The 12 Days of Sexmas

The 12 days of sexmas for vagina owners

Ahhhh, Christmas time. The time of year to be giving to all those whom you love. What better way to be extra giving to the special person in your life than to surprise them with the 12 days of Sexmas! Each day show them a new move or trick in bed (or out of bed) to make their Christmas season sexily special! 

On the first day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, some super sexy missionary

When is the last time you had missionary style sex with your lover? You know, that intimate, face-to-face, bodies pressed against each other while you kiss and make love missionary style sex? I know, it has been a while right? Well, now is a time to bring this back for your partner because they most likely love the missionary position because it is intimate and erotic to boot.

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On the second day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, an erotic massage

I am not talking about the fake “massage” that lasts 2 minutes and hopefully leads to sex. No, I am talking about a long erotic massage that definitely leads to sex. In erotic massage every massage move is meant to be arousing. Whether you are oiling up their buttocks for a nice grab and knead or sliding your slippery hands down the slopes of their breasts and down between their legs, erotic massage emphasizes the erotic over the massage.

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On the third day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, a little bondage

If you have ever tried bondage then you know just how sensual it can be. If you have not, then you must give it a go! What better time than during Christmas to tie her up like a Christmas gift! Hell, you can even use Christmas ribbon if you would like. Give your partner the gift of submission and tie them up a little and then make them wild for you. There are no hard and fast rules here other than to have fun and explore the possibilities.

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On the fourth day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, playtime with porn

If you have never watched porn with your partner why not give it a go? Your partner may actually like porn quite a bit, they just might not tend to not initiate the watching of it. Why not let them choose the type of clip they would like and see what turns them on this way.

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On the fifth day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, 5 orgasms (with a wand)

OK, so I am being very hopeful about the orgasms, but wouldn’t that be a great gift? IF you have a Massage Wand this is the perfect time to try it out in bed. If you do not have one – BUY ONE – every vagina owner needs one. These extremely powerful vibrators put all the intense vibrations right into the padded end and deliver the most intense sensations to their entire vaginal area, and specifically the clitoris. Many people experience multiple orgasms with a massage wand!

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On the sixth day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, sex on the dining room table

So this is less of a move, and more of a place, but you get the idea. Many couples are stuck having sex only in the bedroom, so why not change it up and take them on the kitchen / dining room table. Provided you are alone of course. Pick them up, place them on the table. Kiss them until they are squirming around, gently lie them back, and then pleasure them in any way you can think of right there on the table! Oh yeah, that’s what I am talking about!

On the seventh day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, playtime with my vibrator

Most vagina owners nowadays have some sort of battery operated boyfriend (aka Vibrator) in their nightstand drawers. For some, these are for solo play only, and don’t get used during couple time. Why not break that pattern and bring out their favorite toy to play with? You both will be amped up from the excitement and will have tremendous pleasure and fun helping them to please themselves. Or, watching them pleasure themselves for you.

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On the eighth day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, oral sex night

I am hoping that everyone reading this article are proficient and eager oral sex givers. I am also hoping that you will see what a great gift it is to have an “oral for her” night only! Oral sex is easily one of the best ways to get your partner to climax, and it is usually for foreplay purposes only, to get them amped and ready for intercourse. Well, what if you gave them a night of oral pleasure where they had to do nothing but climax? Yep, they would be totally loving that and you!

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On the ninth day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, fantasy night

All people have fantasies and I guarantee your lover has some too. Why not give them the gift of fantasy fulfillment? What if they have always wanted to have sex with a stranger? You can role play that for a fun and sexy night out. Or, maybe, they want to try to be a Dominant in bed and tie YOU up! Yep, you can eagerly allow that to happen as well. Let them run the show and explore their fantasies.

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On the tenth day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, fun with ice

If you have never brought some ice into the bedroom, this is the time to do it! They will love the ice circling around their nipples, down their belly, to the crux between their legs. Melting as it goes along, your warm mouth kissing the wet trail it leaves. Some vulva owners even love a little ice pushed up INSIDE of them! Brrrrrrr but amazing! Surprise them or let her know it is coming – that is up to you!

On the eleventh day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, a little spanking

Even if you and your lover have never broached the idea of a little flirty spanking, I would beg you to give it a shot. You don’t have to formally put them across your knee, but you could and should definitely give it a bit of a slap during foreplay, or, preferably, during some hot doggystyling. I am telling you, more people like a little spanking action than not.

On the twelfth day of Sexmas, my true love gave to me, the gift of edging

Edging is the gift that keeps on giving – literally and figuratively. Edging is when you bring your partner close to orgasm and then stop. Back off for a few minutes, then start again building them back up. Then, when they near orgasm again – stop. Do this a few times until they are begging to climax! They will have such a powerful orgasm that they will be totally breathless. Edging does take a little bit of skill along with knowing that they are close, but not at, climax. Make sure you do not stop during climax, that would not be sexy. However, proper edging can bring them to new orgasmic heights just in time for the new year!

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