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Signs Your Relationship Has a Strong Foundation

Illustration of couple cuddling with image that reads: "7 signs your relationship is strong"

Navigating the complexities of long term relationships can be challenging, especially when you and your partner are going through a rough patch. But amidst doubts, recognizing positive signs can reassure you that your relationship is built on a solid foundation. So, here are seven indicators of a strong foundation and an enduring connection:

  1. Caring Amidst Conflict: Despite disagreements, genuine care persists. Maybe you noticed your partner’s about to start their period, so you go out of your way to pick their favorite snacks despite your on-going arguments.

  2. Individual Adventures & Shared Stores: Healthy relationships allow space for individual growth. Much like friendships, couples should share individual adventures and eagerly exchange stories. For instance, say you’ve recently started learning a new language and you're excited to tell your partner how you did on today's Duolingo challenge. 

  3. Surviving Power Shifts: Relationships undergo power dynamics, with roles shifting over time. Weathering these shifts without breaking up signals resilience and ability to adapt, strengthening the relationship even when the breadwinner changes.

  4. Bickering & Laughter Balance: Bickering, without contempt, is normal, but balance is everything. Healthy relationships maintain a ratio of at least five positive emotions for every negative one, often restored through humor after an argument. So even when you're arguing over who did the dishes, you know you won’t be walking on eggshells all night. 

  5. Individual Happiness & Growth: Personal growth is vital for relationship success. Both partners thriving individually fosters mutual happiness and reduces resentment towards the relationship. Encourage them to grow his passions and allow them to encourage you to do the same. 

  6. Valuing Each Other’s Roles: Most relationships aren’t a rigid 50/50 split, and that’s okay! Partners falling into roles is natural, and valuing each other’s contributions, expressing appreciation, is a positive sign. Ask yourself what have I and my partner each done individually for your relationship today?

  7. Seeing Competence in Your Partner: This is a big one. Trust is rooted in seeing your partner as a competent adult. This perspective eliminates toxic contempt, fostering a foundation for tackling shared challenges. To truly love your partner you must respect your partner.

Recognizing and appreciating these signs doesn’t guarantee a permanent or blissful relationship, but it highlights the strengths that may be overlooked. Understanding these indicators can help guide you through the tough phases and reinforce the foundation of your relationship. 

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