Women’s Erogenous Zones To Turn Her On

a couple being intimate

Have you ever seen the “Friends” episode where the girls make a diagram of common women’s erogenous zones and then show the guys in what order to kiss/touch them? The guys are not even aware that some of these are erogenous spots, but the women all agree! Ain’t that always how it goes? This is because there are so many more places you can touch her to drive her nuts besides the big three (breasts, vagina, butt). Oh yeah, there are so many women’s sensitive areas that you could be busy for hours teasing her! Plus, for some women, there are even more that you would never think of! We have a list of our top picks. After you drive her wild with pleasure, stop back by and let us know which erogenous zones sparked the biggest reaction.


This is not so much of a hidden erogenous zone for women as it is an underutilized one. The back of her neck, or, more specifically, the entire area of her neck from the base of her skull down to the top of her back is a crazy sensitive and erotic spot.

If you’re going to be whispering in her ear and giving her a scalp-tingling head massage, then you must move on to the next place to make her shiver with sensation! The neck is a prime location for nibbling, kissing, and sucking. Just be sure not to give her a hickey!

Temperature changes can be equally as exciting. While you’re kissing her neck, let your warm breath wash over an area, then, give a quick lick and blow a little air to instantly cool her down!

Running your fingertips lightly on this women’s erogenous zone will send shivers down her spine. Kissing this spot here, gently, will make her weak in the knees! Oh yeah, nothing like that back of the neck surprise-from-behind kiss!


photo of a woman’s ear

Again, not always a super hidden spot, but definitely one we forget about. The earlobes, more specifically the lower part of the lobe, are great places to put a little kiss or to give a little nibble to. Some women even get goosebumps when a tongue is run around the outside of the entire ear! Light flicks of the tongue or even a light finger touch will do wonders. However, not all ladies like a tongue IN the ear, so watch out for that! Women’s sensitive areas are often unique to each individual woman.


Here’s a prime women’s erogenous zone that you may not know about yet. Ladies know that their noggins are sensitive and love to be touched. We don’t just get our hair done to look good for you! Run your fingers through her hair from above her forehead to the nape of her neck. As recommended with any sensual massage, start slow and simple, then gradually change directions, speed up, and add in a little tug of her hair here and there!


close-up of a woman’s mouth

Remember how we said that you should revert to your early instincts and get back to your roots? Well, there’s no place better to “get back to” than her lips! The mouth is one of the top sensitive areas for women, but remember that her lips aren’t just for pressing yours to! They can be touched with fingers, surrounded by cupping hands while you kiss, or licked in different patterns to add a little sizzle to your smooching.


Yes, of course the breasts and nipples are a top go-to hot spot, but what about the tender area between or under them? That’s an erogenous zone for women that can spark a surprising reaction. If you are already paying attention to the entire breast area, we salute you. However, for those who are concentrating on the nipples only, let me impart this knowledge. The underside of her breasts and in between them is very sensitive and when kisses or caresses are placed there, she will be arching her back and moaning for more!


Yes, some women are ticklish. Yes, sometimes kisses or licks on the belly can feel ticklish but it is that oh-so-good ticklish! Plus, that sacred line from the belly button down to her mound (where the pubic hair is or would be if she shaves) is really sensual for you and feels amazing for her! Try to tickle this sensitive area for women; you’ll both love it.


Mmmmm, nothing gets us hot and ready like having your hands caressing, gently, the innermost part of our thighs. Almost to our vaginal lips – almost – dancing there and just waiting for THE touch that comes next! Want to up it a bit, then go there with your tongue. She will be grabbing your hair and pushing you into her vagina when she just can’t take it anymore!


There is a place on her lower back, just above her butt, where there is a natural “dip” in the spine. This erogenous zone for women is so sensitive, and often unacknowledged, but should be on your exploration list. Whether you are running your fingers around her skin or placing kisses all along her spine, do not forget to spend some extra time right down here on her lower back. The hot breath or the gentle, tickly fingers will drive her mad!


a pair of pedicured feet

You do not have to be a foot-fetish guy to enjoy kissing and teasing her feet and toes. The feet are exquisitely sensitive areas for women. The bottom of the foot is EXTREMELY sensitive and the toes even more so! Kissing, licking, or sucking her toes will drive her insane with pleasure! Yes, if she is ticklish, you may have to vary your touch, but overall this is a great women’s erogenous zone for some out of the box touches that will make her moan!

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