7 Toys She Needs This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is soon to be upon us and that means thinking of presents for your special someone. There is no greater gift for your lovely lady than sexual enhancement products. Whether she already has a few prized items, or is new to the world of sex toys, purchasing your lover some sexy somethings is a great way to bring a smile to her face, and to yours. There are infinite possibilities available for any comfort level. You can go super sweet and romantic, or a little naughtier – you choose.

A massage is a sensual and romantic gift that keeps on giving, and it oftentimes will lead to sexy time. Getting your girl a quality massage oil is a great way to pamper her, release her stress and tension, and to get her more in the mood for romance. A quality massage oil to consider:

Recommended Product: Massage Oils

Believe me when I tell you that your woman NEEDS a clitoral gel. This is most definitely the gift she is missing. Clitoral gels work to concentrate blood flow to the clitoris making every touch, lick and tickle super intense. This means easier and more frequent orgasms! Oh yeah, she will be thanking you over and over. A favorite of mine:

Recommended Product: Viva Cream for Women

If your lover has some sex toys I will bet money that she has a least one bullet or egg vibrator, and if she doesn’t, she needs one pronto! Bullets are super small, but immensely powerful, little vibrators. They are so effective because all of their vibrations are concentrated in a small space for precise pleasuring. This one is particularly satisfying:

Recommended Product: The Flutter Bullet

The Flutter Bullet

Some men find it odd that a woman would enjoy a dildo. After all, why have a dildo when you can have a vibrator? The answer is simple: variety for internal stimulation. While it is true that many women cannot orgasm with only internal stimulation, they can often orgasm more quickly if they have internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time. Also, suction cup dildos are fantastic for solo play or for putting on a show. Imagine your lover climbing up on a penis replica and grinding on it while you want. Wow. So, if you want your woman to experiment with this, or just want to watch her be penetrated, then this out:

Recommended Product: Best-Selling #1 8.5" Suction Cup Dildo

Suction Cup Dildo

Glass dildos are an absolute must have for any woman. Why? Glass toys offer a sensation unmatched by any other material. They are smooth and firm. They conduct body heat or absorb cold. They slide in effortlessly. They are extremely easy to care for and are stunningly beautiful. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Recommended Product: Jade Glass Gem

Jade Glass Gem

Dual action vibrators are some of the most intense vibrators available because they offer both internal and external stimulation at the same time, which greatly increases the chance of orgasm. There are many different dual actions to pick from, but the most popular have “bunny ear” clitoral stimulators. Here is a go-to favorite of mine: 

Recommended Product: Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

Electric powered massage wands are absolutely the most intense vibrator available. They will deliver intense and powerful vibrations to the entire clitoral area, causing intense pleasure and orgasmic response. Plus, they can be used on all parts of the body. Here is one of the most popular:

Recommended Product: Lux Wand

Lux Wand

Whichever of these toys you decide to buy, you will likely blow her mind, while showing her how much you love her. Trust me, she'll be thanking you for awhile! Check out some gifts for him that you can add to your holiday wishlist!

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Toys This Holiday? Let Us Know Below!

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