How To Sexify Your Bedroom

What is YOUR bedroom for? Do you have your home office in there? Televisions and game systems? How about the catch-all-laundry-pile station? Bedrooms SHOULD be a sacred – yes, sacred – place for a couple used only for relaxing, sleeping AND sex! Our bedrooms have morphed into places where everything BUT hot sex is happening and you know why? Simply, they are not places that BEG for sex! So, how do you sexify your bedroom? Read on and find out!

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Couple under the covers

When you go to a swanky hotel room with a big, lush bed with tons of pillows and color-coordinated bedding what do YOU want to do? LAY ON IT! Now, what do you think when you go into your bedroom at night and the bed is unmade, the pillows are on the floor, there is dirty clothing from the day on the top and a laundry basket perched on the edge? You think – OH FUCK – and not “I want to…..but, oh what a MESS!” Your bedroom has to be inviting at all times. You have to pick bedding which is sexy and implies romance. You should make your bed EVERY morning before leaving the bedroom. Stop using your bed as your closet or a place to fold laundry. A bed is for 2 things: sleep and sex.


Couple playing video games

Do your kids have their video game system hooked up in YOUR room? Does your man (or maybe woman) relax at night with some Final Fantasy on the PlayStation? Get the video games OUT of the bedroom! Firstly, if at all possible, make YOUR bedroom for adults only! This does not mean your kids can’t cuddle with Mom and Dad at times, but it does mean that their toys should be in THEIR rooms not your bedroom. Furthermore, when your partner enters the bedroom you want him or her to imagine playing with YOU not his / her online gaming buddies.


woman in maid outfit making the bed

I am not sure about you, but nothing is quite as big of a turn-off as a dirty room, not to mention a dirty bedroom! When we pay attention to our environment by dusting, cleaning, vacuuming and otherwise maintaining a standard of cleanliness we are more apt to feel sexy when we get into the room. Proper bedroom upkeep is important. Open the windows, air out the room periodically, and just overall keep it clean and sparkling so that you will feel good about getting dirty in there!

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candle burning

The proper ambiance is very important to create the air of romance. With a room with lush bedding, no children’s toys or games, clean and smelly fresh comes time for décor. Décor can include fresh flowers, candles, and other sensual smelling accessories, dim lighting, and anything that makes you feel pampered when you step in the room. If your color palette is too muted, try spicing things up with some splashes of color. Deep reds and purples signify sex and romance so use them! Pick scents to burn that are not too over powerful or floral – you want your room to appeal to your man as well as you.


Couple dancing

Having music playing during sex can be extremely romantic and even a bit down-and-dirty depending on what floats your musical boat. Having a sound system in the bedroom can also help to mute the sounds of sex if you live in a house with kids or roommates! Certain music is very seductive and can assist in the mood! Or, if you prefer, some deep-base-dance-beats can set the stage for some freaky-deaky-ness!


man putting arm around woman while watching tv
OK, just hear me out first. I know, I know, you like to watch television in bed. Or, you aren’t ALWAYS having sex so why should the television go away? Can we at least come to the compromise that television can divert the bedroom's attention away from sex? If the first thing you do is turn on the TV instead of turning on your partner, well, then maybe the television needs to go! I know you want to know about watching porn? OK, well, if you MUST have a television for watching porn with your partner, then at least put your television in a cabinet where it can be hidden if not used. Don’t fight me on this, you know I am right.

How Do You Sexify Your Bedroom?
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