7 Toys He Needs This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is soon to be upon us and that means thinking of presents for your special someone. While you may be prepared to buy your guy a nice, new tie, or a subscription to the “Beer of the Month” club, have you ever considered getting him a little sexy something? Like, maybe, a masturbation stroker? No? Why not? Men enjoy sexual enhancement products too, and getting your guy something a little naughty is a great way to heat up the holidays. Need some ideas? Great, keep on reading and I am sure you’ll find something your fella would love to have.

We all know that men masturbate. It is a normal and healthy stress-relieving activity. So, why not show your support for you man by giving him a nice lube that he can use for his private time? Lubes make masturbation more fun. Here's one that's great for his personal pleasure:

Recommended Product: Universal TooTimid Water-Based Sex & Masturbation Lube

Trust me when I say your man would love to get a massage from you! Your naked body sliding all over his while you rub out all of his tension. He would also love to give you a massage and have his hands sliding all over your nakedness. No matter who is rubbing whom, you will need some massage oil. Give the gift of a massage and pick the perfect massage oil for the job:

Recommended Product: Kama Sutra Massage Oil

Kama Sutra Massage Oil

There's nothing more simple, but fun than a cock ring! This is one toy that will surely benefit both parties in the bedroom. The tightness of the ring will send blood a'flowin to your man's penis for a longer lasting erection, and more fun for you of course. Cock rings come in a large variety of different sizes and designs. Check out this fun one:

Recommended Product: Wireless Clit Teasing Tongue Dual Erection Enhancing Ring

Forget what you think you know about a penis pump. They are not meant to make your penis grow to 12 inches long, but instead they can be used to strengthen an erection, to make an erection last longer, and to add a little bit of girth and width to your penis. Penis pumps are often very pleasurable to use and so many men like them just for masturbation, or to give themselves a little extra “pump” before a night of passion. Check it out:

Recommended Product: Titan Vibrating Penis Pump

The prostate is like the male G-Spot. When it is properly stimulated, especially during oral sex, the resulting orgasm can be extremely intense. Prostate play is something any man – straight or gay – can and should enjoy. If you are considering giving him the ultimate gift, try this:

Recommended Product: Dev’s 10 Function Prostate Massager

Dev’s 10 Function Prostate Massager

Sure, men can masturbate with only their hands and some good lube (see above), but their pleasure can be exponentially enhanced when they use a masturbation sleeve. These textured strokers can be used alone or with your assistance. They offer differing pressures, suction and textures for his pleasure. Check out this best seller:

Recommended Product: Super Head Honcho

Super Head Honcho

Finally, the crème-de-la-crème of sexual enhancement gifts has got to be the realistic vagina masturbators. These beautiful, sexy and realistic masturbators look like the real deal. In a variety of sizes, color and types, the realistic vagina masturbator will give his private time a bit of added visual pleasure. Plus, you can have a little fantasy with it as well and do a mock threesome! Yep, think of the possibilities. While there are many of these which are simply amazing, here's one of my top picks:

Recommended Product: Pink Lady Original Fleshlight

Pink Lady Original Fleshlight

Whichever of these toys you decide to buy, you will likely blow his mind, while showing him you're still thinking of him. He'll be thanking you for it, that's for sure. Check out some gifts for her that you can add to your holiday wishlist!

What Will You Be Buying Your S.O. This Year? Tell Us Below!

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