Sexy Things To Try In The Kitchen

Absolutely no one with a good sex life has ever said, “Sex is ONLY for the bedroom!” Nope! Those of us (and I count myself in this group) who have great sex know that sex is not a bedroom only activity, but instead can and should be enjoyed in many places in and outside of your home! One place that had a world of opportunities is your kitchen! Yes, I said it – the kitchen! Wanna know how you can kink up the kitchen? Read on!

One thing that most kitchens have either in them or directly adjacent to them are kitchen tables! You have to have somewhere to eat the food you make, right? Well, there are other things to be eating or doing on that kitchen table! Kitchen tables are fantastic for oral sex on either partner! Think about how comfy you both will be! One of you can lie down on the table and the other can either sit down (for male to female oral) or stand above (female to male oral) and give you an after dinner treat sure to please! This is also a great surprise position if you are feeling frisky, just slide on up and present your “edibles” to your honey!

Kitchen tables are also the absolute perfect height for intercourse! Most couples find it enjoyable to place the woman on the table on her back with her butt to the edge of the table, then the man can enter her while standing up and holding her legs! It is a great position for visuals as well as for hands on activity for either partner. If you prefer, the woman can bend over the table, holding on to the edges, and the man can enter her from behind! This position can be altered for oral positions if the woman is daring enough to get up on her hands and knees! You get the drift, now don’t you want to cum to the table?

Counter tops or kitchen islands offer similar positional opportunities as well. I personally find that if my man sits on the counter I can deliver some wonderful oral attentions to him there without straining my back! Also, since I am in the kitchen, I can easily grab some ice cubes to add to the fun! Similarly, kitchen islands are usually bigger and can be used for oral sex as they are a big higher than a kitchen table and, once again, if you are in the kitchen imagine the things in the refrigerator that can add to the experience!

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Kitchen tables often come with, well, chairs! Chairs offer great opportunities for sexy positions. One favorite of mine is the backwards ride. The man will sit on the chair with his knees together. The woman then backs up to him and sits down on his penis, her legs on the outside of his knees. She then can slowly grind against him, bend forward, grab the table or even place her feet on the side of the chair (if she is flexible and strong) and offer him a special lap dance! For a change up, turn around and face your lover! Close, intimate and fun!

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