Lost In Paradise Erotica Fantasy: The Blue Lagoon

Sexy couple lost in fantasy island

You awake with a dry burning in your throat. The hot sun is beating down on your exposed flesh and sweat trickles down from your temple to wet your parched lips.

You realize you are thirsty—so thirsty. Saltwater burns the back of your throat, and all you can think about is cold, clear water.

You are laying in the hot sand, your cheek pressed to the ground. Everywhere your body aches and you feel the sting of small scratches on your knees. You blink open your eyes and see a white sand beach stretching out before you. Behind you, the sound of breaking surf laps against the shoreline.

Where am I?

You gingerly crawl onto your feet and look around. Your mind is a fog of confusion. Vaguely, like a distant dream, you recall being on a yacht party in the middle of the Caribbean with a bunch of other college students. There was a storm… waves crashing against the boat… and then suddenly everything went black, and you woke up here.

But where is here?

Your eyes scour the horizon of a tropical aqua sea and a pale blue sky that stretches out to the horizon as far as you can see. Only varying shades of blue with nothing to break the marine splendor.


You try to swallow but it gets stuck in your throat, and you are reminded again of your thirst.

Water… need to find water…

After trampling through the thick dense jungle for what seems like hours you finally stumble across a crystal clear waterfall, in a tropical blue lagoon. You gratefully rush into the cool water and drink, eager to quench your thirst.

You realize you are full of scratchy sand, and it chafes your naked skin beneath your clothes. You quickly strip off and throw your clothes on the white sand beside the lagoon and dive into the cool clear water.

The pure cool water is so soothing against your sunburnt skin as you lay back and float on your back gazing up at the azure blue sky. Your wet breasts glisten in the sunlight, and your nipples perk up and harden in a slight breeze.

You are deeply lost in thought, wondering how you got here, and how you will ever get home when you hear the snapping of twigs in the jungle nearby. Startled, you look up to see a young man dressed in wet boxers, his hair tousled around his face, deep brooding eyes staring at your exposed body. Your first thought is to cover your breasts, but something in his gaze stills your hands, as you watch his eyes linger on the hard dark pink nipples now hardened into peaks. You feel a hot throbbing pulse between your pussy lips and your clitoris begins to tingle with excitement.

Your face is hot and flushed as a pink blush colors your cheeks. You feel a thrill of exhibitionism as he gazes at you. You notice a large bulge in his skintight wet boxers begin to swell. Something about his bold stare makes you brazen, and you take a handful of cool water and dribble it over your nipples, then massage your hands into your breasts.

His eyes narrow and he searches your face, as the side of his mouth curls into a lopsided smirk. He quickly removes his boxers, his arms and chest muscles rippling in the dappled sunlight.

He dives into the water and is at your side within two strokes. He gazes into your eyes, searching for silent confirmation, and sees the desire burning within you.

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Your body is buoyed by the water as he curls an arm underneath your neck, the cool fingertips of his other hand barely grazing over your nipples, which become even harder at his touch. The hot throbbing pulse in your vagina intensifies, as your breath catches in your throat.

He is so handsome, the perfect Adonis, as he looks deep into your eyes, you can see his passion burning for you. The pulse at his neck visibly quickens as he wets his bottom lip. Suddenly his head descends, and he captures one hard perked nipple in his mouth. Your body arches in response. He sucks your nipple deep into his mouth and you can feel the tug of pleasure rippling out through your body going straight to your clit, as if your nipple and clitoris were connected by a long string of erotic nerves.

You moan in response to the feel of his warm wet mouth around your nipple, as his free hand travels down your ribs and waist to your nether lips. He cups your pubic mound and his long fingers part your vulva to find your ripe clitoris swelling with pleasure. You gasp as he touches you there and thrust your pelvis up to meet his touch. His fingertips circle your clitoris, around and around, in warm wet circles, and you can feel the tingling pleasure building to a peak inside of you, as your vagina pulses.

Suddenly you feel his fingertips at the opening of your vagina, and he releases your nipple to look at you again. He pauses, awaiting your nod of approval.

“Yes, please”, you mumble breathlessly, and then feel his finger slowly enter your vagina, reaching for the deep throbbing passion inside of you.

He enters you fully with his fingers and feels the top wall of your vagina where your G-spot resides. Slowly, his fingers massage and awaken this magical spot inside you as his lips descend upon yours and he kisses you deeply and passionately.

Your mind goes blank and you are caught in a whirlwind of sensations: his soft lips kissing you deeply, a wet tongue parting your mouth, his skillful fingers massaging deeper into your wet pussy, the cool breeze against your nipples.

This is paradise…

A deep ache begins to build inside of you, and you can feel your G-spot filling with fluids and arousal. As he reaches inside your pussy with his fingers, you grind your clitoris against the palm of his hand.

Suddenly, your body quakes, and you release hot juicy fluid into the water of the blue lagoon.

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You are weak and trying to catch your breath as he carries you to the beach and lays you down in a patch of grass by the deep turquoise waters. He doesn’t take long to crawl on top of you, and your legs eagerly part, as your thighs wrap around his waist.

He is well-endowed, and his large cock throbs against his lower stomach. He bends it toward your vulva, as the large meaty head rubs up and down from your vaginal opening to your clit several times, sliding in the wetness of your pussy.

He positions the head of his penis at the entrance of your vagina, and once again, his eyes search yours for consent. You give him the approval, and the thick head of his penis enters your juicy vagina, slowly, one inch at a time.

Your hips arch up to meet his as he enters you all the way, and you feel the head of his penis brushing against your cervix, your pussy stretching with pleasure to accommodate his fullness. You are locked together, pelvis to pelvis, sex to sex, and you feel as if you have merged into one body.

All your senses are magically heightened and your writhe beneath his hot, hard, naked flesh.

You smell the scent of jasmine and Ylang Ylang, mingled with citrus as it wafts from nearby bushes. You hear the exotic birds singing enchanting songs from the trees. Nearby, the waves crash upon the beach building in tempo. The lush foliage is soft and cool beneath you, as sweat cools between your breasts. His lips descend upon yours once again. His mouth tastes sweet like a ripe mango.

Again, you feel the pleasure of your climax building inside of you, and wrap your thighs tighter around his waist. Your fingers curl into his tousled hair, as you kiss him passionately, moaning between your lips. You feel your perked nipples grazing against the hard muscles of his chest, his large cock filling you up and pulsating as it touches your cervix.

An explosion of sensation and pleasure rushes through you as you experience a galactic orgasm—supernovae exploding new galaxies, as a universe of swirling stars and nebula whirl around you.

You come so hard that your body quivers in response and your pussy pulses around his cock. Then you feel his hot seed spurting inside of you, quenching your passionate desire. In one blinding moment of clarity, you are one with creation and the great expanse of the universe, your orgasm rippling out in multiple dimensions to spawn new worlds.

You awake with a dry burning in your throat. The humid sheets stick to your naked body, and you can feel dampness leaking from between your thighs, as your pussy and clitoris throb with a sensual afterglow.

You smell the scent of jasmine and Ylang Ylang, mingled with citrus as it wafts in through an open window. Exotic birds sing enchanting songs, sweat cooling between your breasts. You lick your lips to taste a hint of ripe, sweet mango and somewhere far, far away, you hear waves crashing upon the beach.

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