clit

The clit is the epicenter of a woman's pleasure center. It is, arguably, the most important part of a woman’s body when it comes to sexual pleasure. So, if you do not know where the clitoris is, then you are already making the biggest mistake when it comes to oral sex. While her entire vaginal area is important, the clit is THE most important.

Learn where it is, how to lick it and stroke it with your tongue. Explore her and ask her what feels good, what pressure she likes, what motions she enjoys and switch them up! Vary the pressure and the tempo. Don’t go with the same routine all the time. Asking what feels good to her is really key. Every woman is unique and likes different things.

And remember, no nipping! Just like men don’t like teeth when they receive oral sex, know that women don’t like being nipped either. The clit is super sensitive and really prefers tongues. For teeth, it’s a no-go zone! Know it, love it, lick it.

2. Over-Zealous Fingering

Fingering during oral sex is important, as many women will have much more powerful orgasms if there is a combination of clitoral stimulation and internal stimulation. Remember that unless you have lube on those fingers, to wait until she is a bit wet, dry fingering is painful!

Also, if you finger her incorrectly, that is, jam your fingers hard and fast into her without regard for her tender vaginal skin, then you could seriously hurt her and no pain during oral is going to help her get off – usually. 

Once you’re in, remember you’re not an electric tool with one quick speed, vary your pace and rhythm. Ask her what gets her in the groove. Maybe it’s one finger, maybe it's multiple. She might like a gentle rhythm of fingering. Ask her what makes her world rock and then do it!        

3. Ignoring The Labia

The female vaginal area is extremely sensitive, and all the parts – labia (inner and outer “lips”), clitoris and the vagina itself need some attention during oral. The labia especially can bring immense pleasure when sucked, licked or pulled gently. Licking and using your tongue on the labia and the vagina will definitely be appreciated. Don’t ignore her parts, give them all their due attention. Play with her labia until she's begging for you to give that clit attention.

4. Licking Too Gently

You definitely want to make sure that any licking or stimulation that you do to her clitoris is strong enough to arouse her and to bring her over the edge to orgasm. If you are licking her gingerly and not applying appropriate pressure then it is going to simply frustrate her, so make sure to notice her physical cues.

Also, if we’re talking about licking techniques, don’t act like a robot with the same stroke over and over again. Use circles, go left to right, right to left, top to bottom, slow licks, fast licks. Just be sure it’s with enough pressure to mean something to her. Being repetitive or too soft with your tongue is a major mistake. There has to be some pressure behind it, think of stroking her with your tongue instead of being too soft with it.

Communication is always key because everyone is different. So, just ask her what pressure and motion feels good for her. Too soft and it feels like what’s the point. Too hard and ouch! You need to be like goldilocks and find the pressure that’s just right.

5. Not Trimming Your Fingernails

Always trim your fingernails before oral sex. When you finger her, nothing hurts more than being scratched there. A woman’s vagina is extremely sensitive inside and will easily get scratched if you have rough or untrimmed fingernails inside her. It only takes one scratch to halt the action and if you happen to scratch her more than once it can end sexual action for a day or more.

It’s pretty painful to have sensitive skin torn by a fingernail and you don’t want her worried about it happening ever again. Unfortunately, fingernail scratches happen a lot. So, keep those fingernails trimmed and clean! The ladies will appreciate it.

6. Ignoring Her Other Parts

When a woman is being eaten out, her entire body becomes heightened with sensations. While the vaginal area is the most important “zone” for attention, there are so many areas you can and should touch. Her waist, thighs, legs, stomach and breasts should all receive some caresses and attention.

While you are attending to her clit, reach your hand up and start playing with her nipples. To ignore her body while you orally satisfy her is a giant mistake that many people make.

7. Ignoring Her Bodily Cues

All women are different and because of that, the way a woman needs to be stimulated is specific to her. Pay attention to her body cues – how she moans, how she moves, if she tries to get closer to your face, if she moves up or down. Her body is moving to achieve the greatest sexual pleasure, so it is very important to ensure that you watch how she acts and pay attention to what her body asks you for.

8. Stopping Before She Climaxes

A woman’s sexual build-up can take quite a while. In fact, it can take much longer than a man. Building her up to orgasm with oral sex takes patience and time. Don’t be a clock watcher with a preset time limit. It’s not a taxi meter! Instead, relax and enjoy the ride.  

If you get her to the point of orgasm and then stop, it is an extremely unpleasant and unsatisfying moment! While it is not always necessary for you to bring her to climax – it is definitely suggested! However, it is NEVER acceptable to bring her to the moment of orgasm and stop.

Once you have gotten her to orgasm, then stop after the party is over. Don’t keep poking and rubbing after the orgasm, the clit is super-sensitive and she won’t come again right away.

Now that you know all the mistakes not to make when eating her out. Your lover will definitely appreciate you upping your oral game.

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  • Kurt

    The U spot is my wife’s favorite prequel to the clit. Tongue it left to right.

  • Rua

    DO. NOT. BITE!!! It’s not sexy. Just like you don’t want teeth on your parts, neither do we. I would also personally add, please shave. Tender skin and scratchy fascial hair just do not mix. Maybe some women are into that, but so many aren’t. Then again, I suppose that also effects the type of guy a woman will be with anyway.

  • Whitetigers5116

    Can you please repost the article you had put on here a while back about women squirting especially for the giver nothing like having a guy give oral and thinking the woman just peed..

  • Christine

    Going straight for the clit is one of the most common mistakes. Build up to it by stimulating other parts of her body, and take your time.

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