5 Tips to Give Her a Sensual, Sexy Massage

Couple laying on bed with woman sitting on top of man in thong

It has often been said that a massage is the gateway to sex. And, this is so true! How many times has your lover offered to “rub your neck and back” and the next thing you know you are getting down and dirty? It happens all the time. Why? Well, simply, the act of touching your lover is exotic and exciting. Not to mention the person getting the massage feels all pampered and relaxed which is a great state to be in for sex. If you want to know how to turn your average massage into a sexual massage – read on!

1. Lotions & Potions

If you have ever had a professional massage you’ll notice that they always use massage oils. Why? Massage oils make sliding over the muscles much easier, the scent of the oil is relaxing, heated oils help to relax the muscles, and it just feels better! So, if you are serious about sexual (or any) massage, then you should invest in a nice bottle of massage oil. There are many options available (some get warm, some are edible, some are candle wax oils) – but all will help you get her to that perfect state of sexual Zen!

2. Prep & Prime

If you are going to massage her then REALLY massage her. Prepare yourself for a real massage experience by preparing a relaxing environment. Put on nice, slow, relaxing music. Light candles around the room. Place towels on the bed to absorb the oil. Have your lover get completely naked and suggest she get as comfortable as possible on her stomach. Ask her if there are parts of her that are tense or that hurt. Take these suggestions seriously. Yes, this is going to be a sexual massage, but you still want to relax her in the process. You want to actually massage all parts of her – not just her boobs! So, make sure the environment is relaxing and romantic.

3. Employ a Helper

No, not a professional – I mean a sexual massager! Hitachi type massage wands actually DO work very well for real massages. Not to mention when you are ready to transition to sex they are extremely fun to use on a woman. The powerful and deep penetrating vibrations of the flexible massage head feel amazing on tight muscles in the back, neck, thighs and buttocks AND those same vibrations feel even more amazing on her clit! So, think about having a massage helper for dual purposes.

Large light pink massage wand held in hand

4. Firm & Gentle Touch

Now you are ready to massage her. Oil her up and make sure there is enough oil to slide your hands around her body. Start on her back and neck. These are high tension areas for all people. Use a firm touch, but not too hard. Listen to her cues as you explore her body. When she sighs or moans you may have a spot that needs more attention. Move your hands down each arm – starting at the shoulder. Feel how the muscles respond to your touch. Move to the lower back and spend a great deal of time on the small of her back, above her butt. Many women carry tension here. Then move lower, to her butt. Yes, you can and should massage her butt. Next, the upper thighs. Here you may feel the muscles contract when you massage. Work DOWN toward her feet. Go to her calves and finally her feet. Spend a few minutes massaging just her feet. Next you will flip her over and things will get a little less technical.

5. Transitioning to Sex

Your lover should feel amazingly relaxed now. You have had your hands all over her body and she is likely to be feeling aroused now. Flip her onto her back and start at the bottom, at her feet. Move UP toward her knees. Then her upper thighs. Skip inner thighs for now. Move up to her stomach and breasts. Spend however long you would like massaging her breasts. Now move down to her inner thighs. The breast massage has likely made her aroused so the inner thighs are the ticket to sex town. Spread her legs, gently, and apply the pressure to her very upper thigh. Move your hands around her thigh area to the area around her vagina – the pubic area. Massage with a light touch and when you and she are ready, transition your fingers to her clitoral area and massage there.

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